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November 16, 2008

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Walid Ekram, Certified Egyptologist and Professional Tour Guide
Walid's Interview Click HERE

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Sandy and Sayed Khalifa,
Director for the
USA and Latin America
Egyptian Tourism Authority
Interview on TravelTalkRADIO
August 31, 2008

CLICK HERE to listen.


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Our special guests this week include Bruce Beckham, Executive Director of Tourism Cares, Edward Bergman, Executive Director of the Africa Travel Association, Harry Rutstein, Author
of The Marco Polo Oddessey, Peter Pantuso, CEO of the American Bus Association, and
Adam Boalt,
Founder of Rush My Passport.   CLICK HERE for more info.

Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter.
This week we are excited about connecting you to an array of International travel experts. We will be joined by our experts in "Voluntourism" and travels throughout Africa. And we will thank the American Tourism Society for the great job they did by walking their talk by bringing the world together in Egypt these past two weeks. It was a memorable trip and one you will continue to hear more about in the future.

I hope you take advantage of our Web site to find experts and news in global travel. Our weekly radio shows are always archived directly after each broadcast. So, come by our site any time to find the latest news and have some fun learning, too.

One of the latest trends and a story we are hearing around the world is the resurgence of the motorcoach as a preferred means of business transport, vacation vehicle and group tour partner.

The motorcoach industry is more organized than ever and is offering some of the best products, services and experiences for today's travelers. The resurgence is riding on the heels and toes of everything sacred to mankind including conservation, economics and well-being. Some people call it luck, we prefer to say, 'finally, opportunity meets preparedness.'

The motorcoach industry has been like an annoying  little sister to every other transportation system. It was never respected or considered  to be glamorous.

Times are changing! There is no doubt that  the tenacity and the determination of the motorcoach industry to make itself relevant is paying off. The future looks very bright.

The American Bus Association is preparing for another banner year at their annual Marketplace in Charlotte, North Carolina, January 7-12, 2009. They will welcome thousands of specialists to do some serious business during long work days of face to face meetings. By night, attendees will experience Charlotte the only way Marketplace can offer; over the top!  During this week, attendee will work hard, play hard and create new deals and packages for upcoming seasons.

ABA launched the Top 100 program in 1982 to help motorcoach and tour operators plan itineraries. Present day, big events are welcomed to compete for the coveted annual Top 100 Events  awards.  Motorcoaches are equipped with today's hottest technologies from WiFi to satellite TV. Personal service including attendants, refreshments on board and even program flexibility are the new mantra of luxury touring. The European style motorcoach offers the ultimate vantage point for sightseeing. It is also the best buy for value and the greenest of all transport vehicles in the industry. OK! I guess the ole' donkey is the most green, and we don't need to take a look at his intake and output to make sure.

This week, we'll learn that new data supports the fact that the motorcoach gets 226 miles per gallon per person per coach. In 2007 it was estimated to be about 180 miles per gallon per person. That is some serious consideration!.

This week we will also take a look at  an old  travel problem with an innovative solution and a click of a  mouse.

We are introducing a new company that will become your BFF (best friend forever). They became my best friend about 6 weeks ago when I checked my passport and realized there was no way I could travel the next several months with six empty pages staring at me. I connected with and I never lost a moment of sleep. They convinced me by their attention to detail which included getting me a point person immediately. We then set ourselves up with email, phone availability and weekend service until my new passport arrived 4 days later.

Oh by the way, I had to get another photo, we sent in a photo with visa not passport specs!  My RushMyPassport contact assured me we could still make deadline and yes we did with hours to go. If only my father could have witnessed this last minute rush with a flurry of activity, he would have said with the cutest grin and in his familiar Belgian-American accent, "Sandy Sandy Sandy".

Enjoy the show and let us know what's on your mind!

Safe Travels,

Sandy Dhuyvetter


Our Eye on the First Africa Peace Caravan
November 15, 2008

TravelTalkMEDIA continues its coverage of the Africa Peace Caravan. The organizer, Mr. Ali Liaquat checked in with Sandy early this morning to report that the caravan departed the Impala Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania this week. The departure signifies the official start of the Africa Peace Caravan. Arusha was the location of the last Africa Travel Association meeting held in May of 2008.

Arriving in Nairobi, Ali tells Sandy, "We had our first real mechanical breakdown (the clutch cable) but fortunately, we have a mechanic on the team!"

We will continue our coverage of the Africa Peace Caravan and its journey to Cairo and the 34th Annual Congress of the Africa Travel Association.

Africa Peace Caravan and TravelTalkMEDIA welcome Ethiopian Airlines as a sponsor of the journey.

Ethiopian Airlines has always been our recommended airline to Africa and we are excited they are joining us to help make the Africa Peace Caravan a success.

Ethiopian Airlines is celebrating 62 years
in the business this year.

We salute them for their
continued generosity
to the communities they serve.
Gobena Mikael of Ethiopian Airlines
visits with Sandy and talks
about affordable Africa
on TravelTalkRADIO August 10, 2008.

Listen to Interview HERE

Africa Travel Association
is inspiration of Africa Peace Caravan.

Photo by Ali Liaquat of the plaque in the
Impala Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania.

The departure from Arusha
signifies the official start
of the Africa Peace Caravan.

Like an Olympic Torch, the Africa Peace Caravan bus will travel across the African continent carrying the Peace Flag.

Photo to right: Ali Liaquat visiting a Tanzanian
while in

This week was the first breakdown!

New cables and away they go!


The Belamar Hotel
M A N H A T T A N   B E A C H
Like the Kimberly Hotel in NYC,
the Belamar Hotel offers
its guests a sanctuary away from home.
The Belamar is a modern Los Angeles
experience with service and
care second to no one..


This coming week, Sandy will be broadcasting from
Los Angeles at the enchanting Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach.
Meet Chef Vania next week as Sandy talks to this culinary master about her fabulous
restaurant at the Second Story Eat and Drink at the Belamar Hotel


Last Week's Guests, Sunday November 09, 2008
Our guests include Ahmed El Wassief, President of Wings Tours & Nile Cruises,
John Johnson
, NY Director of TravelTalkMEDIA Magdy A. Keryakos, Vice President of Marketing for Wings Tours & Nile Cruises, and Tour Guide Walid Ekram Helmy.
CLICK HERE to listen and learn more information on this program.

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