Sunday December 02, 2012
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This Week
Touring Breweries
Carnival International Seychelles

Tourism in Egypt
Adventure Travel

Sunday December 02, 2012

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TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO
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November 2012


Guest list for TravelTalkRADIO this week includes Merideth Canham-Nelson, author of Teachings from the Tap, joining us and giving some background information about her book. Also with us this week is His Excellency Alain St. Ange, the Minister of Tourism and Culture of Seychelles .

BusinessTravelRADIO this week Sandy interviews Shannon Stowell, president of Adventure Travel Trade Association, with insight on what adventure travel really is. Also joining us is Ayman Khalil and Hamad Fathy, from Wedjat Tours sharing about their land in Egypt.

This week
on TravelTalkRADIO is Author of Teachings from the Tap, Merideth Canham-Nelson, Alain St.Ange, Minister of Tourism and Culture of Seychelles,
BusinessTravelRADIO guests include: Shannon Stowell, President and Founder of Adventure Trade and Travel Assn, Ayman Khalil, and Hamad Fathy
owners of Wedjat Tours out of Egypt

SEGMENT 1- Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host TravelTalkRADIO

Welcome to TravelTalkRADIO.
This week Sandy introduces her guests with much enthusiasm. Topics like The Seychelles, Egypt, Adventure travel and touring breweries will be brought to our audiences by the experts in all these fields! The Minister of Tourism for The Seychelles, and the Author of Teachings from the Tap, the owners of Wedjat Tours from Egypt and president of the Adventure Trade and Travel Association will join Sandy for a robust week on interviews.

Just getting back from London and Vegas at the Luxury Travel Show, Sandy will also talk about what is hot in travel this season.

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6min 30sec

Merideth Canham-Nelson
Author of Teachings from the Tap

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23min 12sec

Discovering the world through beer culture.
In 2008, after nearly 20 years of visiting breweries as a hobby, Merideth Canham-Nelson and her husband Chris embarked on their most ambitious adventure yet: a year-long journey discovering the world through beer culture.

Aiming to fulfill their fantasy of becoming professional beer travelers, the couple spent a year visiting a major beer event or destination each month.

What started out as a lofty escapade turned into a year of Canham-Nelsonís self-discovery, conquering insecurities and coming into her own. Take a listen to hear first hand a bit more about what the author herself had learned and along the way.

SEGMENTS 5 - 6  
His Excellency
Alain St. Ange
The Minister of Tourism and Culture of Seychelles

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min 45sec

A Carnival for all. Minister Alain St. Ange invites you to the Seychelles Islands to celebrate the many cultures that we have in this beautiful world. His Excellency joins us and gives us some insight on the ins and outs of the Seychelles Islands and what a guest will experience when visiting for the Carnaval International de Victoria.

A procession of colorful floats representing the various participantsí national carnivals, as well as a raft of other dedicated activities all of which will fall under the carnivalís theme are sure to be crowd pleasers. You still have plenty of time to book a trip to the Seychelles in time for the Carnival which is taking place over a three day period, February 8th-10th. Take a listen to our interview with H.E. Alain
St. Ange to hear some more about the festivities that will be taking place over in the beautiful Islands of the Seychelles.

SEGMENT 1 Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host


Road Warriors Ė Has this ever happened to you?
On the brighter side of life.
After being separated from the brains of the outfit, (my computer) for 3 weeks. TSA found it. After secondary search I got separated from my tons of equipment and got to LONDON without our 'mothership'. Freak out! Called and found out that LAX TSA gets about 1700 computers left each year!! I could not believe it! Whatever you do, stop right now, and tape a business ca
rd on the back of your laptop. I would have been paged in the lounge if I had that ID anywhere on my computer. I take full credit for the separation, I could have stopped it, but let it happen. A miracle I got it back? Maybe not, the people who work Lost and Found at TSA will go directly to heaven, I have no doubt. They were caring and reassuring the entire time. The challenge? Only one person who categorized, files, calls and sends to mail all the left behinds. Computers are only one item! There are no charges other than shipping. Now my computer has not left my side. We name all our computers the cities of the world. This time, Bethlehem came home a few weeks after me, but really happy and grateful for the outcome.

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6min 30sec

Shannon Stowell

President of Adventure Travel Trade Association

Take an trip with plenty of adventure.
Stowell President of Adventure Travel Trade Association joins us this
week and shares with us what travelers really believe an adventure trip entitles. Adventure travel demand is increasing more and more each year and ATTA is focusing on promoting and maintaining the growth of
adventure within the travel market.
Take a listen to this very unique interview and gain knowledge about Adventure Travel Trade Association, knowledge about what adventure travel really is.

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22min 27sec

SEGMENTS 5 - 6  
Ayman Khalil and Hamad Fathy
Owners of Wedjat Tours

Wedjat Tours Egypt.
Sandy welcomes Ayman Khalil, and Hamad Fathy owners of Wedjat Tours out of Cairo, Egypt. These two partners are also Egyptologist who are passionate about Egypt and what this country has to offer the traveler. Find out what it takes to become a truly certified Egyptologist and why it will make a difference in your journey.

We will explore the reality of safety and security and we will examine the age old question, is it safe to travel in Egypt and the middle east.

Donít miss this up-to-date account of travel to Egypt.

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13min 04sec

The Dan Hotels
The Dan Hotels celebrating with you! Come and enjoy.


Sandy's Photos of Haiti
while traveling with
Airline Ambassadors Intl.

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