QUOTES from Guests, Listeners and Sponsors on TravelTalkRADIO
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"Hello, Mrs./Ms. Dhuyvetter. I'm Colby Pierce. As of now I am a culinary student finishing my senior year of high school, but, when I graduate, I plan to take ITMI's program and work as a tour director. I started listening to your program, Travel Talk, through ITMI's website. Being that there is very little information about the tour directing niche, your monthly shows showcasing this career field are invaluable.
-Colby Pierce - International Tour Management Institute Graduate

“I've booked countless author interviews and without a doubt, Sandy is one of the best hosts I've worked with. She’s extremely knowledgeable, knows how to engage the author and her welcoming tone makes her a joy to listen to. Anyone who is not trying to book an interview with Sandy is truly missing out.”
Kevin Finley, President of Leabhar PR 

"I have now been working for Sandy for several years and it is such a pleasure to work with her. She always responds right away, knows a lot of people and comes with great ideas. She helped me to develop my business. I highly recommend her."
Mickael Roques, CEO ADOUT INTERNATIONAL (France)

“What a delight it was to appear on Sandy’s show! She is the most knowledgeable, passionate, and well-traveled host with whom I’ve ever had the privilege to have share the airwaves. She is fueled with an insatiable curiosity, a dangerous wanderlust, and an up-to-date passport with extra pages, a combustible combination that ignites both guests and audience.  The only disappointment is when her show comes to an end, as the conversation could wend around the world endlessly. Sandy may just be the most interesting woman in the world.”
Richard Bangs, 'Father of Modern Day Adventure Travel" Co-founder Expedia and Sobek Mt Travel

"Great to talk to you... you are the one (who) really got me into radio interviews. You were my teacher."
Ken Carver, Founder and President of the International Cruise Victims Association

"I am in AWE! so much talent in one person but the most important thing I always see is the generosity & kindness in your eyes. So glad to be in your orbit and so is the Cardea Center for Women!"
Lata Patil, President, Cardea Center for Women, San Jose California

"And while I'd like to think it was a special experience just for me, I'd wager that your other guests feel exactly the same way if they noticed how smoothly it happened; honest Sandy - I do a lot of interviews and this was so comfortable and every question went in a different interesting direction or added to what we'd just talked about. And, you lay down a good piece of information -- interesting for the listener all on its own -- before you then move it into a question. That's something I'd now try and do myself if I was ever on the interviewer's side of a talk!"
Rick Antonson, President & CEO of Tourism Vancouver, Founding board member of the Canadian Tourism Commission, Vice President of the Board of Directors for Pacific Coast Public Television

"As someone who has participated in hundreds of radio interviews, I can say with assuredness that Sandy is one  of the best in her business. She's a delight to work with, and knows how to put her guests at ease while   creating  wonderful conversations for the benefit of her listeners."
John Shors, best
selling author of Beneath a Marble Sky

"Really useful and great travel information about Bhutan. That is my dream trip. Thanks for TravelTalkRADIO!
Best wishes for TravelTalkRADIO!"
Ruoyi Liu, From Stockholm, Sweden

"Hi Sandy,
Just watched your video. 
(on Morocco) You did a fabulous job.  This is one of the best short films I have ever seen that really captures Morocco!"
Former US Ambassador to Morocco, Thomas T. Riley

"Hello Sandy
Thank you very much for the add on FB. Though we are completely strangers, I would like to tell you that your show has completely inspired me in my teaching for Travel and Tourism. Wish you all the best & good continuation. Best regards from Mauritius!"
Hoshila Teelock

"I spent 25 years in TV news and really appreciate your on-air style. You are so natural. It's like enjoying a great conversation with a friend in my living room!" Jeff Crilley, Real News PR

"Dear Sandy, you were the catalyst for our special 40th anniversary upcoming travel plans.  We leave July 26th - August 11th on a Tauck Tour to Germany with a focus on Oberammergau's Passion Play.  Our good friends took this tour ten years ago and loved it.  Sandy, you planted the seed months ago, when you e-mailed your promotion
video of the Passion Play.  Thank you!!!!  We have seen parts of Germany, but not enough
Mary Pell, listener, Upland, CA

"Sandy, Thanks so much for all your support. Our interview went so well I hardly had any notion of the time passing. You have this gift of getting the best out of people. The good news is that I got many comments from friends that listened in or picked it up on the internet."
Rafi Baeri, Dan Hotels, Israel

"Dear Sandy,
Your interview with Don Cohn [author of] Beijing Walks was a delight from start to finish. Thank you for interviewing him, and for all your generous praise of Odyssey Books. It is truly gratifying to encounter someone who appreciates all the effort involved in creating a book that combines valuable content with spectacular photography. Thank you!"
Joe Morello, Odyssey Books

"Just a quick note to thank you for the great interviews from Tanzania. I enjoyed them immensely."
Marlene Davis, Travel Consultant, Arbor Travel

"Sandy asks great questions and is a wonderful interviewer - Larry King better be careful!!! See you in Busan!!!"
Manny Menendez III, Chairman and CEO of MCM Group Holdings

"We are thrilled that you are able to take on unusual topics and be fair/truthful and not just be politically correct to please the majority. America is in critical times; look at the gas prices (I am cutting down my driving even though I own a Prius!!), food prices, high unemployment, lack of corporate moral, etc. I have been here off-and-on since 1965 and have never seen it more critical. If we don't reverse the downward trend, America will lose its moral and socio-political leadership among nations and one day be relegated to a secondary position UK (once an empire) is occupying now."
Vincent Yip, Lecturer, Stanford School for Continuing Studies

Sandy, you are the most efficient and dynamic person in the media industry. You are unforgettable”.
Sayed Khalafia, North & South American Director for Eg
yptian Tourism Authority

"Sunday is quickly becoming my biggest "radio listening" day (if I get up early enough).  From 7am to 9am I've been listening to my good friend, writer Dave Marsh on his Sirius Show and then at 9 I listen to you talk about all the places I can't afford to go -- because I work in radio!!!!"

Mike Stark - Independent broadcaster.

''It was our pleasure to be on TravelTalkRADIO. Sandy is lovely and gracious. We hope to see TravelTalkRadio back here soon. Yours truly.''
Kathleen Iudice, Public & Community Relations Manager for COPIA, the American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts

"Thanks again for another big win in news coverage that we couldn't have done without you!"
Ken Murphy, Vice President Marketing & Communications, Universal Airline Transport Plan

"Sandy has been doing a great job, serving as a national media voice for travel and tourism. Her background is at the grass roots of our industry, and her commitment to get our messages out have helped to spread the tourism message across the U.S. and beyond.”
Peter J. Pantuso, President, American Bus Association

“’You have a fantastic show.  I must find where you get all that energy.....special vitamins?....work-outs?”
Adm. William Harris, USN (Ret.)

"It's a wonderful show!"
His Excellency, Andrew Daraja, Tanzanian Ambassador to the United States.


"Hey sandy!

It’s Roma calling. Thank you so much that was an awesome piece. You looked great it was super, super duper so
I hope you get to do many more of these things. And thank you again for thinking of Rancho La Puerta and the Golden Door, you’re a star!"
Roma Maxwell
, Public Relations Director for Rancho la Puerta

‘’You have one of the best shows on radio, I just want you to know that. I’ve talked on your show before and it’s very good to start of this Easter day with such good things as travel show, it’s excellent! ‘’
Roger Grimes, listener

‘’I enjoy listening and sometimes when there is places in the World I can reach I enjoy going to see you as live
Brian, listener

'''I am relieved after the great Summit in Sao Paulo of which "Travel Talk Radio" has been an integral part! Sandy was a FANTASTIC presenter, brilliant really!! Regarding the interview, I am always delighted to be on her show for she is relentlessly passionate, vivant and substantive.''
Sujit Chowdhury, President and CEO, World Trade University Global Secretariat, Canada

''Upon opening my mail, I was so pleased to receive your packet and two CD's of the taping of our presentations at Rancho La Puerta. Thank you. It is so beautifully packaged with pictures and pertinent information. You do a marvelous job.''
Deborah Szekely, Co-Founder of Rancho La Puerta

"We have been in pursuit of Sandy's show since the first week we took to the air last September. "Travel Talk Radio Show" is not only interesting and informative for the listener it is the MOST inclusive show of it's type I have ever heard. We are excited to know that besides reaching Mr. and Mrs. Traveler, we have a show which is listened to and respected by travel industry leaders. Sandy brings to the show the 'movers' and 'shakers' that make the travel world 'go round'. Talk about a value added audience? No wonder we are pleased to bring this show to our affiliates!
Victor Ives, President of TalkStar Radio

"I just wanted to write to thank you again for having me on your show. I truly meant it when I said you were AMAZING! I was very impressed. You are a true professional!."
Greg Baxter, Super Clubs

"You are doing great job for travel industry worldwide!!
Sukiennik Vladimir, Chairman EuroContact-Poland Co.Ltd

"Sandy, Congratulations, you are a Genuine Brand"
Duane Knapp, President of BrandStrategy, Inc.  Author, The Brand Mindset

"It’s easy to see why Travel Talk Radio is the #1 Sunday show on 760 KFMB.  Sandy and her team are first of class in providing listeners an informative and entertaining program.  People are listening.  The www.calmaglev.com Web site experienced an immediate uptick in visitors after Sandy’s interview on the high-speed maglev system being planned for Southern California." Al Perdon, President of  Albert Perdon & Associates / Executive Director of the Orange Line Development Authority

"It is always a real pleasure to be on the Travel Talk Radio show with Sandy. The opportunity to share some comments and insights on the San Diego Tourism scene with your listeners is special. You are a great hostess and it is easy to see why your travel show has done so well. I look forward to be invited back on many future occasions."
Reint Reinders, President/CEO, San  Diego Conventions and Visitors Bureau

It's always fun to work with Sandy and Patrick at Travel Talk Radio. Their knowledge of the tourism industry makes the conversations so easy and enjoyable and provides the guest an opportunity to get his or her story across smoothly."

Bruce Beckham, CTP,  Executive Director, Travelers Conservation Foundation

"As a coda to our weekend, I have to repeat that I have not met two more wonderful people than you (Patrick) and Sandy for many a year. Your warmth, enthusiasm, kindness, and complete commitment to our tasks were all just unbelievable. Thank you so much for your great work here."
Jim Tabor, Stowe Vermont Visitor Center

"By delivering Travel Talk Radio via the Internet Sandy Dhuyvetter delivers a valuable service -- the ability to inform thousands of listeners about the latest issues and trends in travel and tourism. It is a good forum to cover topical issues of the day."

Peter de Jong, President and CEO, Pacific Asia Travel Association

"Sandy, you're great. what really strikes me is how constantly innovative you are and the fact that you have fused radio, the web and the travel trade, is very insightful".
Jake Steinman, Founder and President,  North American Journeys

"It was a pleasure for me to have the opportunity on behalf of the Tanzania Tourist Board to be part of your travel talk radio program. The live broadcast and Internet archives presented me with a unique format to reach a worldwide audience and tell the listeners about Tanzania's diverse tourism product, our cultural heritage programs and the steps that we are taking to protect the environment. I was also pleased to be able to remind listeners from all over the world, that Mt. Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania!. I look forward to being on your program in the near future."
Peter Mwenguo, Managing Director, Tanzania Tourist Board, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

It was a pleasure to participate in a TravelTalkRadio broadcast.TravelTalkRadio serves a valuable function, providing a forum for information exchange in the rapidly changing world of travel and travel distribution. The more people understand what is happening, the better they will be able to cope with the changes. I appreciated the opportunity to be involved".
Robert Offutt, Chief Architect and Senior VP of Architecture, Sabre

Travel Talk Radio is a wonderful use of the traditional medium of radio, combined with the Internet, with both being used to effectively inform the public about the treasure chest of travel opportunities represented by tours and packages. "
Hank Philips,  President, National Tour Association

What fun! Sandy was a great host. She not only got things rolling with good questions, she had also done her homework so that the interview was extremely relevant.
Kathy LeTarte, National Tour Association, Chairman

It was a great pleasure to be on the show Sunday June 6th. Sandy made me feel at ease immediately and I was truly impressed with her level of preparation for the show. Her knowledge of Touring Club of Italy programs and familiarity with our books was evident throughout the interview. The show made for a great introduction of Touring Club publications to our US audience and Sandy's enthusiasm was a real boost to our membership program as well."
Fabio Pittella, Touring Club of Italy, Director International Publishing, Touring Editore

It's always a pleasurable experience to be guests on Travel Talk Radio! The first time we heard Sandy, it was like listening-in on casual a conversation between good friends and neighbors. It's great to have a friend and neighbor like Sandy, complete with the best up to date information on travel. Two Thumbs up."
 Howard Lipin and Michael A. Garcia, Hosts of PhotoTalkRadio.com, "The
 Worldwide Voice of Photography".

"It’s easy to see why Travel Talk Radio is the #1 Sunday show on 760 KFMB.  Sandy and her team are first of class in providing listeners an informative and entertaining program.  People are listening.  The www.calmaglev.com website experienced an immediate uptick in visitors after Sandy’s interview on the high-speed maglev system being planned for Southern California."
 Al Perdon, President, Albert Perdon & Associates

(Travel Talk Radio was a) "Terrific experience. Like my first big overseas trip--entertaining, light, easy fun.
Cameron M. Burns, author and coauthor of 18 books on climbing, travel, and sustainable development.

"The "Sail with Sandy" cruise was a wonderful time!!.  The company and food were exceptionally good and I can't remember when I last laughed so hard  - must have had something to do with our terrific hosts, Sandy Dhuyvetter and her fun sidekick, Patrick.  The day trip to the wine country north of Ensenada was one particular highlight of the trip.  The countryside was beautiful, the wine delicious and affordable.  We were also fortunate to enjoy a delicious authentic Mexican meal as part of our excursion, at the lovely San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada. Thanks for a great time!!!!"
Cindy Boylan, Carlsbad, CA.

"Thank you Sandy and Travel Talk Radio for letting me enjoy a great experience at Sea, in Ensenada and again on your Sunday morning  Show. I especially enjoyed the run from the B Street pier to your studio. The interview went so easy due to your great personality and charm. You provide a great service to everyone that loves travel and has reserves about certain place to visit with  Knowledge, fun and great conversation . Thank You."
Tillie Foster, Hotel San Nicolas, Senior Consultant & Public Relations

"I so enjoyed the radio show on Sunday!  You are such a great interviewer!  It certainly made it easier for me.  And the fact that you are so familiar with Walt Disney World was a plus."
Cara Goldsbury, Author The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World

"I appreciated the opportunity to do the interview with Sandy on Traveltalkradio. You have a great concept and provide valuable information to the traveling consumer and travel/tourism community. Sandy is an excellent host!" 
Rosemary McCormick, President, Shop America Alliance

“I was thrilled to have my book Travel Wise, Travel Safe be a feature on Travel Talk Radio.  Highlighting the aspects of travel health and what travelers can do to protect themselves and companions such as emergency medical tips and insurance was critical to get this message out. Thank you Sandy for helping get the word out and sharing the Credo of the Peaceful Traveler of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism. 
Mary Long Harvey, Author
, Travel Wise, Travel Safe

"What a genuine pleasure it was talking with you on "Travel Talk Radio"! Your thoughtful lead-ins and enthusiastic questions surely helped us to bring out information about RVing that would both interest and benefit your listeners. Thank you so much for your kind words and cordial mentions of my book 301 Ways to Make RV Travel Safer, Easier, and More Fun, and featuring it as the "Book of the Week" on your Web site."
Bernice Beard -- Four-time Author, Columnist & RV Expert, 301 Ways to Make RV Travel Safer, Easier, and More Fun

"It was a joy to be on Travel Talk Radio and to help listeners overcome their fear of flying so they can get home for the holidays! You offer a wonderful service." 
KRS Edstrom, Author, Fly Without Fear

"It was a privilege to have Lake Havasu City's Annual Boat Parade of Lights featured on Travel Talk Radio! Sandy is a great interviewer, very well prepared and familiar with our community and event. We look forward to future opportunities to speak with Sandy and the Travel News Network."
Kathy Sickles, Media Specialist, Lake Havasu City Convention & Visitors Bureau

"I enjoyed every minute of our interview.  You're a brilliant host!  You captured both the essence and the message of Have Work Will Travel and made it fun for the listener as well.  Travel Talk Radio provides such a valuable service to people who want to get out and explore."
Elizabeth Scott, Author, Have Work Will Travel

 . .you are the consummate talk show host!
Joanne DiBona, Director of Communications of San Diego Conventions and Visitors Bureau

"It was a delight to be interviewed by Sandy on Travel Talk Radio regarding my book 'Old London Bridge' on the history of the longest inhabited bridge in Europe. Sandy makes it so easy for California, England and Canada (I'm Canadian living in England) to link up."
Patricia Pierce, Author, Old London Bridge

"I've had the pleasure of being a guest on Travel Talk Radio several times. Each show is filled with laughs, great travel information and interesting topics. Being a freelance travel writer, Sandy's show gives me the insight I need to keep abreast of current trends in the travel industry. San Diego is lucky to have such a hard working, knowledgeable person as Sandy educating listeners as to what is happening in the world of travel."
Maggie Espinosa, Freelance Travel Writer

"Thank you very much, Sandy, for the opportunity to talk about the Festival yesterday.  It was also f-u-n to hear ads and general San Diego stuff; that brought back some memories! There was a message on my machine this morning from a woman in Lakeside wanting a Festival brochure.  WOW!" 
Katrina B. Stark, Executive Director Lewis & Clark Interpretive Association

"I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I appreciated being on your show. I've written two books and over the years I've been on many radio shows, so I can speak from some experience. I can't think of a talk show host I've enjoyed more. Your vast knowledge is apparent and it showed in the excellent questions you asked, allowing me to better present my information. It was a very pleasant experience for me and I know your listeners are much wiser because of you and your show. "

Tom Maguire, DDS, President, Dental Wellness Institute Author of, Tooth Fitness

"Even with show-time coming down to the wire, your whole team was so friendly and professional, creating an atmosphere that was comfortable and effortless. It was truly a joy chatting with you, Sandy. Your enthusiasm for travel was truly infectious. Thanks again for your support and interest with spreading the word about the historic Railway's journey to the Grand Canyon."
James B. Ford, Eastern Regional Manager, Grand Canyon Railway

"Of course we know each other so little but I am struck by your zest for life and how quickly you  reach out to each new person that you come across."
Jeffrey Manber, President Mir-Cor, Netherlands

"I'm so happy you were able to be a part of ABA's 2003 Marketplace. Your coverage of our Marketplace was great, your presence at the show exciting and your interviews with our delegates informative. Thanks again."
Peter J. Pantuso, President, American Bus Association

"I enjoyed speaking to you and your guests Kristen and Jim who are so knowledgeable. Thank you for the fine segment on the Sea to Sea Trail. Your show brings valuable information and interesting topics in a pleasant format.  We enjoy listening each week to you and your special guests."
Listener - Tally, Blossom Valley, CA

"Your interest in providing your listeners with information on a diverse range of travel options speaks to your understanding of the value and importance of cross-cultural experiences."
Paul Watson, Director of Enrollment Management Institute for Shipboard Education

"Don and I both enjoyed the experience, and (approx.) 20-minute segment. It gave us time to have some meaningful conversation and exchanges. Sandy, you were a fine - and knowledgeable - host. You left us more eager to get to San Diego this week". -- Chuck Day
Don Weiss - Former NFL executive director and co-author of The Making of the SuperBowl
Chuck Day - former editor-in-chief for Industry Week magazine and co-author of The Making of the SuperBowl

"Travel Talk is the best travel show I've participated in, and I can tell that Sandy has a loyal following from all the calls that came in from listeners. Sandy makes talking about travel fun."
William A. Gordon, author, The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book

"I just want to share my thoughts with you, the interview, I enjoyed so very much. I am so happy that you chose Route 66 to talk about, in doing so you have brought back many happy memories for many people". 
Angel Delgadillo, Born on Route 66 - 1927, The Angel of Route 66

"You must have been convincing. One of the B&B owners said he got a call for a reservation on Friday afternoon right after the broadcast!"
Bobbi Zane, Julian CA
(Regarding Sandy presenting Julian CA to the Los Angeles NBC 11am news program Friday Nov 1, 2002)

"Thank you for your help in promoting the San Diego Natural History Museum, and for allowing Dee Parks and Maria Mitrani to be on your show. Your show is terrific, and we look forward to working with you again!"  
Wendy Eng-Rytell, Manager of Education Marketing, San Diego Natural History Museum

"I love to wake up to your sweet kind voice...."
Gary and Lynn - listeners

"Sandy, just wanted to let you know that we got a booking today as a result of your show. 
Thanks again for your support.  Our experience with Travel Talk Radio was excellent from beginning to end.  The interview went very smoothly due to your finesse and friendly personality. We look forward to another opportunity to appear on your show!"
Tammy Weiler, Singles Travel International

"Sandy's show was great.  Lots of fun.  And just as important, I saw a big increase in my hits to my web site after I was a guest on her show."
Eric Dondero, Author Worldwide Multilingual Phrase Book 

"I was so impressed by the fun, fast-paced format and the depth of coverage your show provides about travel and travel-related products. The ONLINE 'simulcast/webcat" gives your at-home listeners a great way to get "connected" to the show and your guests. 
You definitely have loyal and growing audience which was evidenced by the number of call-ins you received. The time, effort and talent you and your staff put into the show is reflected in the topical and refreshing content. I wish you continued success with Travel Talk Radio!"
Martha Clark, Marketing and Public Relations Director, Balboa Park Promotions, San Diego

"You (Sandy) have restored my faith in doing interviews--what a difference from previous experiences! You are a consummate professional! Your show is fantastic and offers a wonderful service for Southern California listeners interested in travel. I could tell from your callers that they were very enthusiastic about your tips"!
Gena Holles, Editor, The Society of International Railway Travelers

"It was a delightful experience appearing on Travel Talk Radio. I think Travel Talk Radio is filling a very interesting niche, and wish you the best of luck".
Arnie Weissmann, Editor, Travel Weekly

"I wanted to thank you for having me on your radio show. I enjoyed our interview and appreciated your kindness in making me feel so comfortable that I forgot to be nervous. It was so wonderful sharing information about our special island of Kauai". Mahalo, 
Linda Pasadava, President, Vowexchange.com

"I felt extremely comfortable with you in your modern and professional set-up and I must say that I found your broadcast concept truly superb. The chance to listen to your talk and also work at my computer simultaneously is a time-saving activity. I have signed on today as a member of the fan club and will now be notified of your weekly talks to which I look forward to hearing".
Ken Kermer, Founder, President, Africa in Style

"I really enjoyed being on the air again, particularly with you. Your show is great!! Your efforts really show, content and production is grreattttttt!"
Lawrence Heraty, President of Golfpackages.com

"Sandy Dhuyvetter has gone well beyond the "call of duty" to educate listeners on the incredible opportunities available for those ready to truly enhance their respective travel activities. Her passion for serving up a menu of options with the appetizer of her enthusiasm and that of her guests makes the program a most worthwhile listen on those early Sunday mornings. VolunTours salutes Sandy for her vision and breadth of coverage of issues and ideas that lead to a "soul-full" travel experience. So much has changed since September 11th and travelers really want to expand their horizons. Sandy and TravelTalkRadio are making every effort to deliver these means to a more inspirational form of travel."
David L. Clemmons, Founder, Director of Partnerships & Development, VolunTours

"Sandy, it was a pleasure visiting with you on Travel Talk Radio and sharing insight about the group travel marketplace. We've already seen a response from your listeners with new subscriptions coming in. Thanks again! "
Jeff Gayduk, Publisher, Leisure Group Travel & Travel Tips Magazines

"Thank you, Sandy, for the opportunity to chat with you on Travel Talk Radio last week. It was a lot of fun to discuss our sacred travel programs with you and your listeners. What a great wealth of information you give travelers during your broadcasts ! I know from the daily requests for tour information that we get, that in these challenging times people are looking for information sources on travel that they can trust. What you offer through Travel Talk Radio is extremely helpful, as you cover many (if not all!) aspects of a person's trip. There is useful information for people who are just beginning to travel...as well as for the seasoned globe-trotters. Thanks for being here for all of us. AND, by the way, your "Traveler's Credo for Peace" that you have posted on your website contains many of the suggestions that we include in our "Travel Tips and Hints" for our sacred tour group members. In leading our tours, I've found that when people can hold those thoughts in their minds and hearts on a daily basis, their travel experiences are enriched immeasurably...as are the lives of all those they come in contact ! Thanks for the reminders !"
Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, National Director, New Age Journeys - Wellness Journeys - Sacred Travel for Women - Mystical Destinations

"Thank you for the opportunity to speak directly to thousands of travel industry professionals.  We are at a critical time in the travel marketing and distribution business and the more knowledge travel professionals acquire the more successful their business will be.   Travel Talk Radio is a great medium to get out the message to thousands in the Travel Industry.  Thank you for the great opportunity!"
Ed Kamm, Vice President of Western Division National and Premier Accounts, Sabre

"Travel Talk Radio is an amazing resource for all sectors of the travel industry, not only in terms of the radio show itself, but also the website as well as Sandy.  Sandy's enthusiasm for travel issues and solutions to those issues is a much needed contribution in a time when consumers and travel suppliers face uncertain times. I also enjoy the eclectic approach Travel Talk Radio encompasses in acting as an information source for travel companies.  This approach reflects EyeforTravel's in that we create an environment were all sections of the travel Industry can pow-wow to create deals, gather resources, and create alliances.  This approach has always proved a success for us and it does for Travel Talk Radio as well.  We at Eye for Travel appreciate and applaud the ongoing communication between us and Travel Talk Radio on our upcoming events around the world, and will continue to support and serve as a resource for the show"
Michelle Elam, Director of Alliances, EyeforTravel.com, Headquarters London, England

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to speak on Travel Talk Radio. It is individual like you that make it easy for me to get a message to the people who are most in need. I would like to thank you on behalf of the San Diego AIDS Memorial Project and as a member of the San Diego County HIV Prevention Board. By having me on your show we were able to get a very important message out to thousand of your listeners. That message was/is "Get tested, the HIV crisis is far from over and infection numbers are dramatically increasing in women, Latinos, African American, youth, and seniors. In addition, I would like to thank you for helping get the word out about the Halloween Mexican Riviera fundraising cruise for the SD AIDS Memorial Project. The memorial will be a monument to education and reflection shedding light on this very devastating pandemic. Over 22 million worldwide have died from AIDS and over 33 million worldwide are currently living with a killer to small to see. My hat is off to you. It is people like you that make the difference. "
St. Clair Adams Founding Chair, San Diego AIDS Memorial Project

"Over the past year, eTurbo News has added services and acquired alliances with other organizations relevant to the travel trade. Travel Talk Radio (TravelTalkRadio.com) is one of such partnerships that we are extremely proud of because it has opened the door to a weekly radio news broadcast in the United States and internationally through the Internet. With Travel Talk Radio, eTurbo News is given yet another venue to educate the travel trade with valuable information weekly. An archive is also made available for those who wish to listen to past broadcasts."
Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher, ETurbonews

"Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you (Sandy) and your audience on Travel Talk Radio. Your genuine interest in contributing to the "Building of a Culture of Peace through Tourism" through your program has been most valuable and is very much appreciated. Your stimulating questions and comments provided a high level of energy in our discussion of "Peace through Tourism" in a way that was directly relevant to your audience. We particularly appreciate your promoting the IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler on your website and your kind introduction to Paula Savage, of the Peace Gardens Foundation - an earlier guest, was very considerate of you. We have since had several exchanges of emails and telephone discussions, and I anticipate that we will be collaborating in our efforts in the near future".
LOUIS D'AMORE President, International Institute for Peace through Tourism

"Very much enjoyed being (taped) on your show and look forward to hearing it on Sunday. You make a guest feel very comfortable. The team here listened in and gave me high fives - so it was a big hit for us. Appreciated the opportunity to chat with you and get such nice visibility for PRA".
Patricia Roscoe, CITE Chairman, PRA Destination Management

"Thanks for having Ruben H. Fleet Science Center on the show, we were very happy to be a part of Travel Talk Radio. We hope the listeners enjoyed hearing about San Diego's number one attraction".
Cindy Pittman, Business Development, Ruben H. Fleet Science Center

"Thank you, again for having me on your show on April 4th. I really enjoyed the experience. I am most impressed and grateful that you have provided a much needed forum for travel industry professionals. You have done a great job with providing interesting content and a medium in which travel professionals can discuss difficult issues facing our industry. Travel Talk Radio is immediate, timely, and interactive. I have become a regular listener and look forward to participating in your program long into the future. Keep up the good work, Sandy"!
Shelly M. Houser, CTC, Owner, Travel Career Options
, Author, NAVIGATE the Net (Prentice Hall Publishing,)

"I would like to thank you Travel Talk Radio for the opportunity to appear on the show last week. You provided a great opportunity to talk to a targeted audience about all the events happening in London to celebrate the Golden Jubilee and you had obviously researched the subject very well. Many thanks for your help in spreading the word and I wish you continued success with the program."
Sandra Elliott, Director of Marketing, London Tourist Board

"Thank you for the most interesting hour last Thursday Sandy. I enjoyed it greatly. Loved the format and found the whole thing very refreshing".
Kelvin Houchin, Exec VP, Radisson Edwardian Hotels

"I just finished TourTalksRadio with Sandy. My name is Donna Zeigfinger and I am the owner of Green Earth Travel (vegetarian travel). I loved doing this segment. Sandy is such a pleasure to talk to! I emailed my list of over 500 people to listen in and did have quite a few calls. She has a wonderful show and does a great service for the public!"
Donna Zeigfinger, President, Green Earth Travel

"Travel Talk Radio was a great experience. Sandy Dhuyvetter was very easy to
talk with and the show structure was casual with a quick and easy structure."
Kevin Konopasek, General Manager for Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina, San Diego, CA

"Tours talk is an informative romp around the world of travel, and is breaking new ground by enabling listeners to tune in online, whenever they choose."
-Michael Shapiro, TravelTech columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

"The Internet continues to escalate as the major medium consumers use for researching their purchases. This trend has been particularly evident in travel. Travel Talk Radio and its host Sandy Dhuyvetter, have capitalized on this opportunity by providing a powerful, interactive, "web show." Anyone with a PC can tune in to hear consequential and insightful guests who provide information on travel. The user-friendly format allows listeners to ask meaningful questions, either telephonically or via e-mail. With this in mind, Trafalgar looks forward to hopefully being invited back to participate with Sandy and her team again".
Gavin Tollman, CTC President, Trafalgar Tours

"Sandy's enthusiastic personality and genuine love of experiencing fun, exciting, unusual places of adventure are her calling cards and add to the "virtual tour" as well as the "real thing". Travel Talk Radio is the perfect media to get the word out to many people about unique events, information about places to eat and sleep, as well as things that happen to celebrities, i.e. NSYNC's Lance Bass going to the moon. Sandy makes being on the show a comfortable experience; as if we were sitting in her living room chatting about our travel discoveries. She takes the fear out of "speaking to the public - live".
Lindy Poole, Manager, Kokopellis Cave B & B, Farmington, New Mexico

"Terrific program. Sandy has a way of relaxing her guests and maximizing the information in a pleasant way."
-Gerry Wilson, Founder, Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyards, Temecula

"What a great experience it was to be invited to be on Travel Talk Radio with you and your staff. Your are really offering a great service to the radio airways! "
Mike Nodolson, President, Tricropolis Records

"Travel Talk Radio provided real value to the California Maglev Program and to our efforts to broaden public awareness of a high-speed, advanced technology transportation system being developed in Southern California. Sandy Dhuyvetter is a wonderful host and very adept at stimulating informative and entertaining discussion on topics of interest to the show's growing audience."
Albert Perdon, California Maglev Program Manager, Albert Perdon & Associates

"Sandy remembers what travel is all about...FUN. Her upbeat personality and polished delivery presented our product in a most positive light. We know what a great product we have. Thanks to Travel Talk Radio, a whole lot of other folks know as well."
Steve Gray, VP Marketing and Sales Glacier Bay Cruiseline

"I discovered your program recently when Eric Lund was a guest discussing one of my favorite haunts, Julian. By the end of the show, I was on a mission to eat apple pie. Thank you for the topic (although perhaps not the calories). "
Cynthia Dial, Author: Teach Yourself Travel Writing

"My appearance on Travel Talk Radio went smoothly and was a positive experience. Sandy Dhuyvetter had obviously taken the time to familiarize herself with the background material I had sent. This made for a lively discussion: Sandy asked relevant questions with my information and her listeners' needs in mind."
Sharon Silverman, Author, The Pennsylvania Snack Tour

"America led the way with twenty-four hour news twenty years ago with the launch of CNN. What followed were a plethora of copycat news services, each trying to best an industry standard that CNN set. And, with the growing reliance on the Internet for unbridled news comes a growing host of webcast services, with the latest, Travel Talk Radio, coming live from Carlsbad, California. And, when it comes to providing a medium to cover virtually every aspect of tourism and travel, TravelTalkRadio.com delivers, hands down"!
Kurt Burkhart, Director, Carlsbad Convention and Visitors Bureau

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