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Sandy with Rex Maughan,
Founder, Chairman of
 Forever Resorts
HERE to listen
to their first interview.

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From San Diego on

Sandy Dhuyvetter presents
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Forever Resorts and Forever Living

TRANSCRIPT of Radio Interview - June 24, 2012
Rex Maughan - Chairman and founder of Forever Living and President and founder of Forever Resorts and owner of Southfork Ranch. Often Rex
is referred to as the CEO of the Forever Family which includes the entire Forever line.

Rex Maughan and Sandy Dhuyvetter

Forever Living products have attracted over 9 million distributors worldwide while Forever Resorts boasts 25 resorts and 20+ game reserves in South Africa and more than 60 resorts in the United States.


This is a fascinating interview with one of today's most successful travel and healthy lifestyle business owner. Rex Maughan continues to taste the sweetness of success by acquiring Southfork Ranch at an auction in 1992. Now Dallas is back on the map with another hit TV series, and Southfork is still the familiar backdrop.

Transcript of TravelTalkRADIO - Rex Maughan interview June 24, 2012 with Sandy Dhuyvetter
Listen to interview HERE

Sandy Dhuyvetter:
Good morning and welcome back to TravelTalkRADIO. My name is Sandy Dhuyvetter. It is such a pleasure today to welcome somebody that is, well, in the industry he is my hero and has been that for many, many years as I have studied his life. He is the entrepreneur of any businessman or businesswoman who wants to look at somebody and really understand business to the core. And yet give back environmentally and then give back as he proposed to me in an interview in 2006 that he always wanted to create a company that would make people relax and have fun, and that is how Forever Resorts came about.
Today we have the founder and president Rex Maughan with us and I am delighted and honored and Rex, it has been six years since our last interview, thank you so much for joining me again!

Rex Maughan: You’re welcome Sandy it is good to be back.

Now you are in South Africa. Let's hear that story I know Forever Resorts has a lot of entities there and a lot of products, but tell us a little bit more about what you are doing.

Rex: Well we are here, we just spent a week in Sun City just outside of Johannesburg with our distributors from all over Africa; came in for a week there and we had our big annual rally with them, we had more than five thousand distributers who earned the trip and so we had a wonderful time and a wonderful venue. Sun City is a fantastic place we filled four hotels up and all the restaurants, and all of the other facilities, and even the swimming pools at times when it got a little warm.

You know isn't that amazing! And what you brought to the economy there! With five thousand people. Have they ever seen that many, in a conference or in a meeting?

Rex: Well I do not know, all the seats were full in the auditorium, so, they must not have had very many more, at any one time. But they have had a lot of events here, they have Miss World, and other beauty pageants and that here over in the past, and it is a pretty famous place in this part of the world.

We'll talk about famous places and we will get to South Fork Ranch in just a few minutes. By the way Rex Maughan is the owner of Southfork Ranch, it is not J.R. as many of us might believe! (laughs) But we will get to that story in a moment. But Rex, I want to talk a little bit about you. You are such a fascinating gentleman, you're a fascinating business man, you have done some great creative moves. You got into the wellness and the healthy lifestyle part of our life; early on in the 70's. Can you talk a little bit about Forever Living, your first company?

Rex: Yes, I started Forever Living in 1978; and just kind of in the garage really, at home in Phoenix Arizona, and we started with just forty-three people at my first meeting and from that very day we have been growing. It is a person-to-person business, where we try to have products that are healthy and usually need someone to tell others what they are, and what is inside of them and why it is that they make you feel better, and why it helps to solve any problems that your body might have. So we started that way, and have been growing ever since. We're now in 150 foreign countries, we have more that 9 million distributers selling our products every day, and that is why I can be here in South Africa for three weeks this month and helping the people that are here. And also helping to guide our resorts, that we are continuing to add new ones each year.

So, with that idea; and certainly that is the way that the travel industry works; word of mouth really, really grows a business, and you caught onto that early on. I remember my family, they bought the aloe vera juice from your company, when I was a younger woman, younger girl, I should say, that was fascinating to me; and that is really how you started, with aloe vera, wasn't it?

Rex: That's right just three products. Aloe Vera gel the drink, and aloe vera the lotion, and aloe vera jelly for the topical skin uses, and we have continued to find that they work with everybody, and help them have better health. So we have continued to add. We now have approximately 140 products, all natural health.

Aloe vera is always part of that product, is that true?

Rex: Well, no not all of them, no. But, a lot of them have their bases as aloe vera. But we have other products that are very, very good, like fish oil, that has omega threes, and sixes that help the vascular system of the body; and we have, you know, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, all that our body needs. And we do not put aloe vera in all of those because if we do that then some people think, ‘well I only have to do the multi-faceted product, and I get all the aloe vera I need’; and we think that everybody should drink straight aloe vera every day in order to give their body the things that it needs, and to help them to stay healthy.

Well listening to you I know you walk and talk the talk, and you sure sound awesome, it's just great to have you with us. Let's take a quick break and when we come back we're going to be with Rex Maughan the president, the founder of Forever Living and Forever Resorts. We'll be right back.

Welcome back to TravelTalkRADIO, you know we connect you to the experts in Travel and healthy lifestyle and there is nobody that really is at the pinnacle of both of these than Rex Maughan, he is the president and founder of Forever Living and (Chairman of) Forever Resorts, he is with us now. He is in South Africa, where he has many distributers for the Forever Living products and he has...Rex you said 25 Forever Resorts, is that right?

Rex: That's correct. We sure do. And they are all great ones that everybody loves to visit and we have Blyde River Canyon, which is the Grand Canyon of South Africa. And is the largest green canyon in the world. It is the third largest canyon in the world behind our great grand canyon in the U.S., and in Arizona.

Well tell us how did this happen? You've got all these; and I want to get into each one of these resorts, and talk about some of the highlights. But after Forever Living, and you and I had this conversation, in fact we are going to have a link into that first conversation that we had, because it is also very wonderful and eloquently done by yourself; but after Forever Living, you wanted to get into the travel industry, I'll call it. How did this happen? And when did you start investing into South Africa, versus the United States?

Rex: Well I was; prior to starting Forever, I was with the Del Web corporation which was the only New York stock exchange company in Arizona, and we were doing all kinds of management, high-rise office buildings, shopping centers, and apartment projects; and we got asked by the bank to manage one of the best resorts on Lake Powell in Arizona, and Utah, and so we started there and we loved it so much. I have the desire to help people have a job that they like, and enjoy; and I thought that people when they went on vacation really needed to go where they had fun and enjoyed what they were doing. So we've done everything from having lakes with house boats, fishing boats, and ski boats, and to have everything you can think of; and we were so successful that we decided when the government of South Africa decided to sell some of their resorts that we decided to bid on them, and we did that. While we were doing that we purchased our very first two resorts, and we loved the animals, we loved the plants, we loved everything about South Africa but most of all we loved the people. They're great people, they're pioneers, they work hard, they don't depend on everybody else, they do things themselves, and they are just wonderful. So, we bid on these eight government projects. And after a year and a half of bidding we finally won out as the successful bidder, and so we are very excited about it. We are lucky because these resorts we were able to buy them in total, and we didn't have the park service looking over our shoulder or giving us guidelines on how they wanted things done. We did them the way we knew was the best way for everybody to enjoy them and that's what we have done. This is our ninth year. We have completed our ninth year here with our resorts in South Africa.

Nine years, so, you have been in South Africa that long? So when you talk about the experience in South Africa, are you attracting people from all over the world?

Rex: Oh yeah, there is everyone from all over, our goal is to get everybody from every country down here because you can't just make a brochure or advertise on the radio or television and people know how beautiful that South Africa is. And so we want everybody to be able to come here, and so we are advertising in all the countries. Everybody knows how South Africa has such a big canyon like Blyde Canyon, and all of our hot springs and spas, this is a wonderful, wonderful place to recreate. We are catering to people from all over the world.

It just sounds exquisite. We are going to take another quick break and we are going to come back with this fascinating gentleman Rex Maughan, the president and founder of Forever Living and Forever Resorts. We'll be right back.

Welcome back to TravelTalkRADIO we are going to get right back into our conversation with Rex Maughan, he is of course the president and founder of Forever Living and Forever Resorts, and both of those links are right there at our Website at Of course we have a lot of programming on Forever Resorts, we actually did a lot of TV footage when I was in San Diego at KUSI, and brought to you a lot of that information.
You know closing up on South Africa; and we might thread ourselves back in there again. Rex, would you mind talking a little about the experience? We know about the experiences at Forever Resorts with the house boating and in our National Parks. It is at all similar in South Africa?

Rex: Well it is to the point that everybody is looking for something that they like to do and they have fun doing it and they can do it together with their friends and their families. And I just want to say that it is getting to be evening here and the sunsets in South Africa are beautiful. There is such a red beautiful sky and you just can’t believe how the colors change, and of course, if you get up early enough in the morning it is just like that on the other side. The other thing I was going to say about South Africa is that the animals are so different and they are so beautiful. And there are many of them that are on the endangered species list. So we take it on as a challenge to buy pairs of those, like the big beautiful sable, one of the largest of the antelope family. And the sable with the half-moon antlers and we are raising them and putting a pair in each of our game parks and so we are raising young ones and we actually had two baby rhinos this last year. And if you want to see something cute you ought to see a 275 pound baby rhino!

(laughter) I bet! It sounds like the modern day Noah’s Arch what you are doing. These little pair by pairs in all of your reserves.

Rex: We really are and you know down here the impala is the animal of the country. Impalas are everyplace there are so many that they even call them ‘McDonalds.’


Rex: The other reason they call them McDonalds because when it is facing away from you on its back rump there is a big black “M.”

(laughter) Don’t you love that creativity. That is so darling!

Rex: Let me tell you another one. With the impalas, impalas are basically really beautiful tan and white and multicolored beautiful, beautiful skin. And we were able to buy a couple of black, coal black impalas, male, antelope and we have been breading them and they are the cutest things and we even have pictures of some of our caretakers holding these little babies in their arms. And they are just coal black. More than two years ago, we didn’t even know there was a black impala in the whole country. Those are the really fun things we are doing. We know the people who have the white lions and we have our name in there for a pair of them so we can have them and grow them. All the animals are great, they’re are absolutely incredible and you need to come here and see them. And everyone that is hearing this needs to come. You can’t believe the animals until you come here and live with them for a little while, and just see how their habitat is and their greatness and the character of them. And we invite you to come down and be our guest at Forever Resorts here in South Africa.

Beautiful, beautiful. Well we are going to get that word out, and I am telling you, I am sure it is not only on my list but I am sure it is on more than probably 90% of people listening. Even as an arm chair traveler it is wonderful just to listen to your stories and how you are not only building these opportunities for recreation but also conserving our world with the work you are doing. I just want to mention a little bit, when I first met you Rex, I had known you had done a lot of work as a young man in the Samoa Islands. But you also had just built a library there, but you have done a lot more as I understood later on. Can you explain a little bit about your relationship with the Samoa Islands?

Rex: Well yes, as a young man I spent two and half years there as a missionary and I learned the language so I could speak with the people. I have been going back every year since then, because they have such a small amount of wealth in that country, or just of money to buy the things that are needed. And I have tried in every way possible each year, sometimes it’s clean water projects for the schools; because when it rains for a week the mud comes over the top and comes down in the pipes and they drink muddy water or brown water. Usually when we do that we are able to connect to two or three villages with that pipeline and get the clean water also. I had the opportunity to save a 30,000 acre rain forest out on the island of Savaii that the Japanese said they would built a school for 250 students if they would let them timber this beautiful 30,000 acres of hardwood trees and ship them back to Japan. So we contacted the chiefs, and because we could speak their tongue, we worked with and convinced them that this was bad that when you cut the trees down the sun comes through and it burns all the medicinal plants, and plants they use along the ground and that this would not be a good thing to happen. We convinced them if they would terminate the contract we would build the school, which I did and we were able to save that 30,000 rain forest. On top of that, I have built a library for the Robert Louis Stevenson School. They actually had two cyclones go through, and it tore off the roof of the building that Robert Louis Stevenson had built his only home in his whole life time was in Samoa, in 1890. And so the government didn’t have any money to rebuild it and put it back together, and so I got a long term lease with them and I actually restored the home, and made a museum out of it. So it is open 6 days a week for people to go and it’s a way for them to have revenues coming into their country by visitation by outsiders. It is a wonderful thing to able to help people.

Well watching you and listening to you and understanding the immensity of what you give is just incredible. And I know of your love of Robert Louis Stevenson. I have a picture of you and I in front of that portrait of him in my office. And I can actually see it from here, I keep it on my wall.
You know, we are going to take another break and we are going to talk a little bit about something closer to home in the U.S. that is actually spread across the universe. We are going to talk about Dallas. We’ll be right back.

Welcome back to TravelTalkRADIO, I don’t know about you, but I am having the time of my life listen to Rex Maughan. I feel like I am sitting at his knee just listening to what he has been able to do, not only to allow us to recreate ourselves with recreation with all of the things he has provided us but how he is saving our environment, how is affecting children around the world and we are talking about just a few, just a very few things he has done. And it just goes on and on and in fact we were honoring Rex a few years ago when he got the Sheldon Coleman the Great Outdoors Award and that was awarded to him as the chairman and president and director of Forever Living Products International. That must have been just an amazing time for you, wasn’t it Rex?

Rex: Yeah it was a great time because I had so friends there and we were in the National Parks system in Yosemite National Park. So it was very exciting where John Muir painted all the paintings and took the best photos in the world of our National Parks. So, it was a good experience, because I personally knew Sheldon Coleman who developed the Coleman Stores, and the Coleman lantern and the Coleman sleeping bag and everything we use when we go camping which seems like it is all Coleman. And I got to know him and his wife and his son very well and they are great people so it was a great honor for me to get that designation.

I bet, I didn’t actually realize you met them, or rather knew them, that is wonderful. You know, let’s get on and talk about something that’s going on. Everybody that is a little over 30 years old probably remembers the TV series that was in the United States called Dallas. And it is still being played, I am sure, it is; isn’t it Rex, still being played all over the world?

Rex: It is, countries all over. Every week I get somebody who asks me ‘who shot J.R.?’

(laughter) Well you know, if you think about Dallas that series, you’ll also remember the place that it happened at, the Southfork Ranch. Well the Southfork Ranch is owned by J.R. Ewing in the series, but the Southfork Ranch is actually owned by Rex Maughan. So we have the owner of Southfork Ranch here and with this new ignition of Dallas fever, I just think it is just amazing. Did you ever expect this Rex?

Rex: Well the first day I bought the ranch, I didn’t because I only thought about all the distributors that I brought from all over the world. Every year I bring them into the U.S., and our manufacturing facilities; our main manufacturing facilities is in Dallas and we always went there and we went down, and looked at our aloe plantations in south Texas. Everybody wanted to go to Southfork Ranch because the show was playing in their country. So we always went there for one afternoon and one dinner. So when they closed the filming the owner didn’t have the money to keep it open. So he closed it. Eventually the bank foreclosed on him and we couldn’t go there to take my people. So when it came up as an auction item, I said, ‘man, if I could buy that at the right price, my distributors all over the world, would love me.’

Oh my gosh!

Rex: So that is how we got to the auction.

Fascinating story, I did not know that. I was wondering what it was. Because I knew you had the hotel there too. Which is really awesome, so you can be playing in both fields there. At one point you were doing weddings there. Are you still doing weddings at Southfork Ranch?

Rex: Boy, even more now. Everybody is calling since the new series come out. And they say their daughter is getting married this fall and they want to get a date for out there at Southfork Ranch. So it has been really exciting. The other thing, the phone is ringing off the hook. People wanting to schedule their Christmas party at Southfork Ranch.

Oh yes!!

Rex: And they want to know if we are filming at the same time so they can watch the filming while they are there.

Oh gosh you know, I suppose you are probably getting all these cutouts of the characters to stand by, because I can’t imagine anything better than just to be there and have some of that personality there too. It is such a phenomenon really to look at this and see how it developed. I mean it is so deserving to have such a great thing happen to the Southfork Ranch.
I got home late last night from a trip that I was on and I knew I was going to do this interview with you this morning and I thought, I got to…I recorded Dallas so I stayed up until almost 2 this morning to watch Dallas. I loved it. The story twisted and turned in a way that you can’t imagine. But there is an area where they are having a wedding and there you are Rex you actually got to be in the first is it the first two of the series? Because it was a two hour opening.

Rex: Right. Yes, the first two hours of it. It was fun and exciting. I was right there and in fact I wanted to run and kiss the bride, the first one!


Rex: We had a great time. And of course the boys had a fight before (J.R.’s and Bobby’s sons) see the thing I shouldn’t tell you already is that Bobby’s son married the ex-girlfriend of J.R.’s son.


Rex: So you can see that there wasn't really all that many good feelings at that wedding circle!

Right! Yes! Twists and turns! I actually got so captivated with the story that I forgot that you were going to be in there as an extra at the wedding. And you were in so many shots, and so are some others, like Kathy Kratzer is in there, and Jana Timm is in there; but it is just so fun to see that! (laughs) I was so absorbed in the story that when you finally appeared I almost squealed because there you were, and I forgot that you were going to be there! You got that big Texas hat on! So what was it like to be an extra?

Rex: It was fun but I always rather talk.

Yeah, they should have given you some lines, for sure! Well hopefully we're getting some talking done here! And you know what, we got to close up the show, but I sure would love to have you close up the show with me. Do you mind? We will have one more segment together?

Rex: Fine, love to do it!

Alright, I'm here with Rex Maughan. My name is Sandy Dhuyvetter. And we'll be right back.

Welcome back to TravelTalkRADIO I am, as I said earlier, I am having the time of my life talking to Rex Maughan, we have been talking about so many topics. And of course Dallas is always such a great topic when you think about the notoriety that we had so many years ago. And Rex during the break you said that the reviews are great.

Rex: They’re wonderful everybody TNT and all the movie people are amazed. They say it is absolutely the best introduction to any program this year. And they had over 7 million hits on the first day there, the first night. And most people hadn’t even realized it was on, so I think that every week it is going to get better.

When I was traveling, I had 12 other people with us, they were flight attendants, we were down in Haiti doing some work. I mentioned it to them we were all in bunk beds one night telling ghost stories. I was talking about Dallas and really and truly a lot of them didn’t know and most everybody was so excited. The younger ones were in awe. But the older ones couldn’t wait to get back to their Dallas. So I think the popularity is just going to continue to grow. You mentioned that Time did a nice spread on it too.

Rex: Oh Yes People did a big one.

Oh was it People!

Rex: And USA Weekend had one there, and they talked about Dallas returns back to Southfork with Patrick Duffy. A great interview with him and so they had some great pictures in there. They say on location, welcome back Dallas and that is the Josh the new son of. . .


Rex: That's right, and so it’s pretty exciting and Linda Gray, you know Sue Ellen looks great. Jessie Metcalf is Bobby’s son and a lot of these people, like Jordana Brewster, and that they were all in some of the other series. They say that Power Never Felt so Good. They have all the Ewing family there is quite fun to see what everybody one is doing . . . and Larry Hagman you know, I will tell you, all he has been through with transplants and his bout with cancer and chemo that he has taken and the great thing about him is when I saw him is he asked me if I actually made a living at Southfork ranch with cattle. And I told him no, that is pretty hard to do in America. But I’ll tell you, I am a farmer, and he said 'what do you farm,' and I said 'I grow aloe vera,' and he said 'well my doctor told me to make sure I put it on my face and hands several times a day because it was the best moisturizer there is.'


Rex: So he said he loved aloe!

Isn’t that great! And isn’t that interesting, the two owners (laughter) of Southfork Ranch. One plays one on TV, and of course the dichotomy between you is just so opposite I would imagine but as we talked about it during the break and you said people often ask you who are you more like Bobby or J.R.? And you say neither, but you need both of them in the characters that they play.

Rex: That’s right that’s right. Well my personality is a little different then both of them. But Bobby is a really a great young man, he spends so much time with people when they come there to visit. I was really impressed with him. And J.R. has really mellowed out a lot, he not in the movie in the new series, he is still a tiger on wheels, but he has mellowed out a lot and his human side has come out where he is helping people.

Isn’t that nice, and to think that you get to be a part of this and I am so tickled that things are going so well. I think though we do have to get out of here, the slam the door on us as they do in radio, we have no choice. But how about if I order up a couple of elephants (elephants roar) and maybe a couple of monkeys (audio of monkeys) to side saddle with us, and we take a look virtually at your reserves in South Africa. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Rex: I would love to have you do that and it sounds fun.

Alright, climb on board, I think I need a little help, I don’t know if you do, but anyway here they are, there’s the elephants and monkeys (audio of animals). Rex thank you so much for joining me this week. I have enjoyed it so much. You have no idea what it means to me and to our audiences worldwide.

Rex: It’s my pleasure and look forward to having you down here in South Africa or anyone of our resorts in the US. We have great places for great people and we are helping people have their time of their life on their vacation. Please call us on our Web site and see if you can register, they are going fast. House boats are great on any one of our 15 lakes and we would love to have you visit and look forward to having you all try Forever Living products the healthiest aloe vera in the world.

Absolutely, I tell you what, between those two, life could not be better. Thank you all for joining us, keep it under 90 everybody and keep those seat belts on and we will see you all next week. Rex, God bless you, thank you so much for everything.

Special thanks to Faye Waleh, TravelTalkMEDIA team member.


Please join Sandy in November of 2006 as she visits with Rex from
his home office in Scottsdale Arizona.

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