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Sunday February 03, 2013
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Joining Sandy this week on TravelTalkRADIO
This week is Donna Coins,
Travel Industry sale manager at Crown Plaza Anaheim,
Lamar Hadley the national group representative for Cracker Barrel
Monica Coleman a graduate from ITMI and now a professional tour guide,
 and Clyde Wanate from the Ramada Inn Albuquerque.

BusinessTravelRADIO guests include:
Bruce Beckham, CEO of the nonprofit organization Tourism Cares,
Steve Mahay, Owner of Mahay's Jet Boat Adventures talking
about the beautiful Alaska, and
Cathy Rick Joule the Show Manager of the
Miami International Boat Show.

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This Week TravelTalkRADIO
Crown Plaza near Disneyland in Anaheim
Cracker Barrel America's love fest with food
ITMI Graduate talks about finding work
Where to stay in Albuquerque

 Tourism Cares goes to New York
Jet Boat Adventures in Alaska
Miami Boat Show the crown jewel
of boat shows

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Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/29/2013 Tuesday January 29, 2013
Hopes dashed of Dreamliner quick return, DOT chief Ray LaHood resigns, American Airlines/US Airways merger could come in two weeks, Very good news from TripAdvisor to review victim hotels, Japans near missed a great scam in Scotland, International Tour Management Institute signs The Code to fight Human Trafficking. Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and
Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/25/2013 Friday January 25, 2013
San Francisco named #1 city on Twitter by NBC News, United Continental CEO remains upbeat about Dreamliner, Cellphone lots have grown in popularity at airports, Travel to Acapulco Ready for a Comeback, New Deloitte survey uncovers the erosion of travel loyalty, Southwest Airlines and Row 44 announce milestone wi-fi partnership. Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and
Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/24/2013 Thursday January 24, 2013
San Antonio a top destination for Hispanic travelers, says, Hotels eye digital check-in options, Foreign tourists cautiously return to Egypt, Africa now the worlds second fastest economy, NTA broadens convention focus on specialty markets. Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and
Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/23/2013 Wednesday January 23, 2013
NTA Travel Exchange Report - Hispanic Tourism $1.5 trillion in 2015, Ukraine Celebrates the Day of Historical Unity, New York courts to victims of 11-hour tarmac confinement: No case, Hospitality Industry and Unemployment. Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and
Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/17/2013 Thursday January 17, 2013
United Airlines makes second attempt at airfare increase, NFC technology will boost mobile payment in travel, study says, Airports go high-tech with hub parking, Airbus increases average list prices of its aircraft by 3.6 percent, Airline Ambassadors take a stand against human trafficking, NTA to award highest honors to 2 tour operators, Celebrity Cruises considers offering Seychelles focused cruises.
Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and
Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/16/2013 Wednesday January 16, 2013
Travelocity launches concierge service for website customers, An AA-US Airways merger would be "consumer-positive," analysis concludes, Skal International to convene in New York City for first time since 1955, Delta named official airline for NTA, Bahrain tops Middle East in economic freedom, twelfth worldwide.
Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and
Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/15/2013 Tuesday January 15, 2013
United offers luggage-delivery program, Hotels eye digital check-in options, To go solo, agents must adopt a risk-taking mindset, Boeing 787 review could restore confidence, analysts say, Air China launches nonstop Houston-Beijing service, Wiki does travel: Internet encyclopedia launches
Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and
Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/14/2013 Monday January 14, 2013
Forecast: Improving economy may spur business, leisure travel in 2013, Survey: Airline passengers would pay for hot meal, Seychelles and La Reunion island prepare for next months Carnival of Carnivals, Delta launches new Fly Delta app for iPad, Boeing CEO McNerney issues statement on joint FAA, Boeing 787 review, Ellens visit a great coup for Aus: Qantas.
Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and
Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/11/2013 Friday January 11, 2013
Airlines record lowest rate for lost or damaged bags for November, FCC to boost Wi-Fi at airports, add more unlicensed airwaves, Celebration-themed cruises are hot among travelers, cruise execs say, United's bid for fare hike fails, Drunken pilot arrested on departing American Eagle flight, Powerful coalition created against child sex tourism.
Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and
Breaking Travel NEWS - 3 minutes with Sandy Dhuyvetter
01/09/2013 Wednesday January 09, 2013
Worldwide hotel transaction volume to hit $32 billion in 2013, 2013 cruising: Top Trends, MENA chain hotels market review , Seychelles goes through final rehearsals for carnival.
Brought to you by Forever Family of Products at, and

Congratulations to the International Tour Management Institute. Ted Bravos President and Founder signed the Code ( with over 400 attendees at the ITMI Symposium. Guests included Marilyn Carlson Nelson and Carol Smolenski from ECPATUSA, and ITMI Trafficking Awareness Trainers Sandy Dhuyvetter and Joan Keddell. The ITMI training curriculum is being offered by Airline Ambassadors International.

Sunday February 03, 2013

TravelTalkRADIO - SUNDAY  9 - 10AM  and again at 11AM Pacific Time     BusinessTravelRADIO - Sunday 10 - 11AM and again at Noon to 1PM ET       Archives Available Directly After Programming

TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO
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SEGMENT 1- Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host TravelTalkRADIO

Welcome to TravelTalkRADIO

Life is good as we wind back from being on the road the last few weeks after celebrating with the travel industry at the National Tour Association (NTA) in Orlando and the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) in Albuquerque. Join us as we discover our world with the experts in travel and lifestyle. Next week we will be in Seychelles filming Carnaval!

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6min 30sec

Thanks for joining us! Buckle your seatbelt for another informative program!

Sandy will be joining dignitaries from countries around the world in the Seychelles

Donna Coins, Travel Industry Sale Manager at Crown Plaza Anaheim

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14min 35sec

Sandy's Special Connection to Travel Expert from Crowne Plaza in Anaheim

It's not very often one can travel through life with someone that you have proudly watched grow and evolve into adulthood with beauty and grace. That in fact is what has happened to Sandy as she met Donna when she was just 22 years old and Donna was 15.

From a teacher-student relationship to becoming Travel Industry peers, Sandy met Donna when she was one of Sandy's first year Art students in Southern California.

Donna is on the road supporting the message of the Crown Plaza in Anaheim which is central to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knots Berry Farm and hundreds of other special attractions. Check it out and when you are there, say hello to Donna and ask her to draw you a picture!

Lamar Hadley, National Group Representative for Cracker Barrel inc.

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9min 39sec

Cracker Barrel, A National Jewel in 42 US States

How lucky for Cracker Barrel that their spokesperson, Lamar Hadley is probably the nicest guy in tourism. A discussion with him captures his easy manner and his passion for welcoming groups to Cracker Barrel.

Between 1980 and 1990, eighty-four stores opened across the country. By the end of July 1996, there were 257 Cracker Barrel locations. And today, there are over 600 stores in 42 states, all owned by a company that has no plans for franchising so that they can maintain the consistency that their guests rely upon. The mashed potatoes are scratch-made every day, they also make scratch biscuits which come served with real butter, and the unique items in the gift shop offer genuine value.

Monica Coleman, ITMI Graduate/Professional Tour Guide


International Tour Management Institute Graduate Talks about Life after Graduation at Annual Symposium in Albuquerque

Monica Coleman is a woman who knows what she wants and has gone after it. A recent graduate of ITMI, Monica talks to Sandy about finding jobs for Tour Guides, Directors and Managers.

This is a great time to look at this industry and see if it is for you. The Institute brought together close to 500 alumni and tour operators who were looking to hire ITMI graduates. Check out this conversation which includes some uplifting advice, especially if you are looking for a career in the travel industry.

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approx 7min

Clyde Wanatee, Ramada Inn Albuquerque

Albuquerque, A Cultural Experience that is Unique and Authentic

Clyde  talks about The Albuquerque Ramada Hotel as ideally situated close to many area motorways, offering guests easy and instant access to much of the surrounding areas. The annual hot-air balloon festival, (Oct 2013) in the historic city centre, Cibola National Forest and several golf courses are in close proximity.
Clyde moved from Iowa and never looked back. A Native American, Clydes company is also a member of NTA and a supporter of ITMI.

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

Welcome to BusinessTravelRADIO!
We are committed to serious fun on all our programming. The serious part is about calling attention to subjects in our industry that are sometimes not comfortable to talk about.
Our work in Human Trafficking awareness has brought us closer to the International Council of Tourism Partners, Airline Ambassadors, and International Tour Management Institute. We hope you will find the time to become aware of trafficking and how you can stop this horrific crime that is second only to drug trafficking and sales.

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6min 30sec

We are also proud of our work getting legislation passed to create more safety and security on the International Waters. The Cruise Industry is now responsible for reporting crime and creating a more safe surroundings for all guests.

The fun starts as we talk about our upcoming trips including the Seychelles this week and our voyage on the new ship, the ms River Splendor and the ms River Venture. Vantage Deluxe World Travel is excited to announce the launch of their two NEW most state-of-the-art vessels for American travelers in the European river cruise market.  Sandy will  will be with the management staff on board from Antwerp to Amsterdam. We are looking forward to sharing the experience.

Bruce Beckham, CEO of the nonprofit organization Tourism Cares

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15min 12sec

Bruce Beckham, Founder of Tourism Cares Announces Retirement

Good friend and travel leader Bruce Beckham joins Sandy to talk about why it is important for the travel industry to give back by helping to preserve and restore tourism destinations. Next stop for Tourism Cares is New York this upcoming May. Take a listen and learn how you can get involved. Oh and Bruce has promised that while he is stepping aside, he will not be gone. That is good news as we have invited Bruce to the program since the inception of Tourism Cares and have we no intention of this being his last interview. 

Steve Mahay, Owner of Mahay's Jet Boat Adventures in Alaska

Alaska, One of North America's Best kept Secrets

Steve Mahay and his wife took their VW fastback and headed north for Alaska in the 70's.

Looking for an alternative lifestyle, he found it surrounded by nature. They bought a lodge on a river and never looked back. Starting from a river taxi driver to a seasoned businessman, Steve speaks of Alaska with passion and invites travelers to 'Find their Alaska.'  

SEGMENTS 5 - 6  
Cathy Rick Joule, Show Manager of the Miami International Boat Show

World’s Premier Boat Show Drops Anchor in Miami Beach
February 14-18, 2013

2013 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail Offers Ideal Destination to Shop Best in Boating and Discover On-the-Water Fun. Visitors can now pre-shop the show online at or; get up-to-the-minute news at; and on Facebook.

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min 36sec

The Dan Hotels
The Dan Hotels celebrating with you! Come and enjoy.


Sandy's Photos of Haiti
while traveling with
Airline Ambassadors Intl.

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