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BusinessTravelRADIO Newsletter
January 08, 2010

Thank you for joining us and Happy New Year.

Enjoy this week's fresh program with a serious look at security, safety, education and business travel for 2010.

Next week, we will be attending the Morocco Travel Market (MTM) in Marrakech, located in northwest Africa. MTM is a member of the International Trade and Travel Fairs Association (ITTFA). This association represents approximately 20 travel fairs around the world in some very exotic and interesting destinations like
Belgrade, Serbia, Montenegro, Moscow, Kazakhstan and Italy. We hope to be covering many of these conferences as part of a partnership we have formed with the ITTFA.
If you would like a leisurely look at travel, please join us for our broadcast of TravelTalkRADIO this coming Sunday from 9 - 11AM Pacific Time. We are commercial radio station in many areas and online!

Interested in the Moroccan Travel Market? This includes much of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. If so, let us know.

We will be bringing you programming from MTM later this month.

Have a great week,

International Tourism
Trade Fairs Association

The BusinessTravel RADIO team
Sandy Dhuyvetter, Patrick Peartree, Julie Brady, Eric Zmolek and the great staff at our distribution company, wsradio.com.

JANUARY 08, 2010
Fridays 8 - 9 AM Pacific Time

Segment 1 and 2

Alex Anolik Travel Attorney – Security and Safety expert San Francisco, CA.

Alexander Anolik, a seasoned trial attorney, is widely recognized as one of the pre-eminent travel attorneys in the world. He is president of one of the largest U.S. law corporations emphasizing the practice of travel law and travel industry litigation, with a travel law support staff including attorneys, consultants, paralegals and industry trained registration assistants in his San Francisco, California offices.

Al is a force to contend with especially when it has to do with travelers rights, safety and security laws. I can only promise a lively conversation filled with important information.

Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

Segment 3

Klaas-Wybo van der Hoek
Vice President of Stenden University Executive Board

 Klaas-Wybo and Sandy have worked together for the past 5 years on initiatives regarding education, peace and tourism. Through the foresight and vision of Klaas-Wybo and the excellent executive board, Stenden University is a well rounded hospitality university offering all aspects of a quality hospitality education. Klaas-Wybo’s personal commitment to the universities newly formed centers on peace and tourism and the new media and entertainment department has opened up new opportunities for the students and the professors.

Stenden attracts meetings to their on-site hotel and meeting facilities as part of the program they offer to students who come from all over the world to this renowned hospitality university tucked in a quaint Dutch village called Leeuwarden.. At the heart of these forums and conferences are the students who plan and coordinate the meetings as a part of the ‘problem-based learning’ technique. The upscale hotel and meeting facilities are under one roof and with the university allowing visitors a chance to work directly with the students and their professors. From a personal point of view, it is a delightful and rewarding experience!

Stenden has campuses throughout the world including ; Netherlands, Qatar, South Africa, Thailand, Germany and Bali.  http://www.stenden.com

Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

Segment 4

Therese Jacobson, President of the Los Angeles Business Travel Association (LABTA)

From Los Angeles, the head of the largest single city chapter of the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) talks with us about the full body scanners now in use at LAX and soon to become universally omnipresent. Just how intrusive are these? Are there legitimate moral objections to these machines? What does Casper the Ghost have to do with all of this? We'll also hear about LABTA's goals for 2010 and they are ambitious indeed! http://www.labta.org

Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

MORE Business Travel NEWS from this week.

Security crackdown to hit UK airports
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Virgin America joins Southwest, JetBlue and Frontier in sale stampede
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Sen. Schumer questions worldwide aviation safety system
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More winter weather may alter travel plans in the US
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How to Get Your Web Site Ready for the Coming Rush of Mobile Visitors
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Webjet continues to defy the industry downturn
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PwC takes legal action against E-Clear
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Jamaica's Winter Rescue Targets New York Commuters
01/05/2010 Travel Pulse
IATA, U.S. Travel, NBTA Praise New TSA Aviation Security Rules
01/05/2010 Travel Pulse

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Muslim Civil Rights Groups Queries TSA on Headscarf Policy
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Travel insurance company sets the bar for corporate social responsibility
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Supersonic commercial flight could return by 2015
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Fly.com Launches Flight Deals Through Twitter
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Hotel Execs Predict Vegas Recovery
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Companies turn to virtual trade shows to save money
01/06/2010 USA Today

U.S. lowers threshold for inclusion on no-fly lists
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US Airways reinstates baggage fees
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The Little Known Secret to Getting Page 1 Google Rankings
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Tighter security could cost airlines if travel demand drops
01/06/2010 USA Today

Jetstar and AirAsia form world first alliance
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Travelport to roll out new rewards scheme across Europ
01/06/2010 Eye for Travel

TripAdvisor Launches Business Listing Function
01/06/2010 Travel Pulse

New TSA Security Directive Takes Effect
01/06/2010 Meetings & Conventions News

NBTA: Attempted Terrorism Won't Significantly Affect Business Travel
01/06/2010 Meetings & Conventions News

Mesa Air Group files for bankruptcy protection
01/06/2010 eTurboNews

Q&A With Steven Hacker, CAE, President of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events
01/06/2010 Meetings & Conventions News

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