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Sunday September 27, 2009
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 This Week on TravelTalkRADIO Sunday mornings from 9 - 11AM Pacific Time.

Joining Sandy this week as guests are Jorge Castillo, Director of Business Development and Marketing for Passport Health, Rob Greyber, President of Egencia.com, Dian Holland, Business Development Manager – West Coast USA, Jamaica Tourist Board, Dan Sullivan, President and CEO of Collette Vacations, Greg Baxter, District Sales Manager for SuperClubs and Carol Fox, Business Development Manager for GOGO Worldwide Vacations.

For more info about this week's program, Click HERE.

Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

We are excited to announce that we are totally up and running in our new studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. We had a great time this week as we hosted some old and new friends at TravelTalkMEDIA's new headquarters. Greg Baxter, our good friend from SuperClubs, stopped by to wish us well and  talk about the new branding of the company as well as a wonderful new air connection into Montego Bay. Greg brought with him Dian Holland from the Jamaica Tourism Board and Carol Fox from a large vacation wholesaler, GOGO Vacations. We had a ball with them, taking some time to celebrate travel, have lunch and learn more about the latest in Caribbean Tourism.

This week I also attended the joint meeting of the Bay Area Business Travel Association (BABTA) and the Silicon Valley Business Travel Association (SVBTA). The event was held near San Francisco International Airport and we were entertained and educated with a keynote by travel industry giant, Andy Menkes from Partnerships Travel Consulting.

Thank you for coming by last week's program as we broadcast a "Best Of TravelTalkRADIO" program. When choosing a "best of" program, we consult our Web  traffic department as well as the email we've received from our listeners to see which programs were of most interest to our audiences. Last week, our audiences seemed to love our program from July 5 which drew in thousands of additional listeners.

Keynote speaker Andy Menkes of
Partnerships Travel Consulting and Sandy
at the Bay Area Business Travel Assn
meeting this week at the Hilton at SFO.

And now for this week's line-up!
The Private, International Version of the CDC

Jorge Castillo
, Director, Business Development and Marketing for Passport Health

Here is a company that specializes in providing not just professional medical advice, but also inoculations and prescription medicines for business and leisure travelers who are embarking on international journeys. It's like if you took the US Center for Disease Control and privatized it to serve international travelers. A proper course of treatment.  Continued

Expediting Corporate Travel
Rob Greyber, President of Egencia.com
A little over a year ago, Expedia's Corporate Travel Division was rebranded as Egencia. With a clearly defined focus on service, security and savings for business travelers, Egencia continues its legacy of providing highly effective travel solutions to legions of road warriors worldwide. Continued

Dian Holland, Business Development Manager – West Coast USA, Jamaica Tourist Board
Sandy absolutely LOVES Jamaica. This island nation is her #1 favorite place to spend leisure time with her family. So, when Bob Marley sings One Love, Sandy always joins in from the heart! We get to spend some quality time with Dian Holland, a lucky girl, indeed, who has been with the Jamaica Tourist Board for thirty years. Talk about one love!  Continued

The Collette-Gillette Connection
Dan Sullivan, President and CEO of Collette Vacations
We catch up with Dan Sullivan on his cell in the parking lot of Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts ready to cheer on his beloved Patriots. Dan is able to spend a few pre-game minutes with us and share some great insight into Collette Vacations. You've heard of airlines hedging future fuel prices? Well, Collette has done something very similar in how it bought vacation travel futures and the result is some phenomenal deals for the consumer. Genius, really. Also, get his take on what he sees as the biggest upcoming trend in travel. Continued

Bax by the Bay!
Greg Baxter, District Sales Manager for SuperClubs and Carol Fox, Business Development Manager for GOGO Worldwide Vacations
Our dear friend from Southern California heads north to the San Francisco Bay area to visit us in our new studios. He's got some big news for folks on the West Coast: there's a brand new way to get to Jamaica through Phoenix. Now you'll be able to spend about the same amount of time in the air as you did getting to Honolulu, but arrive in gorgeous Montego Bay instead. We'll also say "hello" to Carol Fox, another huge Jamaica aficionado. This winter is the perfect time to find out what "one love" is all about! Once you go, you'll know! Continued

That's it for this week's program!
I am on my way to Washington DC and will be staying at the Gaylord National Harbor and speaking at the US-Africa Business Summit organized by The Corporate Council on Africa. I hope to see many of you there!

Have a great week and remember, please keep those seat belts on, they do save lives.

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Executive Producer and Host


Sandy participates in the Corporate Council on Africa US-Africa
Business Summit.

Sept 29 - Oct 02, 2009 
Click HERE

The Center for Responsible Travel
Conference in January at Stanford University

This week, we welcome to our family of products and services, OMONG'WE Travel and Tour, STI-Middle East, Collette Vacations,
National Tour Association and CREST.
Stay tuned, you will hear more about these great organizations in the upcoming week and beyond!

Omong'we Offers "Best of Tanzania" travel packages

Coming to Jordan on
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This Week Dan Sullivan on TravelTalkRADIO

Choose from Over
125 Escorted Tours
to Destinations
on all 7 Continents.

Collette is America’s
oldest major tour operator, fulfilling vacation
dreams since 1918.

We also welcome the National Tour Association onboard,
and we are excited to broadcast in Reno at the upcoming conference in November.

National Tour Association

with over
100 travel books! All authors have been interviewed on TravelTalkRADIO!

World Class
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Dr. Omar Moufakkir, Tourism and
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Stenden University, 
becomes International
advisor to TravelTalkMEDIA’s
First Ladies of the World Project.
Click HERE to read story.

On the calendar in 2010
Sandy at Stanford in January
at the CREST conference.

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TravelTalkRADIO's program Sept 13, 2009 Archives Available online.
Joining Sandy, September 13, 2009 on TravelTalkRADIO were guests
Rick Antonson, President & CEO of Tourism Vancouver and Author of To Timbuktu for a Haircut, Peter Pantuso, President and CEO of the American Bus Association (ABA), Tom Nutley, Managing Director of The Travel Club (TheClub.travel) in London, UK, David

Krantz, Washington Coordinator for the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), and Mona Naffa, Founder and Director of Society  of Tourism International - Middle East (STI-ME.com).  For more information and to listen to the program, Click HERE.


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