Sandy Dhuyvetter is the award winning host of several radio and TV programs. She is also the founder and inspiration behind Celestialink, LLC, and the TravelTalkMEDIA companies. The company, like its name suggests, has reached out to the world to globally connect listeners and viewers to the experts and world leaders in every field of travel, tourism and lifestyle.

Sandy also was involved with the creation of online marketing strategies and the building of e-commerce enabled Web sites for over 200 companies including San Diego Super Bowl Host Committee, General Electric, Hospitality Marketing Services STI-Middle East, Egyptian Tourism Authority, SuperClubs/Breezes Resorts, Tanzania Tourism Board, Aruba Tourism Board, New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP), Dan Hotels, and the National Business Travel Association, Blount Small Ship Adventures, Dr. Melina and the International Tourism Management Institute.


    In July of 2012, Sandy was appointed on the Advisory Board of the Belgian Publishing
    Company for the Gazette van Detroit

    In July of 2012 worked with Make A Wish Foundation and Lucasfilm to recreate her art
    for an auction on eBay. Click
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    In March of 2012 Sandy was first trainer for Airline Ambassadors Awareness program
    brought to airports around the nation.

     In January of 2012 Sandy introduced Human Trafficking Awareness to the International 
     Tour Management Institute.

     In August 2011 Sandy and team celebrate 10 years on radio.

     In May 2011 Sandy becomes permanent Global Ambassador for the International
     Women's Fair in Accra, Ghana.

     In March 2011, Sandy was part of the first relief mission to Japan after the earthquake.
     She and her team from Airline Ambassadors set up a offices to receive and send
     supplies to the north.

     In February of 2011 Sandy becomes member of the Airline Ambassadors International  
     Board of Directors.

    In January of 2011 Sandy was appointed as executive consultant to the president of the
    International Women's Fair in Accra Ghana.

    In June 2010, Sandy named Senior Advisor for Business for Diplomatic Action

    In February 2010, Sandy becomes a US AID Media Specialist for Palestine.

    In December 2009, Sandy joins the Board of Advisors for the MENA Travel Awards in

    In November 2009, Sandy wrote the Foreword to Tourism Progress and Peace to be    
    published in May 2010.

    In October 2009, Sandy and team begin broadcasting BusinessTravelRADIO

    In August 2009, Sandy appointed as an editor for The Journal of Tourism and Peace
    Research in Holland.

     In July 2009, Sandy becomes active in strategic alliance of The Corporate Council on

    In June 2009 Sandy participated in the American Moroccan Professional in America
    forum in

         In October 2008, Sandy signed an agreement with China Education Media Group to form
    a new Travel Channel in China.

        In Oct 2007, Sandy was named as a member of the board of advisors for the  
   acclaimed Stenden University, Department of Media and Entertainment Management
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         In July 2007, Sandy was appointed to the private sector advisory committee for the
   Transportation Security Administration as part of her DHS responsibilities.

         In December 2006, the US Department of Homeland Security appointed Sandy to the
    Secure Borders and Open Doors Advisory Committee. 
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         Sandy and Dr. Sun Yat-sen, a special documentary in Chinese and English was awarded
    1st Prize for the 2006 Final Radio Report Contest in Nanjing China.
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         TravelTalkRADIO was honored to receive the 6th Annual Tanzania Tourism Board Media
    Award in 2006.C
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In August of 2001, Sandy deployed the first TravelTalkRADIO Internet Show (background on TravelTalkRADIO). As Executive Producer and Host, Sandy offers an original view of travel and tourism introducing her audience to the worlds top travel experts. After spending more than 10 years as founder and President of Electronic Pen, Inc. in the Silicon Valley, and two and half years as co-founder and Vice President of Marketing at CommerceWAVE, Inc in Carlsbad, CA, Sandy has accumulated a rich heritage of classic Web site design and development and a firm understanding of elements that are successfully linked to creating and maintaining a commerce related site. As a pioneer in online strategies, as well as digital graphics since it's inception in the early 80's, Sandy brings a high touch to TravelTalkRADIO focusing on using technology to deliver and distribute entertaining and educational  content and while still allowing the listener the opportunity to instantly communicate with Sandy and her guests. As a respected Web authority, Sandy has given countless presentations on conventional and online marketing, and successfully implementing an electronic commerce Web site.
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Some Highlights of Ms. Dhuyvetter's Biography
An accomplished artist and pioneer in the field of electronic computer graphics, Sandy has been producing state-of-the-art designs for all types of communication needs throughout the world.

Ms. Dhuyvetter co-founded Daydream Productions, a full service design studio and advertising agency in Los Gatos, California. Her successes included set and costume designs for two Lucas Film movies, The Empire Strikes Back and More American Graffiti.

1982 to 1985, Sandy was provided marketing support (as an artist and trainer) and sales representation (demonstrating all aspects to this complex computer graphic work station) for Via Video, Inc., a groundbreaking multimedia hardware and software vendor. Working on a Via Video System 1E, (priced at $100K with film recorder) Sandy produced animations, slide shows and used modems to transfer files well before it became mainstream. Sandy also trained artists to use the system once the sale were made to companies like the Revlon, ABC, and United States Navy. 

1985 A pioneer in computer graphics, Ms. Dhuyvetter founded The Electronic Pen, Inc. (Epen) A Bay Area Multi Media Company specializing in marketing campaigns and corporate Identity programs. The Electronic Pen offered high-end digital graphics for print, video and film. Sandy and her team of designers offered multi-media expertise for more than a decade in the Bay area. Epen had clients such as Pac Bell, Pacific Gas & Electric, VISA International, Microsoft and Xerox Corporation. As Creative Director and Art Director, Sandy and her team of talented designers produced a wide range of marketing communications projects for businesses and individuals. Clients included Clorox, The Gap, Lockheed, NEC, Pacific Bell, Volkswagen, Wrigley Gum and many others. One interesting project was to design the label for a new cola (Coda Cola) that was exported to Russia at a rate of over half million cans a month.

1989 Sandy published the first of a series of books for beginning children swimmers. Sandy and Irene Madrid Kolbisen created I think I can Publishing Company and released their children's book,  
Wiggle-Butts and Up-Faces
. The publication was designed and Illustrated by Sandy as a collaborative effort with Ms. Kolbisen, a leading swimming authority, who owns and operates La Petite Baleen Aquatic and Fitness Centers in Half Moon Bay and San Bruno California. Wiggle-Butts and Up-Faces is recommended by the National Swim School Association.
Click HERE for more information about Wiggle-Butts and Up-Faces.

1991 Sandy provided the animation for a television commercial using the Via Video system 1E for the Northern California Frozen Food Council using Peter Penguin as its main character and "spokes penguin". Sandy also produced the Cable TV production of To Love Children, for two years. She also was guest host for several of the shows. These productions were produced monthly for two years and addressed children's issues, including educational, social, and spiritual challenges in the community. 

1993 Sandy illustrated and designed the set designs for PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) children's music video that is distributed to all west coast schools in Oregon, Washington and Northern CA.

April 1994, The Electronic Pen began its transition to becoming an online content provider -- to develop and maintain web sites for businesses, consumers, and other economic communities.

November of 1994, American Sightseeing International (ASI) a global association of sightseeing operators, chooses The Electronic Pen as its vendor of choice to create World Wide Web sites for its headquarters and 67 members around the world.

December of 1994, The Electronic Pen began the design of TravelWorld, an online storefront offering services and merchandise for the traveling consumer. Sandy became president of the Business Exchange, a business development organization based in San Mateo, California. She served for 4 years in a leadership program.

1995 The Electronic Pen developed three of the first five CyberCash enabled Web sites.  (Sandy is also a 1995 graduate of the Pac Bell sponsored Entrepreneurial Incubator program for multi-media based businesses in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.)

April of 1994, the Santa Barbara Convention & Visitor's Bureau Web site is developed by The Electronic Pen. 

1994 to 1996 The Electronic Pen developed over 40 custom sites many of them commerce-enabled.

July of 1996 The Electronic Pen merged with Professional Business Solutions. Renaming the company to CommerceWAVE, the company leveraged its long heritage of commerce solutions with solid Web site design. 

1997 CommerceWAVE had successfully developed and marketed MerchantWAVE a comprehensive, easy-to-use, e-commerce solution for merchants.

1998 CommerceWAVE was sold to iXL an Atlanta based Internet firm.

1999 - 2001 Sandy turned her focus to marketing travel and the implementation of those businesses on the World Wide Web.

2001 TravelTalkRADIO is launched ONLINE and on KFMB 760AM in Southern CA.

2002 TravelTalkRADIO continues to grow audience and extends it's reach to CNN Local Headline News in North County San Diego and NBC television in Los Angeles.

2003 TravelTalkRADIO continues to expand its multimedia reach out to new audiences including LBC Radio in London, Warner Bros TV in San Diego, Sister Cities Magazine.

2004 Sandy is named one of 50 People to Watch by North County Magazine. She shares the moment with others including Deepak Chopra, Rob Marchado, pro surfer and Major General William G. Bowdon III, Commanding General Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. TravelTalkRADIO is named Cool Site of the Day and Sandy expands her audience to talkSPORT in the UK on the Mike Mendoza Show reaching 6.3 million listeners. Don't get dizzy, she's on the go 24/7 bringing informative, dynamic and entertaining stories to her audiences.

2005 Sandy's biggest travel month to date in November when she produces remote programming and travels 30,000 miles visiting 3 continents in 30 days.

2005 TravelTalkRADIO rebrands to TravelTalkMEDIA. All of TravelTalk's domains point to

2005 TravelTalkMEDIA begins broadcasting on satellite delivery system, a company called TalkStarRadio in White Springs Florida becomes Sandy's partner.

2006 Sandy and TravelTalkRADIO was honored to received the 6th Annual Tanzania Tourism Board Media Award 2006. The honor was presented at the 31st Jubilee Congress of the Africa Travel Association in Ghana, Africa on May 1st, 2006. In December 2006, The Department of Homeland Security appointed Sandy to the Secure Borders and Open Doors Advisory Committee. Click HERE to read more about Sandy's appointment.

Ms. Dhuyvetter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University in illustration and design. Sandy served as adjunct professor at Mission College in Santa Clara where she taught computer graphics. Sandy is also a 1995 graduate of the Pac Bell sponsored Entrepreneurial Incubator program for multi-media based businesses in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Sandy has a security clearance from the US Government where she works on the Secure Borders and Open Doors Advisory Committee (SBODAC) for Michael Chertoff.

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