Sunday November 18, 2012
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Guest list for TravelTalkRADIO includes Caryn Seidman-Becker, President  and Co-Founder of CLEAR joins Sandy to talk about the typical travel experience at the airport with and without the new remodeled service called CLEAR. Also with us this week is Lisa Simon, CTP President of the National Tour Association.

BusinessTravelRADIO this week Sandy interviews Prince Frederick Von Saxe-Lauenburg, to talk about their trip to London this past week. Prince Frederic also joins us in a special online segment discussing the benefits of Rail Bookers. Captain Randy Leruth, of American Airlines.

This week Caryn Seidman-Becker, Lisa Simon, Prince Frederick Von Saxe-Lauenburg, and Randy Leruth join
Sandy Dhuyvetter on TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO

Sunday November 18, 2012

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SEGMENT 1- Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host TravelTalkRADIO

Welcome to TravelTalkRADIO
Sandy begins the show with some news of the week. Just back from London and the World Travel Market, Sandy will also share what's happening abroad.

Did you ever leave your laptop at a TSA security check point? LAX reports over 1700 laptops a year that are left behind. We have an inside story about this department called Lost and Found at the TSA.  Listen in!

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7min 21sec

SEGMENTS 2 - 3  Caryn Seidman-Becker, Founder and President of CLEAR

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15min 35sec

Airports around the country are getting Clear.
Caryn Seidman Becker, Founder and President of CLEAR joins Sandy to talk about the typical travel experience at the airport with and without the new remodeled service called CLEAR.

Consider this; a day of travel typically consists of hours of preparation only to arrive to the airport to wait sometimes an hour or more before boarding a plane. Security lines coil around and take what may seem like forever before entering the check point. However, with three simple words all the hassle of a security check point line can be avoided.

“You are Clear” are the words CLEAR members love to hear because it means a personal escort to the front of airport security lines. With a simple scan of your eye’s iris or the scan of a finger print this new scanning system security is able to verify the identity of a traveler, allowing for a quicker and more efficient travel.

The future of this company is extraordinary because the founders are committed to build a future that involves using the CLEAR information and technology in an iris scan or fingerprint for transacting purchases, approvals and more. Check it out and for more information on CLEAR visit their website at

Interested in a FREE Two Month offer? Register for a two month free trial of CLEAR using the code: CGEfree2 at

SEGMENTS 4 - 5  Lisa Simon, CTP President of the National Tour Association

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min 25sec

Lisa joins Sandy to talk about why the National Tour Association is digging it’s heals into faith-based travel and why it is more important than ever for the travel and tour industry to stand together and shout the true message of travel throughout the Middle East. Despite the troubles in Gaza and Israel, the region is quite and the people have their arms open to visitors who want to experience where the seeds of civilization began.

Lisa was first into Jordan directly after the Arab Spring rising in Egypt. She and her colleagues were determined to make a statement to the world that Jordan was open and welcoming. Now she continues that message as she invited her colleagues to join her in February in Jordan and Egypt and experience for themselves the wonders of the region in a safe and memorable fashion.

Lisa also talks about Youth Travel, Group Travel, Cuba and the upcoming NTA conference in Orlando. Join us as we welcome one of the premiere women leaders in Travel, Lisa Simon CTP, president of the NTA.

SEGMENT 1 Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host


Thank you for joining us on BusinessTravelRADIO.

RSS Feed of Daily Breaking Travel News

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6min 30sec

SEGMENTS 2 - 3 Prince Frederick Von Saxe- Lauenburg

Prince Frederick Von Saxe-Lauenburg Good Friend of TravelTalkRADIO meets with Sandy in London.
Sandy and Prince Frederick spent and enjoyable time reviewing this years hottest travel products and talking about the charities that mean so much to Prince Frederick. Join us as Prince Frederick talks about his experience with UK based Rail Bookers.

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19min 39sec

Can you imagine the Orient Express or perhaps riding the rails from Vienna to Paris? Rail Bookers, perhaps one of travels best kept secret is soon to be one of the best known rail companies in the world. Give them a year and find out! Better yet, call them and book your rail travel today and find out why they are the best.

SEGMENTS 4 - 6 Randy Leruth, Pilot at American Airlines

Vice Chairman of AA Pilots union opens up to Sandy about the future of airlines
Captain Randy Leruth returns to BusinessTravelRADIO to discuss his work as a pilot of 22 years. Starting his career at the Air Force Academy in Colorado, Randy rose through the ranks to become the Vice Chairman of the AA Pilots Union. Listen to this fascinating conversation as Randy dissects what goes on behind closed doors as the pilots take control of their fates during this time of transition for AA.

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24min 31sec

Sandy is happy to bring Randy back to her audiences with some serious fun and don't miss what Randy has to say about visiting the Cockpit. You won't want to forget your camera. Captain Leruth will be joining TravelTalkRADIO or BusinessTravelRADIO each month, so get your questions ready for him!

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