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Sunday March 24, 2013

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Join Sandy this week on
Gavin Hamilton journalist and
 John Shors, Author of Temple of a Thousand Faces

guests include

Captain Randy LeRuth Vice Chairman of Los Angeles chapter of American Pilots Union and Ashley Gibbins FCIPR, MCIJ - Chief Executive, The International Travel Writers Alliance Managing Editor

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This Week's Topics
- Inaugural Trip on the Ms Splendor in Belgium and Netherlands
- John Shors talks about his latest work, an epic tale with
Angkor Wat as the backdrop

- Pilots weigh in knives, women pilots and consolidations
- Travel Writers industry contribution

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Sunday March 24, 2013
TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO


TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO
Approx 1 hr 44 min

TravelTalkRADIO Show
Approx 52min

BusinessTravelRADIO Show
Approx 51 min

SEGMENT 1- Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host TravelTalkRADIO

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approx 6min 30sec

Welcome to TravelTalkRADIO!
2013 has been a year of much travel and it seems that the opportunity to first hand deliver our messages will continue. I am leaving for Japan on Wed and will be visiting Kyoto, Tokyo and Fukushima.

Later this month I will be in NY and DC to work with Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) as we continue to make a difference for anyone and everyone who volunteers, donates funds or receives our help.

Take a look at AAI and I hope you share my enthusiasm to support a group that is born from within our travel industry. The founding Flight Attendants and now others, continue to give a lion's share of expertise, supplies and escorting services throughout the world for people in need.

Human Trafficking Awareness is provided by Airline Ambassadors and is the only industry led training in the airline industry and beyond. As a member of ACTE, a leading association in the
business travel portion of our industry. I will attend the late April conference in NYC where I will represent AAI  will work with Sabre Holdings as they continue to roll out their Passport to Freedom campaign fighting Human Trafficking.

SEGMENTS 2 - 4  Gavin Hamilton - Journalist

Inaugural Cruise leaves Glow on Guests

I met Gavin in Europe as we both embarked on a 4 day cruise for the inaugural cruise ship called Ms. Splendor by Vantage Deluxe Travel.

Vantage Deluxe Travel invited 11 journalist, and a slew of friends, suppliers and group travel buyers to come along and be part of a memorable cruise from Antwerp to Amsterdam. The event filled few days included walking tours, gala dinners and a Christening Ceremony with Miss Belgium appointed as the ships god mother.

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28min 40sec

Always fun to share stories fresh off a ship, and especially with someone who shared the experience. Take a peek at small ship cruising. It's all the rage and there appears no slow down in new ships coming off the building blocks.

SEGMENTS 5 - 6   John Shors, Author of Temple of a Thousand Faces

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approx 16 min


New John Shors Book Once Again Proves he is King of Story Telling

John Shors joins us this week to talk about his 6th book in 8 years, Temple of a Thousand Faces. It is no secret, John is my favorite writer and I love his way of weaving his characters into historic events. No doubt it is a thin line, but John Shors likes that thin line and so do his millions of fans. He travels to research many of his books with his family and he writes almost a book a year.
Soon John will be a household word,  and we will see his worked honored in many ways. My advice to his fans is invite John to join your book club because someday you will be bragging about it to your grandkids.


Don't Trip on Your Attitude
and other Noble Travel Tips
A monthly column by Sandy Dhuyvetter

Funny isn't it, how you think of where you were when you read fascinating books and how that backdrop threads into the story and the memory of the reading.

It turned out that John's book carried me away and let me escape the memories of a cruel cold night in Antwerp. I had walked in the icy snow for 1/4 mile and slipped it seemed on every cobblestone. My taxi cab driver assured me I was close when he dropped me off. An hour later, I I found my way to the container hotel where I was to find a lock box. Instead I found myself stranded, cold and unable to open any of the lock boxes on the Antwerp dock. I was  alone with no one around me and the containers stand alone with only a visit or two from the owners each day.

After some thoughtful local help, and 2 more hours of challenge, I finally was inside my container room.  The real challenge came when I realized that I had accidently locked myself into the container. The night got even bleaker as the water main broke and no water was available in the room. There was also no internet and no phone service. All I could do for 12 hours was watch the lights reflect on the harbor waters throughout the cold snowy night and bring John's book, Temple of a Thousand Faces to bed with me. 

Theoretically, the container hotel should have been an experience of a life time, the bedding, robes, slippers and quality of the mattress reflected a high end hotel experience and the cleanliness and the warmth was calming and inviting. The location was fascinating, yet, I had the luck of finding myself in Antwerp at the beginning of the coldest Spring in 100 years. It was so cold that the ice and piles of snow around the casings of the doors made it very difficult for a me to open the doors to the container. Ultimately, I wrote HELP ME notes and stuck them to the windows using my chap stick as glue.

Early the next day I was rescued by one of the three owners. He whisked me off to the hotel he owns in the heart of
Antwerp called Les Nuits
. Here is where I fancied myself a starlet in one of his most fabulous black accented rooms. The bathtub called my name and I laid in hot water and bubbles for 2 hours before being served the most sumptuous breakfast. I felt like the night spent out in the wild had made my appetite more pronounced than ever. Perhaps that is why they say that 'contrast is the essence of vision'
Later Geoffrey drove me back to the docks again to find Ms Splendor, the new ship I was to sail with owners and friends. Luckily, Geoffrey knew the lay of the land and was able to find the new ship much easier than I ever could have.

Sometimes those horror stories of travel turn out to be little jewels. I landed on my feet full of gratitude and a mind full of wonderful memories.

So would I recommend the You bet! But ladies - do some power lifts before you go, you just might need that little extra muscle to open those heavy doors, especially after a cold European snow storm blows through! And don't forget a book written by John Shors to take you away, just in case you need to escape a little hardship.

Let's not trip on our attitude  and Happy Travels.

SEGMENT 1 Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

Welcome to BusinessTravelRADIO!

I am leaving for Japan this week and looking forward to visiting the CVB of Kyoto. On radio I often mention that fact that CVB's are a wealth of information and they support local economies by attracting visitors to their regions. I hope you will join me to celebrate all CVB's especially those who have adopted sustainable and fair practices. They make a difference in your region and they are great resources when traveling. Use them!

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6min 30sec

SEGMENT 2- 4 Randy Leruth, Los Angeles based Vice Chairman of American Airlines Pilot Union

Flying the Skies with Captain Randy LeRuth

Captain Randy LeRuth joins us for the 11th year. Captain LeRuth brings us stories that enlighten, educate and allow us to understand what pilots and their team believe to be the most important aspects of their jobs.

This week we will discuss the American and US Airways merger. We will also discuss what pilots think of bringing knives on board and we'll talk about female pilots and the changes that Captain LeRuth predicts in the near future.

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27 min



SEGMENTS 5 - 6  Ashley Gibbons - Chief Executive of Travel Writers Alliance

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18 min

3rd Generation Journalist heads up International Travel Writers Alliance

Ashley Gibbons joins us this week to talk about today's journalist and how it compares to back in the day when his Father and Grandfather practiced at the same publishing company.

Even if you are not a travel writer, this conversation gives the listener a better understanding of today's writers and broadcasters.

There are several associations for travel writers to join, we believe Ashley is poised to be the market leader. Bringing innovation to an old institution, the ITWA is now offering Journalist press cards, something the membership is wrapping their arms around big time. Take a listen and get connected!


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