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TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO Your connection to the experts in travel and lifestyle.

Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

Thank you for joining us!

This month we offer you more travel experts than ever on TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO. Our programming continues to attract over 130 countries each month and we take pride in answering all our emails that come from our audiences around the world.

Perhaps the most compelling story this week is the coverage of entrepreneurs from 28 countries who come to the USA for a 3 week program to immerge themselves and observe practices and meet with leading companies in the US.

We continue the good news of career opportunities in Travel and bring on Ted Bravos from the International Tour Management Institute to talk about the bright outlook.

And finally, we invite you to join me in Jordan, this coming March for a conference that will change the way you think about tourism and travel. Dr. Moufakkir and I welcome you all. Click HERE for more info.

Kathy Sudeikis Celebrating
life on the Cover of Travel Agent Magazine

This coming week
October 17, 2010
Kathy Sudeikis,
who was inducted into the 2010 American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Hall of Fame.

 -  Society for Accessible 
    Travel & Hospitality (SATH)
 -  Part 2  A New Beginning -
    Entrepreneur Program
 -  Jean Wells Travel Agency
    Talks the Walk in Morocco

October 10, 2010 - TravelTalkRADIO - First Hour Noon to 1pm, again at 2pm ET TravelTalkRADIO guests include Adrienne Cornelson, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Cari Guittard, Executive Director, Business for Diplomatic Action, Ted Bravos, Founder and President of International Tour Management Institute and Greg Baxter from Super Clubs

BusinessTravelRADIO Second Hour 1pm - 2pm, again at 3pm Joining Sandy are Vani V. Mahadevan, co-founder of Warisan Global, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia and delegate of ‘A New Beginning, Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation' plus Desmond Green, Author of Global Citizenship Passport

Welcome Blount Small Ship Adventures
to the TravelTalkMEDIA family of recommended products

US organizations support Obama's, A New Beginning, Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation

Cari Guittard, Executive Director of Business for Diplomatic Action and Adrienne Cornelson, representing Entrepreneurs’ Organization join Sandy during the first hour.

BusinessTravelRADIO will continue it's coverage in the up-coming weeks of the groundbreaking program designed as a professional exchange experience for 30 leading entrepreneurs from 28 different countries. Learn more and listen here

Travel is best University in
the world
The time has never been better for new jobs for tour managers.

International Tour Management Institute, president and founder, Ted Bravos, joins Sandy to discuss the opportunities in the industry. Find out if being a tour manager is a career you should explore!  
Learn more and listen here

Breezes Rio Bueno is a re-creation of a Jamaican seaside village

Sandy lives vicariously through her guest, Greg Baxter's work at the all-inclusive resorts called SuperClub.

Join us as we explore one of SuperClub's most recently remodeled resorts, Breezes Rio Bueno, an adult resort that accepts singles, couples and groups, where the age limit is 16 years old with an accompanying adult. Learn more and listen here

Try these exercises to stay in shape
both physically and mentally

Desmond Green, Author of Global Citizenship Passport
Travel can be hard on our minds, bodies and people around us. Desmond discusses why the 3 R's taught in US schools leaves something to be desired. Desmond believes the emotional IQ needs to be addressed at an early age. He calls it the 'the missing 4th 'R'. our 'reference' to ourselves.

The 'reference' to ourselves is about our relationship and how we fit into our world. Join us for some serious self discovery as we discover the world of Desmond Green.
Learn more and listen here

Join Sandy in Jordan, March 2011.

Accepting Abstracts!

Safe travels and thanks for your messages.
We are listening to you,

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host


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Manhattan Beach, California

International Tour
Management Institute

Join Sandy in Morocco Dec 2010.

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First Hour  SUNDAY - October 03, 2010

TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO
Live Broadcast - Archives Available After Programming

TravelTalkRADIO - First Hour Noon to 1pm, again at 2pm ET
TravelTalkRADIO guests include Ili Mataolu, Regional Director Tourism Fiji, Kelly Schulz, Vice President, New Orleans, CVB, and Mario Masciullo, Travel Writer focusing on Italy and surrounding markets.

Archives Available

Archives Available
Second Hour  SUNDAY -
October 03, 2010

BusinessTravelRADIO Second Hour 1pm - 2pm, again at 3pm
Joining Sandy on BusinessTravelRADIO are guests Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher
of eTurboNews,  Craig Banikowski, President, National Business Travel Assn,  
and Michael Oshman.  Founder and
Executive DirectorGreen Restaurant Assn.

Sunday September 26, 2010
Archives Available

TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO

TravelTalkRADIO - First Hour Noon to 1pm, again at 2pm ET
uests include:  Max Haserstroh, International Consultant on Sustainable
Tourism,  Audrey Hendley, VP American Express Travel,
 Michael Rizzo, Founder of the Mob Tours in Niagara Falls, New York, Mario Mascuillo, Travel Writer, Italy


BusinessTravelRADIO Second Hour 1pm - 2pm, again at 3pm
Guests include: Dr. Kathleen Hall, Founder and C.E.O. of The Stress Institute,
Salah Loutfi, Founder and President of Couleurs Berberes Luxury Tented
Bivouac in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Stephen Hayes, President
of the Corporate Council on Africa

First Hour  SUNDAY - September 19, 2010

Second Hour
SUNDAY - September 19, 2010

TravelTalkRADIO -  Noon, again at 2pm ETont face="Arial" size="2"> TravelTalkRADIO guests include The Lindfors Family, Nancy Rivard, Founder of the Airline Ambassadors International, Jerry Walter, Traveling with Spotty. Click HERE

BusinessTravelRADIO guests: Rafi Baeri, EX VP Dan Hotels, Israel, Nancy Rivard, Founder of Airline Ambassadors International and Dr. Melina CNN Diet and Health Specialist. Click HERE


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