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Sunday April 13, 2014 
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This Week on TravelTalkRADIO

Sandy welcomes

Author Lynne Martin of Home Sweet Anywhere

Donald Buyze,
WWI Historian and
Sandy's personal guide in Belgium

This Week on BusinessTravelRADIO
Sandy welcomes
Donald Buyze,
WWI Historian and
Sandy's personal guide in Belgium

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- Living everywhere
- World War I and
Flanders Field

- World War I and
Flanders Field

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Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host TravelTalkRADIO

Welcome!  If it's Sunday, it's TravelTalkRADIO!

We are happy to kick off our documenting WWI commemoration of the 100 years since it began in 1914. We believe history should be studied so that we may learn from the successes and disasters that our global village has experienced. The Great War killed 8 million people and Belgium along with other countries affected are opening new museums that honor the ingenuity and the strength of soldiers and civilians alike. If you are an arm chair traveler or a consummate traveler, pull up to the radio and grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show.

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approx 7 min

Author Lynne Martin of Home Sweet Anywhere

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approx 18

Couple Decides to Sell it All and Hit the Road

Lynne Martin lives home free with her husband, novelist Tim Martin. They are nomadic retirees living abroad internationally with two suitcases, two computers, and the savvy to make a home almost anywhere.
Lynne joins me to talk about their decision and why 3 years ago they decided to sell most of their belongings land start their journey stopping at exotic cities both Internationally and domestically in the US.

The new book talks about healthy living and why they see no end to their decision to live on the road. Available for Kindle and Audio version.



Tourism Travel Guide Lonely Planet announces its Top Ten Destinations for 2014 Seychelles is listed as Paradise within Reach

Donald Buyze World War I Historian and my guide throughout Belgium

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approx 26

World War I Historian Guides Sandy Dhuyvetter throughout Flanders Fields in Belgium

Donald Buyze has found his passion, studying the civil workers and how they coped during World War I. His lists of civil workers and their deaths during WWI is significant and a stark reminder that human slavery and forced labor was practiced through the duration of the 4 year Great War.

Donald was my host and guide as I continued to learn more about this war. He was a great guide and would love to guide you too if you decide to make this important trip.
The country of Belgium is actively attracting tourism through the openings of new museums and


Tourism Travel Guide Lonely Planet announces its Top Ten Destinations for 2014
Seychelles is listed as Paradise within Reach

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

Welcome to BusinessTravelRADIO!

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approx 15 min

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Donald Buyze World War I Historian and my guide throughout Belgium

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 after the 'Great War'. Perapprox 41 min

Join Donald Buyze and I as we take you around Belgium and France as we start the 100 year commemoration of the Great War, World War I

World War I, The Great War of 1914-1918

Who would believe that mankind would even entertain another war after WWI, however history has proven that is did repeat itself with many wars after the 'Great War'. Perhaps one of the most devastating of all wars, the Great War, was responsible for the death of over 8 million people and now the last survivor is a mutilated earth disfigured with craters and villages that were leveled..

Belgium one of the hardest hit, from forced labor to absolute annihilation of its land, was perhaps some of the most important reasons why the United States became involved. UK as well proved to be a good friend to Belgium, something the enemy at the time, did not realize.

This year we start the commemoration of WWI, if you have any interest in this, you will not  be disappointed by what Belgium has in store for visitors in the next upcoming 4 years. New museums and events are marking the 100th year of WWI, especially in the region called Flanders Field.

I had the opportunity to tour Belgium and more specifically, Flanders Fields, to try to make sense of this dark time. Perhaps the most compelling are places like the Talbot House in Poperinge where soldiers stayed a night or two in order to find some sense of peace. I stayed in the Generals room which was the size of two twin beds. While I closed the door to solitude on my first night at the Talbot House, I could not help but think of the young soldiers who had the opportunity to escape the front lines and what it might feel like for them to close that same door and ponder their existence. There must have been tears, fear and hope for survival. The Talbot House will welcome you to stay for a night and see what it might have felt like for those young boys to escape the cold harsh reality of this savage war.

more coming . . . .

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Sandy will be in Berlin as the MC for Peace Awards Ceremony of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism. After ITB, Sandy will be in Belgium to cover WWI commemorations and then off to France to sail with Vantage.

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