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Sunday November 29, 2009


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November 29,  2009 - This week on TravelTalkRADIO we connect you to the Experts!  Sunday 9 - 11AM Pacific Time Archives available after programming.

Joining Sandy this week are guests Peter Tarlow, President of Tourism & More/Student Safety Abroad, Greg Baxter, District Sales Manager for Breezes Resorts, Martin Warioba, Founder of Omong'we Travel & Tours in Tanzania, Africa, Paula Savage, Director of Tourism Sales for Visit Rochester, New York, Oralena Valero, Station Manager and Program Director of Trinity Broadcasting of Arizona, Karl Bushong (Jesus) and Michael Job of the Holy Land Experience Theme Park in Orlando, Florida, Glenn Carano, Director of Marketing for the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada, and Catherine Greteman, Chairman and CEO of the National Tour Association.

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Sandy broadcast this week from the NTA Conference
in Reno, Nevada.

Thank you for joining us this week.

This is the week when Americans take a break to spend quality time with family and friends and celebrate Thanksgiving. Our family, too, had a most wonderful holiday as we took a short trip to Salinas, California near the Monterrey coast,  to spend the day with Patrick's sister Mary and her family. From the time we arrived until we left, we shared the tradition of thoughtfully prepared food, delicious beverages (including our nephew's Fiddletown Cellars Zinfindel) and many stories tying all of us together for another memorable Thanksgiving. It was the essence of Thanksgiving with Mary's house decorated beautifully and her table set for royalty.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day with our children Eric and Michaella near
Monterey, California.

Last year was certainly memorable, too, as we shared the feast with our American Tribal Council friends in San Francisco and probably one of our most memorable Thanksgivings abroad was in Shanghai when we stopped to have an American style Thanksgiving at TGIF's.  It turned out to be a vortex of Americans gathering and hungry for the traditional Thanksgiving trimmings.

On the road during the American holidays can be the loneliest, yet the most enriching part of travel. We salute the business traveler, the Road Warriors', who are away from their families. We are thankful for the infrastructure they have built allowing leisure travelers to enjoy incredible resources and destinations.

We continue to salute the business traveler in our new radio program called BusinessTravelRADIO. I hope you will join us on our new time on Friday mornings at 11AM Eastern for the live broadcast. For listening on demand, the archives are up directly after the programming.

This week's programming is a combination of work we produced while in Reno at the National Tour Association and in our studios in the Bay Area.  I hope you will find the conversations stimulating and informative.

Shalom Y’All

Peter Tarlow, President of Tourism & More/Student Safety Abroad

Our favorite rabbi and world-renowned travel and tourism security, safety and risk management expert joins us to discuss the concept of surety and why it should be a crucial goal of every destination and attraction. We’ll also talk speak Hebrew with a Texan drawl. Continued


Shootin’ the Breeze About All-Inclusives
Greg Baxter, District Sales Manager for Breezes Resorts

Get a great rundown on some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world. Whether you are a single or a couple or a whole family with kids, you’ll find a perfect place where you can totally relax (and we mean TOTALLY!) and find your place in the sun.  Continued

World Cup Runneth Over
Martin Warioba, Founder of Omong'we Travel & Tours in Tanzania, Africa

Our pick for the ultimate African itinerary in the coming year: First, attend the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Then, a short flight to Tanzania for a few days on photo safari in the Serengeti. Finish up with a relaxing stay on the white sand beaches of the spice island of Zanzibar just off the coast. Sound perfect? You’ll need a really good tour operator that can arrange all this! Continued


Future So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!

Paula Savage, Director of Tourism Sales for Visit Rochester, New York

Hear how one community has embraced the concept of youth travel and created a catalog with over 50 education and curricula-based offerings to attract student groups both nationally and internationally. Student travel is proving to be not just resilient, but a dynamic tourism growth area for this Upstate New York region. Continued

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Surf and Safari Packages!

Time Machine to the Holy Land

Oralena Valero, Station Manager and Program Director of Trinity Broadcasting of Arizona, Karl Bushong (Jesus) and Michael Job of the Holy Land Experience Theme Park in Orlando, Florida

Among the 100+ attractions in Orlando is one devoted to recreating a trip back in time to the biblical era of Jesus Christ. Imagine walking the streets of Jerusalem with the Son of God, his disciples and his adversaries, all without ever leaving US soil. In tough economic times, many people and their families seek affordable alternatives for experiencing and attaining spiritual fulfillment. Religious travel remains one of the most resilient sectors of the tourism industry. Continued


Nevada Legacy

Glenn Carano, Director of Marketing for the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada

Running a hotel and casino complex that includes the tallest building in Reno, Nevada (42 floors), covers two city blocks, and also features the largest composite dome in the world is no simple task. Somehow this former NFL football pro makes it all look easy. Oh, and then there is the family’s huge must-see winery and vineyard ranches in Northern California to consider. This is one busy guy with a rich family legacy and great story. Continued



Catherine Greteman, Chairman and CEO of the National Tour Association

Hailing from Carroll, Iowa, this bright and personable lady and her husband have built a group travel and tourism powerhouse that now includes 44 motorcoaches serving the Midwestern US region. Even her four adult children have joined in the enterprise and taken up the cause. We think you’ll see why this dynamo (or is it dynama) is the perfect pick to take over the helm of the National Tour Association for 2010. Continued

Two weeks ago, we launched our RSS Newsfeed offering up-to-the-minute business travel news from around the world. The daily newsfeed is available at the BusinessTravelRADIO site.  If you have news, please send your information to programming@traveltalkmedia.com.

Have a great week and remember, travel light and stay healthy!

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Executive Producer and Host



This week on TravelTalkRADIO
Sandy talks to Martin Warioba

Owner of Omong'We

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World Cup Packages!
Surf and Safari Packages!

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Your Three Favorite Interviews in the last 30 Days

Oberammergau, Germany
November 08, 2009

We introduced you to Frederick Mayet, the man selected to play the role of Jesus Christ in the once-every-decade presentation of the Passion Play. Beginning in 1634, this is the only Passion Play to have survived over the centuries.

Many view this as the greatest outdoor theatrical performance in the world “Mary Magdalene” also joining us to provide some great background on this must-see, once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. Continued

Call Collette Vacations to book your trip to Oberammergau or anywhere! Or call your travel agent.

November 22, 2009
Dr. Khouloud Daibes
, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Palestine National Authority

Bethlehem: Birthplace of both David, the second king of Israel, and Jesus Christ. Here you will find one of the largest Christian communities in the Holy Lands. This iconic place is just one of the many religious, archeological and cultural treasures of Palestine. Join

Sandy and H. E. Kouloud Daibes

us to take a closer look at this small country located squarely in the cradle of civilization and on the crossroads of three continents. It was here that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all took form. Holy Land, indeed. Continued

September 13, 2009

Mona Naffa, Founder and Director of Society of Tourism International - Middle East (STI-ME.com)
A Jordanian-Californian Living in Amman offers travel solutions for Business and Leisure.
Mona Naffa was born in Southern California to Jordanian parents (a beauty queen and a history professor – but that’s another story). As a young woman, Mona fell in love with and married a Jordanian tourism executive and returned with him to live in Amman. There she created a company specializing in providing customized services to individual travelers coming to Jordan. Recently, her company joined forces with Expedia to offer even more complete tourism and travel services within this incredible country. Listen in to find out more about why you should visit Jordan and why the Dead Sea is one of Mona’s very favorite places in the world. Continued


Famous Chinese Ice Carvers come to Washington DC to
create Winter wonderland at Gaylord National.


Rohit Talwar,
CEO of Fast Future


Andy Uhlig,
Director Business Development for 
ITI Marketing


Tanni Kuo,
Vice President and Founder,
Info Tree Inc.


Dr. Peter Tarlow,
President and Founder of Tourism and More

Next week, Stephen Hayes, President of the Corporate Council on Africa joins Sandy on BusinessTravelRADIO
to talk about the Africa infrastructure conference in April 2010 in Washington DC.

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Controversies in Tourism

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November 22,  2009 - Last  week on TravelTalkRADIO we connect you to the Experts!  Sunday mornings from 9 - 11AM Pacific Time.

Joining Sandy this week as guests were Ron Peck, President and COO of the Alaska Tourism Industry Association, Ellen Oppenheim, President and CEO of the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority, Dr. Khouloud Daibes, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Palestine National Authority, Lance Parrish, Hotel Manager at Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, Kaliba Senghoe, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism for The Gambia, Jim Santini, Legislative Counsel on Governmental Issues for the National Tour Association, and United States Senator Mark Begich, D-Alaska Click HERE for more information on the program.

Click HERE for more information on the program.

Sandy broadcast this week from the NTA Conference in Reno, Nevada.


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