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Sunday May 31, 2009
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Welcome to the TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

This week, we present to you a timely, entertaining and educational look at travel and lifestyle. Please join us for the live broadcast on Sunday, Noon to 2pm Eastern. Archives will be available directly after the broadcast and will continue to be accessed for at least one year.

Joining Sandy this week are guests Lisa Simon, CTP, President of the National Tour Association, Elius Ngereza, Managing Director of Wild Kingdom Safaris, Paul Motter, Editor of CruiseMates.com, Peter Gertler, Vice President and National Director of Public Transit Services and High Speed Rail Services Chair for HNTB Corporation, and Dr. Eva Mor, Author of popular lifestyle book: Making the Golden Years Golden.

 What a terrific week! The highlight had to be the divine meal with friends and colleagues in Del Mar, California at the new Bistro 39. Chef Larry DiFolco, a recent guest on TravelTalkRADIO, continued to charm us with his fusion of California ingredients with East Coast flavor, delicate sauces and artful presentations. If you are in or near San Diego, please stop by Bistro 39. It's a great choice for vegetarians, too!

We welcome a new Intern to TravelTalkMEDIA, Sabrina Reider. Sabrina is a wonderful  addition to our other stars like Julie Brady,
Eric Zmolek and Annabel DeTavernier. They all clearly understand the value and implementation of New Media. They also appreciate that travel creates harmony and understanding between cultures. I have known Sabrina for many years, and her enthusiasm and her work ethic will be tremendously appreciated. Great to have you on board, Sabrina!

Sandy with Executive
Chef Larry DiFolco
from Bistro 39 in Del Mar.

A taste of the show and what you can expect on this week's TravelTalkRADIO.

Acronym Soup
Lisa Simon, CTP, President of the National Tour Association
Collaboration and cooperation between the major tour and travel organizations of the world is not just a lofty concept. It’s something Lisa Simon is pursuing with a focused passion. Find our how the NTA (National Tour Association) is working with International organizations worldwide.

Amazing Tanzanian
Elius Ngereza, Managing Director of Wild Kingdom Safaris
Born in a Masai tribal village near Arusha, Tanzania, Elius Ngereza has risen to become one of Africa’s leading lawyers in issues involving wildlife and the environment. He’s also a enterprising and responsible businessman who truly believes in giving back to the community. But why does this man keep a broom in his office awaiting Sandy’s next trip to Tanzania? More on that story right here! Continued.

Cruise Victims: Real or Imagined?
Paul Motter, Editor of CruiseMates.com
In response to several recent appearances on TravelTalkRADIO by guests representing the International Cruise Victims Association, Paul Motter argues that the problem of crime on cruise ships is being “vastly overblown” and that there is no need for Congressional action. He’s also concerned that there “is no criteria at all” that folks who join the association actually be “cruise victims”. Hear ye, hear ye and you be the judge.
We have a transcript of our interview last week conversation with Ken Carver, President of the ICVA. Click HERE to read.

Train of Thought - TravelTalkRADIO's Energy2Travel weekly segment
Peter Gertler, Vice President and National Director of Public Transit Services and High Speed Rail Services Chair for HNTB Corporation
Learn the latest on the huge shift to high speed rail development occurring in the USA. From the standpoint of the environment, to the high cost and finite nature of petrol, to the economy, there seems to be an “aligning of the planets” to make the building of high speed rail infrastructure a reality in our lifetimes. In states like California, with a population expected to double in the next 20 years,
it won’t be a moment too soon.

Golden Years: Not Just Another David Bowie Song
Dr. Eva Mor, Author of popular lifestyle book: Making the Golden Years Golden
A much needed (and perhaps long overdue) primer for growing old successfully, this book should be required reading for anyone over 50. This book is includes everything from choosing retirement homes to medical travel. Continued.

Could  a Department of Travel and Tourism and a corresponding Secretary  position on the President's Cabinet ever become a reality in the United States?  Some are seeing the signs on the wall. Tourism is a huge economic engine representing billions and the Commerce subcommittee in US Senate agrees. Continued

We heard from our friends who publish the Uganda Tourism newsletter. There is a possibility that this might be their last newsletter. Please go and show your support for the continuation of the Uganda Tourism newsletter and visit their Web site and subscribe to their newsletter!! It is important to have travel and tourism news from every country. We are hopeful that the June issue will be delivered as usual!

Thank you for stopping and safe travels

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter

Executive Producer
Host TravelTalkMEDIA
Radio and TV and Web


Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA)

Bringing American style, value-oriented hotel brand management to North Africa.

Sandy and Sam Nhairy from Value Inn Worldwide give a toast of fresh orange juice in Marrakech, Morocco. Sam and Sandy are returning to Casablanca in June  to participate at the  meeting of the Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA). They will be presenting a comprehensive review of how to market to Americans affectively.

When in London

TravelTalkMEDIA is pleased to be launching the First Lady of the World  series celebrating women, tourism and business development in emerging countries around the world, continued

Next week meet
Christina Huo from

Last week, we welcomed into our family of sponsors Sunstone Health Club for Women for Women in London. Sunstone Health Club has become a sponsor of TravelTalkMEDIA's First Ladies of the World Project. We thank Sunstone for their participation and invite you to please take a closer look at these two terrific services.

AND If you go to China, don't leave home with out your ChinaOneCall, your personal interpreter while in China.  Next week we will be talking to Christine Huo from ChinaOneCall.  

Cruise Safety Legislation is in the United States Senate and House of Representatives

We continue to follow the story of cruise victims and their mission to protect cruise line passengers. It's all about passenger safety. We ask the experts in cruising, do we have a problem?  How do you feel about this issue? We want to know.

If you are citian of the United States and you want to support this legislation, we have provided links to letters that can be sent to your Senator and to your Congressman. Send the attached document to your Senator and Send this document to your Congressman.



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Next week meet Christina Huo from ChinaOneCall on TravelTalkRADIO!

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Last week May 24, 2009 on TravelTalkRADIO

Our guests last week included Dave Taghon, former Mayor of Empire Michigan, Patrick Peartree, TravelTalkMEDIA's West Coast Director, will gives us an account of the cross-country road trip he took with his Dad earlier this month, Ken Carver, President of the International Cruise Victims Association, returns to bring our audiences current regarding cruise safety legislation and Greg Baxter from Breezes comes by the studio to talk about new savings at the all inclusive resorts. Also joining us this week is Karen Schaler, Author of Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need To Go? and as our special guest on on our Energy2Travel segment, Fred Ferguson,  Inventor of the Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) and Founder and CTO of Magenn Power, Inc.  also joins us.
Click HERE for more information.

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