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Sunday October 11, 2009
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Dr Omar Moufakkir at Stenden University  in Leeuwarden, Netherlands will join Sandy
this week to discuss the International Centre for Peace through Tourism Research (ICPTR)

Tourism and Peace Lector
from Stenden University, 
becomes International
advisor to
First Ladies
of the World Project.
HERE to read story.

World Class Hospitality University

Campuses located within
and outside the Netherlands.

CETV, China’s Largest
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Network, Announces
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OCTOBER 11, 2009 - Joining Sandy this week are guests Stephen Rehage, President and CEO of
Rehage Entertainment, Creator and Producer of the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Omar Moufakkir, Chair of the Tourism and Peace Research Group at Stenden University in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Ken Carver, President of the International Cruise Victims Association, Lisa Simon, President of the National Tour Association in Lexington, Kentucky, David Costabile, Associate Director of

International Product Development for Collette Vacations, and Peter Johnson, Les Clefs d'Or Concierge for the Kimberly Hotel in New York City. For more information on this week's program Click HERE.

Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

Thank you for joining us this week as we go around the world sampling travel and lifestyle trends with the experts in our industry. Hitting the road running in the Bay Area, we find ourselves knee deep in the production and distribution of our new weekly one hour radio program, BusinessTravelRADIO.

We have been reporting on business travel since our inception and we have also covered the leisure travel industry with passion since 2001. We realize that both are as separate and distinct as all of our children. With that in mind, we have begun production on an additional one hour weekly radio program focused on the business travel industry. We have chosen distribution partner wsRadio for their excellent track record in building global distribution for many new and innovative radio programs. One of the lesser known secrets is that wsRadio is where I first started my talk radio career. I stayed for a number of years while I added conventional radio and
TV stations around the US. Under the new guidance and ownership of Chris Murch, wsRadio went on to reinvent itself  as the global leader in Internet radio. We
are delighted to be back and to work with the wsRadio team on distribution to their 4 million listeners worldwide. iTunes will also stream our programming and archives will also be available for downloading and podcasting.

Next week Stephen Hayes, President
of The Corporate Council on Africa
will join Sandy to talk about the
recent US - Africa Business
Summit in Washington DC.

The program will also be supported with a weekly BusinessTravelRADIO newsletter. We will talk about careers in business travel, trends, international opportunities and we will educate and entertain our audiences with some serious fun.

We are delighted to have the Chairman of the National Business Travel Association, Kevin Maguire, and the award-winning founder of Partnership Travel Consulting, Andy Menkes, kick off the first broadcast of BusinessTravelRADIO. The new site will be launched this week as www.BusinessTravelRADIO.com

We look to you to be our guide as we grow this show that is ultimately dedicated to the Road Warriors who spend countless nights away from their families in order to connect our world economically, socially and culturally. We will also dedicate portions of the program to education and International development and we will explore career opportunities in the business and corporate travel industry. We are here to receive your comments info@TravelTalkMEDIA.con

TravelTalkRADIO will continue programming as usual and will continue to be the heartbeat of TravelTalkMEDIA. Thank you all for being a part of our growth we look forward to serving many of you on BusinessTravelRADIO.

And now for this week's TravelTalkRADIO line-up!
We will introduce you to 6 leaders in the industry from New York City, New Orleans, Southern Germany, The Netherlands and back to the fine State of Kentucky.


Stephen Rehage, President and CEO of Rehage Entertainment, Creator and Producer of the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the locals’ favorite annual festivals the year, the 11th edition of the VooDoo Experience promises
to be the Halloween event YOO MUST DOO!  Starting Friday, Oct 30 in our beloved NOLA, for three days over the Halloween weekend you’ll find a fabulous carnival spirit and great live music including Kiss, Lenny Kravitz, Eminem, and much more!. There’ll be late-late-late night entertainment, food, scary fun
and, most importantly, VooDoo! If you didn’t know, New Orleans takes its VooDoo very, very seriously.
Worship the music! Continued


In Search of Empirical Evidence

Dr. Omar Moufakkir, Chair of the Tourism and Peace Research Group at Stenden University in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

Dr and Professor, Omar Moufakkir, will join Sandy to discuss the International Centre for Peace Through Tourism Research (ICPTR).  Dr. Moufakkir and Sandy have worked for many years together on Peace initiatives. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr Omar Moufakkir to TravelTalkMEDIA’s advisory board for a number of projects we are working on including our First Ladies of the World initiatives.  Continued


Cruise Safety Act Navigates Congress
Ken Carver, President of the International Cruise Victims Association

Since our last conversation with Ken (Transcripts Available 
HERE), the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2009 has been making its way through US Senate and Congressional committees. The legislation is even receiving a solid push from the cruise industry itself. We get an update on the progress of the bill and the surprising plea from the cruise line industry to a US Senator to stop blocking progress on this legislation. As always, Ken is a marvelous guest with great insight into the cruise victims and their long journey to justice. Continued


All the Way to Reno

Lisa Simon, President of the National Tour Association in Lexington, Kentucky

The National Tour Association has been carefully listening to its members and has found some great ways to improve the NTA’s Annual Convention including the enhanced Destination Pavilion. Tour operators can now shop for the travel products and services they seek on a regional basis. Find out how being in Reno, Nevada Nov 14-18 can help you work smarter and improve your bottom line. Continued


Passion Play of the Decade

David Costabile, Associate Director of International Product Development for Collette Vacations

Besieged by war and plague, in 1633 the people of Oberammergau, in southern Germany promised that
if God would spare their Bavarian village, they would
devote a year of their lives to re-enacting the life, death and resurrection of Christ. The result is The Passion Play, a once in a decade event that perhaps may be grandest theatre performance ever created. Highly recommended in 2010!


Keys of Gold at 50th and Lex

Peter Johnson, Les Clefs d'Or Concierge for the Kimberly Hotel in New York City

Les Clefs d'Or (the Keys of Gold) is an exclusive international organization of world class concierge.
They work together to arrange for the needs of their guests anywhere, anytime.
At 50th and Lexington
in the heart of Manhattan is a great hotel called the Kimberly. Meet the chief concierge at the Kimberly, Peter Johnson. He’s a member of Les Clefs d’Or and he holds the keys of gold to the Big Apple.



It’s a Wrap

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

Sandy and Patrick wrap up with their favorite segment picks, a bit more about the upcoming launch of BusinessTravelRADIO.com and the latest on our new TravelTalkMEDIA studios in San Francisco.


This coming week we will be producing programming from our studios. Have questions, some suggestions? We're here!

Have a great week and remember, please keep those seat belts on, they do save lives.

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Executive Producer and Host



By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thome
Uganda, Africa
Following the birth a few months ago of 'little Obama', the first rhino born in Uganda for about 30 years, good news just emerged from the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, when the Chairman of the Rhino Fund Uganda, Dirk ten Brink, informed this correspondent of the second birth on the 07th of October,

Big news for Rhino enthusiast in East Africa.
Second rhino born in captivity!

this time from Bella'. Bella comes originally from the Solio Sanctuary in Central Kenya near Nyeri, and is now 10 years old. There are now 6 adult rhinos, three males and three females on the 17.000 acre sanctuary and of course the two young ones Continued:

Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center
On the Potomac in Maryland

MONG'WE Travel and Tour, STI-Middle East, Collette Vacations,
National Tour Association and CREST.
Stay tuned, you will hear more about these great organizations in the upcoming week and beyond!

Next week on TravelTalkRADIO Sandy
talks to Martin Warioba owner of Omong'We

Omong'we Offers "Best of Tanzania" travel packages

Coming to Jordan on
business or leisure?
Let STI Middle East
manage your trip from
arrival to departure.

This Week meet David Costabile from Collette Vacations on TravelTalkRADIO

We also welcome the National Tour Association onboard
and we talk with NTA's President, Lisa Simon
on TravelTalkRADIO this week.

TravelTalkRADIO will be
broadcasting in Reno this Nov
at the annual NTA Conference

The Center for Responsible Travel
Conference in Jan at Stanford University

BusinessTravelRADIO with Sandy Dhuyvetter coming to wsRadio
this month!

 International Cruise Victims

President K. Carver on TravelTalkRADIO this week.

The Travel Magazine
on Africa

Voodoo Experience this week on TravelTalkRADIO

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Transcripts of interview with Author Rick Antonson
about his book To Timbuktu for a Hair Cut.

We welcome our
sponsors of the
First Ladies of the
World Series.

Take a look at 2 minute promo.
is pleased to be
launching the
First Ladies of the World
series celebrating women, tourism and business development in emerging countries around the world.

Tourism and Peace is broad in scope and deals with many factors relating to peace, such as appropriate planning, international cooperation, peace through tourism, tourism for peace, tourism in conflict-ridden areas, avoiding potential negative impacts of tourism

The goal of The Journal of Tourism
and Peace Research is to provide a peer-reviewed forum for the study and discussion of tourism and peace issues
in tourism and tourism-related areas of leisure, recreation and hospitality studies.
The realities of the 21st Century, including globalization, the EU enlargement, immigration, terrorism, home-grown terror, made and natural catastrophes, conflicts, stereotypes, perceptions, and rising poverty, necessitate a closer look at
the role of tourism.

TravelTalkRADIO October 04, 2009
Joining Sandy last week on TravelTalkRADIO were Samantha Taylor, Founder of Reputation Dynamics, Barbara Hochstellar, Airport Designer, Yusuf Reja, Founder and CEO of ZebraJobs.com, Obinna Ekezie, President of Wakanow.com, Tim McCoy, VP Member Services of The Corporate Council on Africa, and George Aboagye, CEO Ghana Investment Promotion Center
For more information on last week's program Click HERE.

From Washington DC at The Corporate Council on Africa US-Africa Business Summit.

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