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Sandy Dhuyvetter

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This Week's Guests on TravelTalkRADIO

From Top Left, Sandy Dhuyvetter, Teddy Garcia, Akel Biltaji, Dan Carter, Thomas Steinmetz, (undercover) HALO Agent, David Peckinpaugh, Susan Foster, Dr. Christie Reed and Patrick Peartree

Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA newsletter.

What a great week! I met over 200 experts from the International Facilities Managers Association this week. I was honored to serve as their keynote speaker at the San Diego chapter conference and trade fair. We covered everything in travel and tourism from security, trends, value and great tips and, of course my favorite, the impact of the convergence of media on the travel industry. It was reported this week by CNN that there were two and half million less viewers of television in the last two months than for this same time period last year. A major shift is and has been taking place. Conventional TV will always exist, but look out, because there is an onslaught of new delivery systems. Let's face it, we rely more and more on our online access, telephones and mp3 players for reliable information tailored to our needs.

The audience at
IFMA was great and we thank the Sand Diego chapter of the organization for the opportunity to tell the TravelTalkMEDIA story.

In just a few days I will be leaving for Kampala, Uganda where I will participate at the International Institute for Peace through Tourism. We will also be broadcasting live from Kampala and will include an exciting interview with Uganda's President, Yoweri Kaguta  Museveni.

At the same time, Patrick heads off to Virginia City, Nevada where he will participate in the annual Tourism Cares event where volunteers from the travel industry will refurbish, rebuild and renovate the little town that was once a vital silver mine and thriving city.

National Tourism Week May 12-20, 2007 
roadcast from Southern CALIFORNIA
This week during our live broadcast, we will explore CHINA, JORDAN, AFRICA, YOSEMITE and our home town, SAN DIEGO!
David Peckinpaugh,
President of the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau joins Sandy in the studio to celebrate National Tourism Week.
In order of appearance:

Sandy connects to the East Queen a cruise ship on the Yangtze River and  talks to Teddy Garcia! We'll find out how the landscape is forever being changed on the river and we'll also receive an invitation to join Teddy this fall
on the exciting Asia Getaway TripWe'll also discuss protecting humanitarian aid all over the world with HALO organization's Brad Barker. HALO stands for
Humanitarian Aide Logistics Operations.  Plus Smart Packing author, Susan Foster will join us to talk about making the most out of your luggage by packing SMART! "YOSEMITE DAN " (Dan Carter) will fill us in on the events and summer fun in the Yosemite Valley. Akel Biltaji, Senator and Advisor to King Abdullah II from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will join us to discuss Petra and its nomination to become the 8th wonder of the world. Long time contributor, Thomas Steinmetz from eTurboNEWS will also be joining Sandy to talk about the biggest news makers in travel this week. Dr. Christie Reed from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta will talk about the latest news from the CDC including the new book, CDC Health for International Travelers. And more news on the exciting Asia Getaway trip this autumn.

The show is about to begin, so please take your seats, fell free to multitask, sip a good cup of coffee or tea and we are on our way!

Safe travels and let us hear from you!

Sandy Dhuyvetter


TravelTalkMEDIA broadcasts
from Uganda May 20, 2007 at the at the International Institute for Peace through Tourism.

International Institute for Peace through Tourism.

Last week's show May 6, 2007

on TravelTalkRADIO / LIVE from
Southern California
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13 Days 11 nights in China
Trip of the Year 2007


Please note the scenery of the heart of the Yangtze - the area from the Three Gorges all the way upstream to Chongqing, will eventually be covered in water by the completion of the Three Gorges Dam, an integral part of the Three Gorges Project.  We will only be able to experience the original wonders of the Three Gorges by boat until 2007, when water will cover forever the sights we cherish today.  


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13 Days 11 nights in China
 (including a 4 day cruise on the
Yangtze River)

Trip of the Year 2007
"The Deluxe East Queen is the best value and best opportunity to see China in 2007". . . Sandy Dhuyvetter

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Week of May 20, 2007
Sandy travels to Uganda to the
International Institute for
Peace through Tourism
to speak on the convergence of
media and borderless boundaries.

The Institute of Peace through Tourism believes the individual traveler plays a very powerful role in the peace process.
Coming to TravelTalkRADIO
May 13, 2007
DAVID PECKINPAUGH, President of the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, to celebrate:
National Tourism Week
May 12-20, 2007

The 24th Annual National Tourism Week, scheduled May 12-20, 2007, is an annual event sponsored by TIA and
commemorated by States, cities and organizations across the nation.
The goal of NTW is to highlight
the powerful economic, social and
cultural impacts of travel through
events and celebrations.

Authentic West!

Western hospitality!
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