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Sunday May 17, 2009
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Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA's Newsletter

Joining us on TravelTalkRADIO this week are guests Carrie Kommers, Director of dineLA, Linda Profaizer, Pres and CEO of the National Assn of RV Parks & Campgrounds, Nancy Jones, a client of Wild Kingdom Safaris, Louis D'Amore, President of the International Institute For Peace Through Tourism, Dan Sullivan, President and CEO of Collette Vacations and John JohnsonEastern Director of TravelTalkMEDIA and Patrick Peartree will be there running the board! Check it out!

This week May 17, 2009
on TravelTalkRADIO

Thank you for joining us this week as we roll out our new look. It's like putting on a new suit, it feels good. And like my mom always said, if you are clean and well pressed you are ready to go. I hope you agree we are clean and well pressed with our new look.

This week, we present to you an entertaining and educational look at travel and lifestyle. Please join us for the live broadcast and the archives will be available directly after the programming.

Food Glorious Food
To Live and Dine
in LA is one of Carrie’s Kommer's favorite tunes and she’ll give us the low down on where you can find the best restaurants, brassieres, cafes and a myriad of other unclassifiable eateries in that eclectic village known as Los Angeles -

Go Camping
If you think that a yurt is just a small portion of yogurt, you might be missing out on one of the neatest pads you could possibly hang out in with friends and family.

Your Dream Trip to Africa Starts Right Here!
Wild Kingdom Safaris. You’ve just got to love the name. And you might even conjure up thoughts of Marlin Perkins or Jim Fowler as your guide across the plains of the Serengeti. Well, we found someone who has personally traveled through Tanzania as a client of Wild Kingdom Safaris Continued.

It's a Baby Girl!
We want to congratulate John Johnson our NYC director; he and Mikio have adopted a baby daughter, Lily Hannah Sakai-Johnson.

International Institute for Peace through Tourism
ust back from holding a workshop with Greek and Turk Cypriots on the Green Line in Nicosia, Cyprus. Louie D'Amore,
reports on the progress of achieving peace through tourism in this troubled country, divided North and South since 1974. Continued.

The Oldest and Biggest Tour Operator
Name the company that has the distinction of being the oldest tour operator in the US. Family owned and moving into it’s third generation

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Taiwan and China continue to extend the olive branch to each other creating a new phenomenon called “Chinese Taipei”

A New World Health Scenario—Let Taiwan Be Part of the Global Solution
Public health and medical experts in Taiwan have long dreamt of the day that Taiwan returns to the World Health Organization (WHO) to contribute directly and most effectively to the international health effort.

Now this dream has been realized, as Taiwan is to take part in the World Health Assembly as an observer under the name “Chinese Taipei,” striving alongside each nation in that world body to promote the health of people around the world. Continued.
Additional announcement from Taipei regarding the value of it's contribution to WHO.

Unwelcomed in Egypt - the Africa Peace Caravan continues its mission with passion.

After 10 months and 6 countries, the Africa Peace Caravan is now STALLED and has not allowed into Egypt for the past 18 days. The Egyptian government has told the organizers to park the 'truck' and take the train to Cairo. A letter from the organizer to the APC followers. For more info. Continued.

 It's all about passenger safety

We continue to follow the story of international cruise line victims and their mission to protect cruise line passengers. It's all about passenger safety. This is not a witch hunt, but rather calling for visibility to a grave problem that can be corrected.

If you live in the United States and you want to be heard on this matter, we have provided links to letters that can be sent to your Senator and to your Congressman. Send the attached document to your Senator and Send this document to your Congressman.

Check this service out!

For business or leisure
travel to China,
makes sense!

Sandy has accepted an invitation
to present to th
Association of Moroccan
Professionals in America (AMPA)
in Marrakech, this June 2009.
More information soon.

Celebrating Mother's Day by giving Momma Sandy a
day off!  Enjoy the 'best of'
This week's topics include: A Music History and New Orleans. Safaris in Africa and Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Medical Tourism in the USA on the upswing. Download your travel guidebooks. Click HERE to LISTEN!

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