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Company History  

Who is TravelTalkMEDIA
The Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkMEDIA is Ms. Sandy Dhuyvetter, one of the world’s leading travel industry media specialists.  Following a successful career as a pioneer in the internet industry and new media in the San Francisco area, Sandy established TravelTalkMEDIA in 2001 to provide radio and web-based, online information to the U.S. and global travel industry.  

As the travel industry has become a web-based, internet industry, TravelTalkMEDIA pioneered online information for the industry.

Sandy is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning travel expert and media personality, recognized as one of the leading spokespersons for the global travel and tourism industry.

Sandy served as an advisor the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on international travel related issues.  She also served as the host of the World Tourism Market London annual awards program, as a host of the annual PATA conference, and as a host and broadcaster of numerous international travel conventions and conferences around the world.

She has played a leadership role for Tourism4Peace and many NGOs promoting sustainable tourism and the positive, economic development aspects of international tourism.

Internationally, Sandy is recognized for introducing many new emerging travel markets from North and sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, South America and other regions to the U.S. and the world.  We are proud to be serving a number of such new markets as they introduce their sustainable tourism programs to the international travel industry.

Sandy is supported by the California-based professional staff. TravelTalkMEDIA’s New York City office is under the leadership of Mr. John R. Johnson and his team of international travel industry experts.

TravelTalkMEDIA is also pleased to represent the destinations and travel services of some of the finest, award-winning travel and tour operators around the world.


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What is TravelTalkMEDIA and How Do We Serve Our Travel Industry Sponsors?

TravelTalkMEDIA, established in 2001, is one of the world’s most relevant travel industry new media companies, providing travel-related information, news, and entertainment to the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

TravelTalkMEDIA broadcasts through its TravelTalkRADIO and TravelTalkTV subsidiaries.

Our programming is distributed to one million listeners in 130 countries each month through online and conventional radio distribution via satellite and cable.  Radio broadcasting reaches listeners through our distribution networks in North America, the UK, China, and 22 other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.  

TravelTalkRADIO recently began broadcasting to the English-language market in Africa through Ghana’s largest radio broadcaster. Our TravelTalkNEWSLETTER is distributed to 25,000 travel industry professionals and consumers each week.

TravelTalkRADIO’s weekly Sunday program receives 50,000 live, online listeners per program.  In addition, thousands of listeners access our hundreds of hours of archived programming available on our website.

For our sponsors, TravelTalkMEDIA utilizes state-of-the-art technology to distribute sponsor-specific information to 250,000 travel industry professionals, travel agents, travel journalists, and travel consumers.

In addition, we utilize a global media system (newspapers, magazines, wire services, and websites) to distribute information on sponsors to 1,500 U.S. and international media companies.

TravelTalkTV produces and distributes informative and entertaining programs featuring destinations throughout the world, interviews with travel industry leaders, and travel news and tips for consumers and travel professionals.

TravelTalkTV programming is distributed via conventional TV networks, local and regional broadcasters, and via the web - depending upon the requirements of the sponsor/advertiser.

** Please see our introduction to TravelTalkTV @

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The "New Media" and TravelTalkMEDIA
+ Over the past 10 years, the travel industry - from travel agents to tour operators to airlines and cruise lines to National Tourism Organizations and to national and international travel professional organizations - has moved from “physical” offices and locations (“bricks and mortar”) to the internet.

+ Travel Professionals still have an important and major role to play in selling their services from travel advice to tickets to tours.  However, the “interface” has moved to the internet.

+ National Tourism Organizations can no longer depend on offices, print media, and TV to promote their destinations.

+ As the New York Times reported on 10 March 2008, a study by Nielsen Media Research found that one in four internet users watched popular TV programs (and adverts) via the internet during the first quarter of 2008.

+ TravelTalkMEDIA is the pioneer in web-based, online travel industry programming.

+ 39% of internet viewers were aged 18 to 34.

+ And 23% of internet viewers were aged 35 to 54.

+ The internet thus covers nearly all demographics.

+ 100 million popular TV programs were viewed via the internet in the U.S. during the month of December 2008.

Sponsorships and Advertising on TravelTalkMEDIA

* Web-based, internet marketing via TravelTalkMEDIA - with additional distribution via conventional radio and television - is the single most cost-effective means to reach targeted travel agents, tour operators, travel industry professionals, and consumers.

* TravelTalkMEDIA reaches travel audiences directly and at far less cost - for National Tourism Organizations, Tour Operators, Hotel and Resort Destinations, Airlines, Cruise Lines, and for the Introduction of New Destinations to the U.S. and international markets - than any other media including print and conventional radio and TV.

* AND, TravelTalkMEDIA reaches the new, younger demographic of under 40 year old travelers who are critical to the future growth of the international travel and tourism industry.


Please feel free to contact Sandy and our colleagues who would be pleased to develop with you a successful and cost-effective media promotion and marketing program.

We look forward to working with you!

Sandy Dhuyvetter
& The TravelTalkMEDIA Teams in California and New York


415 806 5740

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Company History

In 1998, Sandy Dhuyvetter founded CelestiaLINK, LLC and went on to create the TravelTalkMEDIA companies including TravelTalkRADIO, TravelTalkTV and TravelTalkNEWS and most recently BusinessTravelRADIO. These multimedia companies form a comprehensive travel news and information network. As executive producer and host, Sandy attracts audiences from around the world each month. Her reporting style is dynamic and concise and her interviews are entertaining and informative. She has an immense depth of technical expertise in the travel industry and her recommendations and opinions are based on honest evaluations. Sandy is a frequent guest speaker at travel and technology conferences around the world on topics including branding, distribution and media relations. More information about Sandy is available at

TravelTalkRADIO, TravelTalkTV, TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter and BusinessTravelRADIO produce and distribute informative travel news segments, entertaining interviews, and promotional segments that are broadcast via conventional radio and TV  in the US, China, Africa and the UK and that are also and broadcast by satellite to stations in the Western Hemisphere, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim. We have also been streaming our programming continuously worldwide via the Internet and offering our audio file archives for downloading (aka "webcasting" aka "podcasting") since our inception over 9 years ago...many years before the iPod ever came on the scene. We are one of the original podcasters and we are still distributed and heard worldwide over the Internet in addition to our many commercial radio and TV station affiliates.


TravelTalkMEDIA companies also produce live remote radio broadcasts, travel news segments for TV, B-roll and digital still photography, destination and event promos, press releases and newsletters, all with worldwide distribution availability. Sandy also hosts special trips where she invites her loyal audience members along. Sandy frequently also addresses industry conferences, conventions groups and executive boards on a wide range of topics including brand strategies, value added content and effective techniques for creating heightened media coverage of destinations and events. Ms. Dhuyvetter is a respected and credible spokesperson who personally endorses only those products and services she truly believes in. The personalization, creativity and versatility TravelTalk offers through this unique mix of these varied - yet convergent - media is unparalleled in the industry and reaches our national and global audiences with maximum impact. TravelTalkMEDIA is syndicating its programming to new markets each month. Our goal is to become the dominant travel news network in the US.



TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO have millions of listeners, viewers and visitors worldwide each month from the following broadcast regions and distribution channels:

Distributed In the Western Hemisphere, South America, the Caribbean, Pacific Rim and South Africa: TravelTalkRADIO’s conventional radio show is broadcast via satellite transponders on the TalkStar Radio Network with affiliate stations all across America. TravelTalkRADIO’s current conventional US radio coverage information is available at

ONLINE - WORLDWIDE - 24x7: TravelTalkRADIO broadcasts are streamed live online and heard worldwide. In addition, these #1 rated radio shows are archived at the TravelTalkRADIO Web site where global audiences listen to the programming 24/7 via the Internet. The high ratings and popularity that TravelTalkRADIO receives take on a much greater significance in light of the fact that visitors from over 160 countries each month come to to listen to these entertaining and informative shows and search the many resources available at the site. has over 1700 pages of rich content linked to multi-media program files and recent shows. These pages and files are accessed by an average of 2500 unique visitors per day with as many as 1.55M hits per month. Archives of the programs are available at for listening 7x24. The site is the “Webquarters” for all information regarding programming and has its own built-in search engine providing visitors the opportunity to immediately find the information they have heard about on the shows. TravelTalkMEDIA personnel take extreme measures to make sure that all travel content at is correctly indexed for all the most familiar search engines including Google, MSN and Yahoo. Our Webmasters are schooled in online marketing and when designing and building Web pages, they work in great detail with all aspects of seeding and “magnetizing” for the search engine at TravelTalkRADIO.

TravelTalkRADIO's featured guest interviews, articles and newsletters are capable of being distributed each week via email worldwide to over 260,000 travel industry professionals, travel agents, journalists and travel writers.

Talking about the Business of Travel was an opportunity that Sandy saw many years ago and the subject and theme was threaded into TravelTalkRADIO until October of 2009 when Sandy launched BusinessTravelRADIO.

TravelTalkNEWS: Our newest service, TravelTalkNEWS, features cutting edge Web technology (RSS). This technology feeds breaking travel news and press releases directly into the site in real time and the site offers news in every segment of the travel industry by category, with all content made fully searchable.

TravelTalkTV: New programming is being produced and the TravelTalkTV trailer can be seen at: Sandy has produced many TV segments on KUSI Channel 9 TV in Southern California. Sandy has appeared weekly on KUSI as a travel expert featuring her journeys around the world and the latest in travel news. Sandy's travel news segments on TV have also been frequently aired on CNN Local Headline News in Southern California, KNBC in Los Angeles and WB (Warner Brothers) in San Diego and CBS affiliate KBCI Channel 2 in Boise, Idaho with plans for additional syndication. Sandy's TV segments can also be made available at for worldwide access and viewing 24x7.

Audience size
: With all of our conventional radio broadcast markets in the US, China, and the UK combined, together with our TV audiences in Southern California, our online visitors and listeners who hear our shows over the Internet both live and as archives, and our email newsletter distribution capabilities, our programming messages reach millions of people worldwide each month.


Audience demographics: The demographics of talk radio audiences show that listeners that are generally 25 to 65 years old, educated, computer savvy, financially secure, own their homes and have disposable income….a perfect audience for marketing destinations and travel products and services. Talk radio, TV news segments and the Internet are sources of near real-time information and, by their inherent nature as such, have always appealed to mature, educated, intelligent and financially established listeners. These listeners seek valuable and useful information on current events, local-national-world news, politics, finances, weather, traffic, and mainstream interests such as cooking, travel and computers. The demographics of TravelTalkRADIO have clearly established that its listeners fit this description and that they have disposable income to spend on vacationing, travel and other luxury items. They are active consumers with above-average levels of purchasing intentions.

Talk Radio Audience Facts: The upscale demographics of talk radio listeners are that they usually:

  • have an income over $75,000.

  • have graduated college.

  • read a newspaper or online news daily.

  • own their residence.

  • are likely to use the Internet.

  • are 25-65 years old (fairly evenly distributed between the genders but with the numbers of women listeners steadily increasing).

  • have opinions that mirror those of the general population.

Guests: The guests who appear with Sandy are experts in the travel industry and include corporate presidents and CEOs, leaders in the travel industry, government officials, event organizers, authors, entertainers, travel journalists, hoteliers, tour operators and destination managers. The search engine at makes finding information at the site very easy.

Remote broadcasting capabilities: TravelTalkRADIO/TV/NEWS teams utilize special equipment to allow Sandy to do live remote radio broadcasts and pre-recorded radio and TV broadcasts from almost anywhere in the world. Sandy and crew have high definition, broadcast-quality television cameras to capture broadcast-quality video for her frequent travel segments on TV and to share with sponsors for additional promotion.

Sponsorship and advertising: Sponsors and advertisers provide direct support for programming. Sponsors and advertisers receive global visibility and personal recommendations by Sandy during her programs. Advertising and sponsorship campaigns are geared to the client’s specific needs. A representative list of sponsors and advertisers is located at

Consulting Services: CelestiaLINK, TravelTalkMEDIA and its subsidiaries also provide media relations and internet marketing consulting services in the following areas: Web site design, Web marketing techniques, newsletter and press release creation, distribution channels, event promotion and production, e-Marketing, and dynamic and multi-dimensional Web content.  

The Bottom Line: By this unique combination of traditional, conventional and hi-tech media, Sandy and the TravelTalkMEDIA companies have set the bar high for cutting-edge travel news and entertainment. The result is an extremely powerful marketing and advertising engine capable of reaching every corner of the globe.

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