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Sunday October 04, 2009
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Joining Sandy this week on TravelTalkRADIO are Samantha Taylor, Founder of Reputation Dynamics, Barbara Hochstellar, Airport Designer, Yusuf Reja, Founder and CEO of ZebraJobs.com, Obinna Ekezie, President of Wakanow.com, Tim McCoy, VP Member Services of The Corporate Council on Africa, and George Aboagye, CEO Ghana Investment Promotion Center - For more information on this week's program Click HERE.

Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

Hello and greetings from Washington, DC as we celebrate at the US - Africa Business Summit organized by The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA). Industries from across the board were represented by attendees coming together for three days  to educate, network and do business.

US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton made a personal appearance and impressed the delegates this week with her passion and commitment to the growth of Africa.
Click on the photo to see the video
of her presentation.

Many of the attendees I spoke to thought of this event as a wake up call to US investors and business who want to expand into Africa. China, Israel, Portugal and many other countries are no strangers in Africa and have already shown great commitment to the continent.

One of the key factors to the successful economic growth in Africa is safety in the skies.  Kevin Sample from the US Department of Transportation reported that Africa represents 3% of all airline departures and 13% of all airline accidents.  The US Department of Transportation under the Clinton administration developed a program called Safe Skies for Africa.  Today, there are 23 countries in Africa who are committed to this program that combine standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the US Transportation Security Administration

(TSA). A common thread at the summit was that Ethiopian Airlines is the leading carrier operating domestically and internationally in Africa.

Throughout the next few months we will explore doing business in Africa across the many sectors that were highlighted this week at the CCA event.

And now for this week's line-up!
This week we will introduce you to 6 attendees who will share with us the trends and futures of Africa and US business.

When you click onto the 'Continued' link you will be transferred to this week's program page where you will find additional links, photos and the archives will be available directly after the broadcast.

Conscious Commerce
Samantha Taylor, Principal and Founder of Reputation Dynamics
These days, consumers want a strong moral connection with their favorite brands. They are insistent that the corporations they buy from be more accountable with respect to social and environmental issues on both a continental and global basis. In Africa, these issues include climate change, poverty and AIDS. Find out how "conscious commerce" is playing a pivotal role in the rise of corporate social responsibility. Continued

Airport Culture
Barbara Hochsteller, Airport Designer
Explore a design philosophy of creating airport terminals that express the culture of the surrounding region in architecture, construction materials, interior design and art work. And then you've got to consider traffic, security, accessibility, aircraft handling, services, retail, communications, maintenance, durability, ease of transit, and so much more. An extreme right brain-left brain challenge. Continued

Jobs: A to Zebra
Yusuf Reja, Founder and CEO of ZebraJobs.com
Focused on US companies doing business on the African Continent, ZebraJobs matches skilled personnel and career professionals with projects ranging from relief efforts to major infrastructure build outs. Want to work in Africa? If you've got the stripes of experience on your sleeves, show'em off at ZebraJobs.com  Continued

Searching Africa
Obinna Ekezie, President of Wakanow.com
What do a former professional basketball player from Nigeria and a new search and booking engine have in common? Meet 6'10" Obinna Ekezie who introduces us to Wakanow, Africa's number one travel site. Moving about the Big Continent has never been easier thanks to this industry giant. Continued

The Last Great Frontier
Tim McCoy, Vice President of Member Services for The Corporate Council on Africa
Travel and tourism is among the seven major industry sectors that are the focus of the bi-annual US-Africa Business Summit held earlier this month in Washington, DC. Find out why many folks think that Africa's time is now and believe it to be the last great frontier for business and investment. Continued

Act of Parliament
George Aboagye, CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center
Created by an act of the Parliament of Ghana, the mission of the GIPC is to promote investment from without and within this western Africa nation across eight industry sectors including tourism. Ghana is considered one of America’s best friends in this part of the world. It has been called a small outpost of stability, democracy and civil society in an often-volatile region and was the first Sub-Saharan African country President Obama visited after taking office. Continued

Check out TravelTalkRADIO in Ghana

Can you believe this incredible view over the Potomac looking towards the Nation's Capital with the Washington Monument on the distant horizon? It is the view from the Gaylord National Harbor. I actually love staying at the Gaylord where I can escape into a resort environment and enjoy a few hours of luxury and solitude. The property is about 20 minutes from downtown DC. If you would like to see some photos of the property you will find them in our
SmugMug gallery of photos HERE.

Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center
On the Potomac in Maryland

That's it for this week's program! Please come to the programming page for more information and the link to listen to the show!

Have a great week and remember, please keep those seat belts on, they do save lives.

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Executive Producer and Host



Need a Ride?

It's always fun to find a deserving person who could use a little visibility. James took exceptional care of me while I stayed at the Gaylord National Harbor. He truly is a 'star' and I would highly recommend using him while in DC. His customer care is what sets him apart. I hope you give him a call next time you are in DC and need a ride. +1-240-508-6809
Thank you James!

The Center for Responsible Travel
Conference in January at Stanford University

OMONG'WE Travel and Tour, STI-Middle East, Collette Vacations,
National Tour Association and CREST.
Stay tuned, you will hear more about these great organizations in the upcoming week and beyond!

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Last Week Dan Sullivan on TravelTalkRADIO

We also welcome the National Tour Association onboard,
and we welcome President of NTA, Lisa Simon to TravelTalkRADIO next week.

TravelTalkRADIO will be
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at the annual NTA Conference

 International Cruise Victims

The Travel Magazine
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                      NEXT WEEK

Dr Omar Moufakkir at Stenden University  in Leeuwarden, Netherlands will join Sandy next week to discuss the ICPTR

Tourism and Peace is broad in scope and deals with many factors relating to peace, such as appropriate planning, international cooperation, peace through tourism, tourism for peace, tourism in conflict-ridden areas, avoiding potential negative impacts of tourism

The goal of The Journal of Tourism
and Peace Research is to provide a peer-reviewed forum for the study and discussion of tourism and peace issues
in tourism and tourism-related areas of leisure, recreation and hospitality studies.
The realities of the 21st Century, including globalization, the EU enlargement, immigration, terrorism, home-grown terror, made and natural catastrophes, conflicts, stereotypes, perceptions, and rising poverty, necessitate a closer look at
the role of tourism.

World Class
Hospitality University

Campuses located within and
outside the Netherlands.

TravelTalkRADIO September 27, 2009
Joining Sandy last week were guests
Jorge Castillo, Director of Business Development and Marketing for Passport Health, Rob Greyber, President of Egencia.com, Dian Holland, Business Development Manager – West Coast USA, Jamaica Tourist Board, Dan Sullivan, President and CEO of Collette Vacations, Greg Baxter, District Sales Manager for SuperClubs and Carol Fox, Business Development Manager for GOGO Worldwide Vacations.

For more info about this week's program, Click HERE.

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