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Sunday November 15, 2009
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November 15,  2009 - This week on TravelTalkRADIO we connect you to the Experts!  Sunday mornings from 9 - 11AM Pacific Time.

Joining Sandy this week as guests are Jeffrey C. Bauer, Ph.D., Partner - Management Consulting - Futures Practice, ACS Healthcare Solutions, John Issa, Founder and Chairman of  SuperClubs’ Breezes Resorts, Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future, Melissa Snape, Vice President of Product & Strategy for Collette Vacations, and Gary Solomon, President and Executive Producer of Solomon Group Entertainment.

Click HERE for more information on the program.

Thank you for joining us this week.
All the Way to Reno, is our theme song today as we head out to participate in the National Tour Association's annual conference held in conjunction with the World Religious Travel Assn annual exhibit starting Nov 14 through the 18th. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did producing it.

Our guests this week include;

Prognosis for Medical Travel

Jeffrey C. Bauer, Ph.D., Partner - Management Consulting - Futures Practice, ACS Healthcare Solutions

A noted futurist and reality-based economist shares his insight on where the medical travel industry is now and where it’s headed next. Hospital management and certification are just a few of some very hot topics popping up in this field. Continued

Inventing All-Inclusive Vacations
Truly a cashless vacation!
John Issa
, Founder and Chairman of SuperClubs’ Breezes Resorts

No one is absolutely sure who came up with the concept of the all-inclusive vacation, but we think we have a pretty good idea who had it right first. John

Issa’s recent brand expansion of his Breezes Resorts family and the launch of two new resorts in Panama and Brazil are just a few more facts suggesting that this hotelier is one super entrepreneur. Continued


Sensing the Future

Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future

Another futurist joins us to talk about the next big things we can expect to see develop in the world of travel and tourism. We love his positive, yet reasoned, outlook! Continued


Maybe the World’s Greatest Job

Melissa Snape, Vice President of Product & Strategy for Collette Vacations

What if your job was to travel the world, exploring exciting foreign destinations, sampling and rating an entire cornucopia of travel products and services all so you could design the world’s best tour packages? That’s exactly what Melissa Snape does for Collette Vacations. Check this out! Continued


Experiential War Museum

Gary Solomon, President and Executive Producer of Solomon Group Entertainment

More than just a reflection back on WWII, this new museum in New Orleans, Louisiana presents an interactive, experiential look into the lives of the people who worked, loved and fought during the course of the world’s greatest conflict. The man responsible for the design of this extraordinary new museum wing is a fresh, young genius bursting upon the NOLA scene. Continued

It's a Wrap!
Join me as we close up the show! Continued

Have a great week and remember, please keep those seat belts on, they do save lives.

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Executive Producer and Host


Famous Chinese Ice Carvers come to Whttp://www.gaylordhotels.com/gaylord-national/ashington DC to
create Winter wonderland at Gaylord National.

Launches Daily  Newsfeed.

Our new program called BusinessTravelRADIO

is off and running as of mid-October. The program is broadcast on Saturday's at noon Eastern Time.

This week we launched our RSS Newsfeed offering up- to-the-minute business travel news from around the world. The daily newsfeed is available at the BusinessTravelRADIO site.

The archives from yesterday's program on BusinessTravelRADIO Web site Check it out!

BusinessTravelRADIO has made its debut on wsRadio network this past month. We are excited as it separates our efforts to offer two distinct pieces of information and education for business and and leisure travel.

BusinessTravelRADIO serves the travel manager and celebrates the Road Warrior. Join me on Saturday at 9AM Pacific Time and Noon Eastern Time. Click HERE to see the program page. This week's guests are dynamic and thought provoking. Check it out the Archives!

Chris Lopinto
Co-founder of Expert Travel Services
Ralph A. Kaiser
President, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Universal Air Travel Plan UATP

Manny C. Menendez III
Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

TravelTalkMEDIA welcomes
MONG'WE Travel and Tour, STI-Middle East, Collette Vacations,
National Tour Association and CREST to it family of products and services.

 TravelTalkRADIO Sandy
talks to Martin Warioba

owner of Omong'We

Omong'we Offers
"Best of Tanzania" travel packages

TravelTalkMEDIA is a
Member of the

John Bullard, Director of the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA). This week! Check out the programming page.

Sandy and Patrick leave for Reno this weekend's NTA Conference. TravelTalkRADIO will be
broadcasting in Reno.

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The Travel Magazine
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The Center for Responsible Travel
Conference in Jan at Stanford University

Great Idea and Fun Giveaway

Frederick Mayet and Eva Maria Reiser, “Jesus and Mary Magdalene” of the 2010 Oberammergau Passion Play

Call Collette Vacations to book your trip to Oberammergau, or call your travel agent.

Last Week on TravelTalkRADIO - November 08, 2009
week on TravelTalkRADIO, we took you to Southern California to meet Frederick Mayet, the man selected to play the role of Jesus Christ in the once-every-decade presentation of the Passion Play. “Mary Magdalene” played by Eva Maria Reiser also joined us to provide some great background on this must-see, once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. We also recommend last week's newsletter for additional information.

Joining Sandy last week were guests, Frederick Mayet and Eva-Maria Reiser, “Jesus and Mary Magdalene” of the 2010 Oberammergau Passion Play, Vince Trotter, District Sales Manager for Collette Vacations, John Bullard, Director of the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), Lord John Laird of Artigarvan, Member of Parliament in the UK, and Sam James, Vice President of Operations for Breezes Resorts, Eastern Jamaica.

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