November 09, 2008

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"It was a delight to be interviewed by Sandy on TravelTalkRADIO regarding my book 'Old London Bridge' on the history of the longest inhabited bridge in Europe. Sandy makes it so easy for California, England and Canada (I'm a Canadian living in England) to link up."

Patricia Pierce, Author, Old London Bridge


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NOVEMBER 09, 2008


Our guests include Ahmed El Wassief, President of Wings Tours & Nile Cruises, John Johnson, NY Director of TravelTalkMEDIA Magdy A. Keryakos, Vice President of Marketing for Wings Tours & Nile Cruises, and Tour Guide Walid Ekram Helmy. CLICK HERE to get more information on this program.

This week join us as we discover Egypt with the Wings Group on the Nile River on their newly remodeled cruise ship, the Tamr Henna                       

Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

October has been a whirlwind with travels to South Korea, Holland and Egypt. Coming back into New York City this week, we settled in at the Kimberly Hotel,
our home away from home in midtown Manhattan.

John Johnson, our East Coast Director, joined us to spent a few days in meetings with the Africa Travel Association, Japan National Tourism Organization, the Egyptian Tourism Authority and Tunisia's Cultural Center, all in the heart of New York City.


American Tourism Society attendees enjoy the inaugural cruise
of the newly remodeled Tamr Henna.

We even squeezed in a few minutes with Karen Hoffman from our PR firm, the Bradford  Group in Mahattan. The Bradford  team has successfully informed travelers with promotions of the best services and destinations in the world for more than three decades. Their passion is evident in everything they do.

As we lifted off from JFK in NYC, we could see the spectacular foliage looking like eye candy from our vantage in the sky. Arriving back into Southern California, we find signs of fall and winter as the bright shades of green have turned to browns and oranges. Autumn is truly a beautiful time of year.

Looking into the near future, we will be spending Thanksgiving in San Francisco with friends from several American Indian Tribes. We are honored and excited to have our first celebration with the descendants of
 the very cultures that began the American Thanksgiving  dinner tradition.

We hope this week's TravelTalkRADIO will entice you and remind you that the doors to Egypt are open and welcoming. It is an honor and a true thrill to again travel to one of the most precious and well preserved destinations in the world. With the help of the Wings Group, we saw, touched and experienced Egypt in a very special way. Their dedication to their client's enjoyment and needs was felt the entire time we were in Egypt. From luggage handling and group ticketing, to tours, food, private docks and accommodations, the attention to detail was superb.

As we always suggest, please use our Web site to reach the expert in tour and travel and see and listen to their recommendations. And finally, take your findings to a tour operator or travel agent as you finalize your plans to discover this beautiful world.

Enjoy a few TravelTalkMEDIA photos of our trip and if you have any questions, I do promise to answer all my email.
 Safe travels,

Sandy Dhuyvetter


Short video on Egypt

ATS members wave bon voyage  on Wings Group newly remodeled Tamr Henna cruise ship on the Nile.

Abu Simbel Temple was moved by UNESCO to dry ground in the 1960's at a cost of over $45M USD.

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This week we attended the American Tourism Society' s (ATS) fall meeting in Cairo, Egypt. After 4 days of meetings we took Egypt Air to Aswan and cruised the Nile River on the newly remodeled Tamr Henna. As you can see we combined our business meeting with an extraordinary travel experience.

Above photo from left to right: Walk like an Egyptian
Rudomina, Polish National Tourist Office,
Donna Flora, American Express Travel, Sandy Dhuyvetter, TravelTalkMEDIA and
Kathy Ellison, Ellison Travel in Canada.

Entertainer Hassan Saber Hassan and his troupe performed a lively and comical show on our last night at the Ramses Hilton in Cairo.

The creativity in the galley matched the well prepared and delicious cuisine served on board the Tamr Henna.


TravelTalkMEDIA Announces Support for The First Africa Peace Caravan

We are announcing our support of  the First Africa Peace Caravan that has left Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi, on the 3rd of November 2008 with it's founder, Ali Liaquat and his team on board.

This weekend, the caravan arrived in Tanzania where the 2008 Africa Travel Association (ATA) Congress was held in May of 2008. The peace caravan is looking forward to a six month drive to their destination of Cairo, Egypt to attend the 34th Africa Travel Association Congress in May 2009.

The vision of the Africa Peace Caravan is to promote peace and freedom on the continent through an annual 4x4 trek across the African continent.

The idea of the Africa Peace Caravan came from the rotational hosting of the Africa Travel Association (ATA) Congress. The caravan will visit as many ATA member countries as possible on its way to Cairo. While on the road, the caravan will promote cross-cultural exchanges and freedom of movement within the African continent.

Ali Liaquat, the organizer of the iniative,  tells us it is going very well with the launch of their peace journey this past week. We will be introducing Mr. Liaquat to TravelTalkRADIO audiences in the near future.
So stay tuned!

Like an Olympic Torch, the Africa Peace Caravan buses will travel across the African continent carrying the Peace Flag.


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Las Vegas!


Video released last week by TravelTalkTV on the World Tourism & Investment Summit


Last Week's Guests, Sunday November 02, 2008

Our special guests last week were His Excellency Amr El Ezabi, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourist Authority, and Alex Harris, Founder and Honorary Chairman of the American Tourism Society and author of the recently released autobiography Breaking Borders. Click HERE to listen and learn more about the program.x

This Week's TravelTalkRADIO


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Sandy and Sayed Khalifa,
USA and Latin America
Director for the Egyptian Tourism Authority
Interview on TravelTalkRADIO August 31, 2008
CLICK HERE to listen.

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