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 Friday December 11, 2009

Thank you for joining us.
This week is an exciting program where we uncover some of the best secrets to running a successful travel business.  It's all about convenience, ease of use, and capturing data. Our guests will enlighten and entertain!

Sandy Dhuyvetter

Executive Producer
& Host

We continue to support emerging countries and their desire to become a part of the global fabric of travel and cultural enrichment. We will be broadcasting from Bethlehem, Nazareth and other Palestinian treasures during this holiday season. 

Join us for some serious fun,
Sandy Dhuyvetter

DECEMBER 11, 2009
8 - 9 AM Pacific Time

at wsRadio
every Friday
8AM Pacific
Noon Eastern


Segment 1
Sean Kirkland
Executive Vice President, Business Development

Find Qualified Suppliers through
DMC Network.

Sean Kirkland joins Sandy to talk about
the DMC Network and how they provide clients with a pre-screened collection of leading destination services professionals who can be contacted individually or collectively through a single point of contact at the DMC Network. Sean will provide you with an education and ideas on how to best use

Segment 2
Jim Tyner
Founder and President
of Group-Res

Group Reservation Systems allow you to Pay as you Play!
Jim, a veteran travel expert since the early 1980's, decided a few years ago there was a real need to create a turnkey piece of software that allows companies of any size to take advantage of the efficiency of cloud computing. If you need to put together a reservation system and if data is your bag, you will love the reporting system at

Segment 3
Sharon Parris-Chambers
President Positive Tourism

The Power of Wellness
Sharon is the president and partner of Positive Tourism and is very committed and passionate being a beam of light for wellness and Travel. This April, she will be hosting the Caribbean and Latin American Wellness Conference April 10 - 11 in Panama. Why not consider having your conference alongside? After all, isn't wellness at the heart of everything we do? A credible Caribbean travel expert, Sharon now introduces us to the Caribbean's first cousin, Panama.

Segment 4
Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host and Patrick Peartree, Director of programming

Give me the News!
Sandy and Patrick discuss their upcoming trip to Palestine. The Business Travel RSS News feed is doing well and Sandy and Patrick discuss a few of the current news items that caught their eye.



DECEMBER 04, 2009

BusinessTravelRADIO Guests
Archives Available HERE

Steven Hayes
President The Corporate Council
on Africa

Special Guest this Week.
Back with us to talk about the US - Africa Infrastructure Conference in April 2010.Stephen Hayes, President of the Corporate Council of Africa, returns to BusinessTravelRADIO to discuss the upcoming 2010 U.S. – Africa 2010 Infrastructure Conference in Washington DC. Investors, subcontractors and networking are at the heart of the conference along with educational panels. Stephen talks about the extraordinary opportunities in Africa and why the US government has committed monies and time to the effort of building infrastructure. One interesting fact, Africa's population is as big China and India. Archives Available HERE


Dr. Sam Saker
Consultants of Hospitality Administrators

Business Travel and Middle Eastern Opportunity
Expert . Dr. Sam Saker, President and Founder of Consultants of Hospitality Administrators International talks about the opportunity in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) area.  Dr Saker talks about the cleansing process that has happened during the economic turndown and if there are any new development opportunities in the MENA area.. We also talk about the MENA Travel Awards and the growth of this ‘Oscars night for the best travel products’. Archives Available HERE


Richard Crum
President America

US Travel Promotion Act, have you heard of it?
Richard Crum is President of AirPlus in the US and serves as the President of the Assn of Corporate Travel Executives. Richard comes back to BusinessTravelRADIO and this time he talks about AirPlus and the survey the company has conducted regarding the US Promotion Travel Act. You might be surprised to learn that it has passed the House of Representative and yet 60% of the travel industry community have not heard of this legislation. We’ll talk about some of the specifics of the law including charging our visitors entry fees that will be used to market the US to the outside world.
Archives Available HERE


Thomas Steinmetz

eTurboNews thinks Abu Dhabi is hot and ready for take off!
Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurbonews talks about business travel in relationship to leisure travel in the Middle East.and spends time talking specifically Jordan's approach to building as 'the Switzerland of the Middle East'. Thomas takes a look at the United Arab Emirates and the differences within the states and in particular the differences between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and why Abu Dhabi is coming into its own. Move over Dubai!
Archives Available HERE

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Sandy Dhuyvetter broadcast from the
Palestine this coming week. Christmas program will be from Bethlehem and the surrounding areas.

Thank you for joining us at BusinessTravelRADIO and TravelTalkRADIO. Next week we are moving our BusinessTravelRADIO to a new time on Fridays at 8AM Pacific Time and 11AM Eastern Time on Friday mornings. TravelTalkRADIO will continue to broadcast on  Sundays at 9AM Pacific Time and Noon Eastern Time. Join us for some Serious Fun!
Warm regards,
Sandy Dhuyvetter

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