Voice of Travel Industry Reveals Past by Giving to Children in Need

The As You Wish Helmet Project is a charity art event benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation. Sandy's helmet 'Momma Fett' is  one of over 40 helmets being auctioned for the cause.

Our Fett helmets are completely auctioned (all 40) and here are the results!
Thank you all! Together Artists and Art lovers raised for
As You Wish Project for Make a Wish foundation - $135,383.11
Average price per helmet - $3,302.03

Sandy Dhuyvetter holds her almost completed helmet that will be auctioned
for Make A Wish Foundation. The helmet is a remake of her original work.

If you have met Sandy Dhuyvetter in the past, you probably know her as one of today's most dynamic travel media personalities and probably not as a super hero creator. However, that’s just exactly what she is to a fan base of thousands of followers, a super hero creator who happens to be founder of TravelTalkMEDIA, and has been hosting TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO for more than a decade.

A self-described ‘passionate communicator in many art forms’, Sandy has been in the film and art world long before grounding herself into technology and travel in the early 90’s.

Owning a multi-media company was a perfect backdrop for Sandy to explore the Internet which allowed her to successfully ride the fast moving wave of online transactions. This proved to change her life forever.

She continues to communicate with her art of conversation on radio and TV even though Lucas film, Make a Wish and The Dented Helmet approached her to come out and create movie magic again this summer.

The As You Wish Helmet Project is a charity art endeavor that features over 40 re-imagined Boba Fett and Clone Trooper helmets to be auctioned off, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Make a Wish Foundation. Some of the artists making these helmets include names like Kotobukiya, Weta Workshop, and Volpin Props.

Along with other international Pop Artists, Sandy hand crafted this project which took over 50 hours. It which captured the essence of her original helmet and this time around, included muted photos of her working on the project in the late 70’s.

Art Andrews, the project organizer said when he received Sandy’s helmet, “This is a really big deal to me, perhaps one of the biggest in this event. For many who don't know, Sandy is one of the artists involved in the original creation of Boba Fett. She has gotten very little credit or notoriety for it, but her work helped shape the imagination of so many of our childhoods. The 2nd Prototype Boba Fett costume seen on your original Kenner Boba Fett figure card? That was Sandy. All of the early Empire Strikes Back promotional photos/posters? That was Sandy as well. Boba's helmet from Return of the Jedi (my favorite)? That was also Sandy. This lady's work not only helped shape our youth, but has helped respark the imagination of thousands through sites like The Dented Helmet, LLC, Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, The 501st Legion and other Star Wars based fan clubs, not to mention thousands and thousands of pieces of fan art, Sandy is surely Fett's “mom”.

There is so much we could say about Sandy, but we felt it best to let her own words speak to you in a letter she wrote that will be included with her helmet to the final bidder:


Thank you for making the winning bid on the Momma Fett helmet, I am very happy for you.

You will see faint photos on the helmet which were the only photos taken of the production [of the original Boba Fett costume]. I wanted to bring them into the design so that whatever we had from the days of creation we could also share with you.

As I re-created this helmet for the As You Wish project, I had much time to reflect back into the time where I was in my studio in Los Gatos as a young, budding artist working on the entire costume.

You see at the time, I had no idea I was creating an icon of such magnitude. I was only doing what I knew best, and that was to give my all as an artist.

The As You Wish Helmet Project is a charity art endeavor that features over
40 reworked Boba Fett. The helmet is on eBay Click HERE

Now as I reflect back to the life of Boba Fett, I see that more than anything, I learned that life should routinely be about doing your ultimate best with the hope of being effective. Success will come if you are effective.

I was able to remember so many things about the original work, like the smells and the sounds and even the music of the day came back. And for an instant on so many of the days that I worked on the helmet, it felt like I had stepped back into time. The feeling of the helmet was an amazing part of it and remembering each phase of development and all the areas that needed to be tended to were like a magical trip through the past.

And now it is in your hands.I am honored to be a part of this offering to help so many deserving children and I am honored that you now own this piece of work created with love that only a Mother Fett could possibly do.

Warmest wishes.

For more information go to www.theDentedHelmet.com. For more information write to: program@traveltalkradio.com

Thursday, August 23 these helmets were auctioned on eBay by the Make-A-Wish Foundation with 100% of the proceeds going to support Make-A-Wish.

Sandy can be heard now via her music.
She is in the studio, playing at events, restaurants and is half of a duet called DOLCE.

Visit her Facebook page at: