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- How to Vacation And Travel Safely: And Come Back Alive -
Professional Kick Boxer/Trafficking Survivor tells his story

- Sandy gets involved with Make a Wish Project -
Covers wishes for as many as 10 children

- The Power of Sports Travel -
We honor one of our own and look at the opportunities

- Spooky Hotels that Started as Prisons -
Guilty as charged, go to your cell, I mean suite!

TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO
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Guest list for TravelTalkRADIO includes Earnest Hart Jr, Author of How to Vacation And Travel Safely: And Come Back Alive, Art Andrews, Founder of the and Special Guest on BusinessTravelRADIO this week,Kevin Maguire, CCTE, GLP, GTP,

Chairman of Europe and Latin America for GBTA and Director of Travel for Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Texas (hook’em horns) at Austin and Nicole Hockin brings some spooky news for the Halloween season as she talks about old prisons converted into hotels around the world.

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Sandy Dhuyvetter

Sandy Dhuyvetter starts the engines with welcoming the breaking travel news from the week
If you want to her the news during the week, Join Sandy her and take a listen or check out RSS Feed of Daily Breaking Travel News

6min 30sec


Voice of Travel Industry Reveals Past by
Giving to Children in Need

Earnest Hart, Jr. Author  How to Vacation & Travel Safely:
And Come Back Alive




Earnest Hart Jr.

Traffic Victim and author Earnest Hart Jr. joins Sandy to talk about safe and secure travel
Earnest a professional kick boxer was introduced to travel at a young age when he was invited to come to watch Kick Boxing in Thailand. After all, Earnest was one of US’s best and brightest and this invitation was well deserved. However when he arrived his

documentation was taken and he was held against his will until he boxed enough bouts to make his captives happy.
Not realizing he was trafficked, Sandy took the clues from reading his book and informed Earnest that was exactly what happened. He had been trafficked, held against his will with no way of communicating and not in possession of his documentation.
Although Earnest did not realize it was a clear case of trafficking, he was aware that he needed to be concerned more for his safety and his book was born. Take a listen and pick up his book in our bookstore at:
For more information on Earnest go to

Art Andrews, Founder The Dented Helmet



The Dented Helmet

Art Andrews

Art Andrews, Founder of The Dented Helmet

An avid Star Wars fan, Art Andrews found Sandy when he was exploring the makings of a costume built by Sandy for Empire Strikes Back.

Didn’t know Sandy is a trained fine artist? Check it out

Their friendship grew and when Art decided to create a special project for Make A Wish Foundation and LucasFilm using the helmet of Sandy’s character, BobaFett, he called Sandy to jump on board. Art organized the mold making and creation of 40 unpainted helmets to be mailed to artists around the world. The helmets where then repainted and retooled by each artist and finally auctioned off with more than $135,000 in proceeds going to Make A Wish Foundation.  We hope you will enjoy this wonderfully warm story and determination to make this the most successful Make A Wish project this year.

BusinessTalkRADIO   Individual Segments offered below   Individual Segments offered below

Sandy Dhuyvetter begins her second hour on BusinessTravelRADIO with information about the industry and you'll get the latest breaking travel news!

Sandy is also producing Breaking Travel News Take a listen or check out
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Call 802-872-6199 (from other locations around the globe) or go to:

This Week's special guest, Kevin Maguire,  CCTE, GLP, GTP, Chairman of Europe and Latin America for GBTA and Director of Travel for Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Texas (hook’em horns) at Austin was recently named 2012 Travel Manager of the Year.

Kevin Maguire

2012 Travel Manager of the Year

This week Sandy welcomes special guest, Kevin Maguire to BusinessTravelRADIO to celebrate a very special award given to Kevin by the Business Travel News Group (BTN Group) Kevin Maguire, was recently named 2012 Travel Manager of the Year.
There is no doubt Kevin is the Father of modern day sports and team travel. Being honored for Travel Manager of the year brings



to light his tireless efforts to inform and educate others how to develop successful sports travel programs. Kevin explains to Sandy that at every level of sports, there is an opportunity to create a more efficient and streamlined travel process. An interesting interview that examines everything from sports superstitions to traveling with the marching band and finally, the growth expected in this niche market of travel. Maguire, is a former president and is the current chairman of Europe and Latin America for the Global Business Travel Association.

Nicole Hockin, Travel Contributor and Blogger

Nicole Hockins

Former Prisons Transform into Modern Day Hotels
Nicole Hockin, well known Travel Blogger and travel contributor joins Sandy to bring some Halloween treats to our audiences. The story fits the season and suggests a new phenomenon in the travel industry; hotels that were used as prisons back in the day. Nicole comes to us to talk about taking a group (she jokes about always wanting to lock up some of the staff and what better way) to experience a hotel in



Oxford Castle Prison

Boston like The Liberty Hotel where prisoners were held for nearly 140 years. Spend a night or two at to the Oxford Castle Prison in the United Kingdom, where elegant ‘prisoners’ hang out at the Malmaison Oxford formerly the Oxford Castle Prison. You can even stay in a double-cell in the A-Wing, the original prison block of the castle prison. Take a listen and take a look at Nicole’s blog as she identifies these former prisons around the world who have recreated themselves as hotels. Enjoy some special fun this time of year!

The Dan Hotels
The Dan Hotels celebrating with you! Come and enjoy.



Sandy's Photos of Haiti
while traveling with
Airline Ambassadors Intl.


ten or read the transcripts of Sandy's recent interview with Rex Maughan

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