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Sunday October 25, 2009
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Two weeks ago TravelTalkRADIO
Dr Omar Moufakkir at Stenden University  in Leeuwarden, Netherlands joined Sandy last
 week to discuss the International Centre for Peace through Tourism Research (ICPTR)

Tourism and Peace Lector
from Stenden University, 
becomes International
advisor to
First Ladies
of the World Project.
HERE to read story.

CETV, China’s Largest
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Network, Announces
Partnership with
TravelTalkMEDIA Group

Great Idea and Fun Giveaway

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The Center for Responsible Travel
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 This Week on TravelTalkRADIO - Sunday mornings from 9 - 11AM Pacific Time.

Joining Sandy this week are guests Jani Nayar, Executive Coordinator of Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH), Kleo King, Senior Vice President, Accessibility Services for the United Spinal Association, Marc Cavalieri, Executive Vice President - North America for South African Airways, Miriam Murcutt and Richard

Starks, Authors of Along the River that Flows Uphill, Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews, Martin WariobaFounder of Omong'we Travel & Tours in Tanzania, Africa, and Amie Gorrell, Director of Public Relations at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Washington, DC.
For more information about this week's program Click HERE.

Welcome to this week's newsletter and thank you for joining us.

What a great week we have had with the launch of the new BusinessTravelRADIO programming that began Saturday, Oct 24 at Noon Eastern Time. The feedback has been wonderful, from the interview content to the new look and colors on the Web site. We are also producing a daily news feed of business travel from around the world. Thank you, we listen to you all and appreciate your opinions. The new program will be broadcast every Saturday at Noon Eastern time.

This week we also received news that the Cruise Vessel Safety Legislation we have been  supporting  has passed in the US House of Representatives.
This legislation and the passion behind the drive to change security and safety policies for cruise ships docking in US ports stems from one man: Ken Carver. Ken's daughter Merrian, disappeared on a cruise taken almost 5 years ago and her family experienced first-hand the lack of responsibility the cruise lines showed regarding the incident. Ken took on the cruise lines and formed the International Cruise Line Victims Association. Hundreds of cruise victims and their families responded and the rest is history.

The passage of this legislation should be considered a message that one person can make a difference. A retired executive, Ken and his wife found this week to  bittersweet. The day the legislation passed the House is the same day Ken and his wife placed the first stone in a garden in Phoenix, AZ which will eventually hold a bronze statue dedicated to Merrian. (see photo on right)

One interesting turn around after 6 years of failing to pass this legislation is that the Cruise Line International Association published a statement in August that supported the legislation. This support also fueled the passage.

House Passes Essential Cruise Vessel Safety Legislation
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The International Crime Victims Association (ICV) applauds House passage today of critical language authored by Congresswoman Doris O. Matsui (D-CA) ensuring the safety of cruise ship passengers on the high seas. Continued

Ken and Karen Carver with artist of the bronze statue dedicated to their daughter Merrian.

This week's TravelTalkRADIO program explores our world of travel and lifestyle. We have another great lineup that takes us from NYC to Tanzania and South Africa and then on into the Amazon jungle. We’ll also have stops in Düsseldorf and Washington, DC. We’ll drive so sit back and enjoy! Continued

The Advantage of Being Accessible

Jani Nayar, Executive Coordinator of Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) and Kleo King, Senior Vice President, Accessibility Services for the United Spinal Association. We learn about a unique certification program in New York City that audits and identifies businesses that are accessible to people with disabilities. We'll also learn about the billions of dollars your business could be missing out on if travelers with disabilities can’t access your products or services.



Massage in Business Class

Marc Cavalieri, Executive Vice President - North America for South African Airways

It’s always a very special birthday when an airline reaches elder statesman status. Unlike people, air carriers often wither and die at a very tender age, some seemingly in the prime of life. So, Happy 75th South African Airways! To celebrate, let’s book a flight in business class and get a nice long massage! Continued

Orinoco's Strange Distributary

Miriam Murcutt and Richard Starks, Authors of Along the River that Flows Uphill

Rivers have tributaries. That’s the rule. Little ones (the tributaries) flow downhill to join together into one big river that heads for the sea. Not so with the Casiquiare River in Venezuela. It splits off from the main course of the Orinoco River and finds its own way to the ocean. Meet Miriam and Richard, two intrepid author-adventurers that bravely navigate this remote jungle waterway to find out why the Casiquiare seemingly “flows uphill.” And the natives along the way? Primitive, my dear Stanley, primitive. Continued


Altbier is Not Old

Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews

We catch up with our favorite travel news publisher in Germany where he is spending a few transitional days between a blistering schedule of travel expos, events and conferences around the globe. He’ll tell us a bit about his recent studies of the social media phenomenon and he’ll also explain that Altbier is not old beer. It’s gute bier! Continued


Soccer and Safari 

Martin Warioba, Founder of Omong'we Travel & Tours in Tanzania, Africa

If you’d like to attend the 2010 Soccer World Cup and you still have an African safari on your “bucket list,” this may be the perfect time for you to hatch a brilliant scheme. Hey, the Tournament is in South Africa and that’s just a 2.5 hour flight to Tanzania, home of the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, the “Spice Island.” You’ve only got about 225 days left before kickoff and Martin is the man who can make this all happen.  Continued


Ice on the Potomac

Amie Gorrell, Director of Public Relations at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Washington, DC.

Take something along the lines of Superman’s Ice Palace, add 40 professional ice sculpture artists from Harbin, China, brilliant colors and lots of lights, and you’ve got some idea of what the ICE! Event at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center will look like over the holidays. And this is only one of about 1,000 really good reasons why you, your friends, and your business team need to visit this fantastic destination 8 miles due south of the White House. Continued


Leaving on the Next Elephant 

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and host of TravelTalkRADIO

 We wrap up another great show and talk about the difference between the business of travel and those who travel for business. Also, our favorite segment of the week will determine how Sandy takes off today. Continued

During the week we had some fun!

Hicham Jorio, Sandy and Masha Anchenko. Sandy
and Patrick spent time with Hicham Jorio co founder
of Safarclick at the University Cafe in Palo Alto. Safarclick is the new search engine for travel
in the  Middle East and North Africa.

Interesting name isn't it!
Safari is derived from Swahili meaning journey,
from Arabic safarī of a journey

Have a great week and remember, please keep those seat belts on, they do save lives.

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Executive Producer and Host


BusinessTravelRADIO with Sandy Dhuyvetter launches at wsRadio
October 24, 2009!


Famous Chinese Ice Carvers come to Washington DC to
create Winter wonderland at Gaylord National.
Join Amie Gorrell and Sandy this week to talk about the Gaylord.

 NOT your average ice carvers, the master artisans who create Gaylord National’s ICE! are from Harbin, China – a city in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province that
world-famous for its annual Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival (one of the world’s largest ice and snow festivals).  Every winter, more than 2,000 sculpture artists carve a massive, 100-acre walk-through Ice Park and a full-size Ice City
from blocks of ice taken from the nearby
Songhua River. 

Paying tribute to this world-famous festival, Gaylord National is proud to bring 40 of Harbin’s most talented master artisans to the U.S., to showcase their amazing talents in creating this one-of-a-kind attraction.  They will arrive in mid-October, staying onsite for more than 30 days, to build and hand-carve the attraction in time for its Nov. 19 debut.

This week
meet Amie Gorrell from
The Gaylord National in DC

Gaylord National Hotel & Convention
On the Potomac in Maryland

MONG'WE Travel and Tour, STI-Middle East, Collette Vacations,
National Tour Association and CREST.
Stay tuned, you will hear more about these great organizations in the upcoming week and beyond!

This week on TravelTalkRADIO Sandy
talks to Martin Warioba owner of Omong'We

Omong'we Offers "Best of Tanzania" travel packages
Mona Naffa on TravelTalkRADIO
last week!

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Voodoo Experience last week on TravelTalkRADIO

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Last Week on TravelTalkRADIO - October 18, 2009

Joining Sandy last week were guests Sylvia Frommer-Mracky, Owner-Manager of Production Travel and Tours Companies and Editor of The Africa Times, Kyle Post and Stacey Doornbos, Smile Ambassadors of Orlando’s 67 Days of Smiles, Greg Baxter, our SuperClubs and Breezes Resorts Guru, Stephen Hayes, President and CEO of The Corporate Council on Africa, Lisa Simon, President of the National Tour Association

in Lexington, Kentucky, and Mona Naffa, Founder and Director  of Society of Tourism International - Middle East (STI-ME.com). For more information about this week's program Click HERE.

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