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May 02, 2010

This Week:
Ryan Air gets the message from new lampoon song sweeping Europe - Group Tours, It's not Tuesday and it's not Belgium - Gadget Detective -
Smooth River Rafting - The Abraham Path - Jamaica - Palestinian Roots

Joining us this week as guests are Ger Corrigan, lead singer with the Irish band, Corrigan Brothers, Elly DeVries, President and Publisher of Group Tour Magazine, Fevzi Turklap, The Gadget Detective, Sofia Justan, Director of Sales, Black Canyon River Rafting For Forever Resorts, Dian Holland, Business Development Manager – West Coast USA, Jamaica Tourist Board, Greg Baxter, our Breezes Resorts guy!, Taylor Moore, US college student of Palestinian descent, and Joshua Weiss, Director of the Abraham Path. Click HERE to learn more and listen!

Let's take some time to celebrate our guests this week!

Thank You, Mick O’Leary!

Ger Corrigan, lead singer with the Irish band, Corrigan Brothers

A new song lampoons Ryanair and its controversial CEO, Michael O’Leary. This is a great tune with tongue in cheek lyrics that premieres on TravelTalkRADIO. Meet the lead singer, Ger Corrigan, and find out the motivation for this delightful musical piece that is ever so appropriate for our time. Listen and smile! Learn more and listen here


Dutch Treat: Group Tours

Elly DeVries, President and Publisher of Group Tour Magazine

A great resource for group travel, Elly’s Group Tour Magazine is a must have publication for anyone planning travel for gatherings of any size. Traveling as families, sports teams, reunion troops, or corporate crews is one area of the industry that is staying very strong and, dare we say, is even on the upswing. There is just something unique and fascinating about seeing the world with like minded people. Learn more and listen here  


iPhonesque Camera with GPS

Fevzi Turklap, The Gadget Detective

Fevzi tell us that sure, it’s small, lightweight, less than three-quarters of an inch thick, and takes twelve mega pixel photos with a 5x optical zoom and that alone would make it perfect for the traveler. But wait, that’s not all! This baby has some great extras like an iPhonesque touch screen that takes up the entire back of the camera (3.5 inches), built in Bluetooth and, get this, GPS that provides complete geographic location information for each photo taken. Learn more and listen here  

Dam Good Rafting on the Colorado River

Sofia Justan, Director of Sales, Black Canyon River Rafting for Forever Resorts

A short drive from the mega casinos on the Los Vegas strip takes you to Black Canyon River Rafting at the base of the spectacular Hoover Dam. From there, it’s a smooth water ride for twelve miles down the sparkling Colorado River surrounded by some of the most awe inspiring scenery, flora and fauna imaginable. Take a break from the one-arm bandits for this natural winner! Learn more and listen here


Jamaica Reservation Yet?

Dian Holland, Business Development Manager – West Coast USA, Jamaica Tourist Board

What are you waiting for? There is only one four-season place the TravelTalkRADIO team goes to re-create and that’s to the all-inclusive Breezes Resorts in Jamaica. Believe us now and trust us later. Reminds us of Belinda Carlisle’s song: “Oh, baby, do you know what that’s worth? Oh, Heaven is a place on Earth!” Once you go, you’ll know, too! Learn more and listen here


Breezes is the Brand

Greg Baxter, our Breezes Resorts guy!

The main brand of the SuperClubs corporation is now officially Breezes ResortsWith nearly 20 locations around the Caribbean, Panama and Brazil, Breezes is a brand you need to have permanently seared on your vacation list! Learn more and listen here


Palestinian Roots

Taylor Moore, US college student of Palestinian decent

Find our what it ‘s like as an American college student of Palestinian descent to take your Christmas break in Bethlehem, tracing your roots back to the Holy Land and meeting your Middle Eastern relatives. To say the least, a huge eye-opener. Learn more and listen here


On the Abraham Path

Joshua Weiss, Director of the Abraham Path

Biblical Abraham is a man cherished to such a degree by both Islam and Judaism that his tomb is built within a common wall shared between a mosque and a synagogue. The travels of this patriarch stretch throughout the ancient Holy Lands of Jordan and Palestine and include some of the holiest sites of the three monotheistic religions. Find out about the unique and intriguing tour training available for trip leaders along this venerated Path where you will explore local host communities and follow the storied lives of Abraham and his children. Learn more and listen here

Houseboating on the best waterways in the United States.

Sandy Dhuyvetter writes Foreword of book titled:
Tourism Progress and Peace
publishing date June 2010. Stay tuned.

Safe Travels and please promise not to text and drive!

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host program@traveltalkmedia.com 

with over
100 travel books!
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interviewed on


This week on
BusinessTravelRADIO  April 30, 20

From Holland to Holland - Group Travel Resources


Elly DeVries, President and Publisher of Group Tour Magazine

Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

Travel for Your Company, Help Your Country


Allen Rosenshine, Board Member of Business for Diplomatic Action

Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

All-Inclusive Business Meetings


Greg Baxter, District Sales Manager for Breezes Resorts

Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

BusinessTravelRADIO April 30, 2010

Pilgrimage to Palestine
by Sandy Dhuyvetter
Check out photos in our
Visit Palestine Gallery

Next week Xplora Founder, Patrice Schilling, will join Sandy on TravelTalkRADIO

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Last Week on
TravelTalkRADIO April 25, 2010

Last Week on
TravelTalkRADIO April 25, 2010

Educational Tours

Legal Advice for Volcano Victims

Native American

Airport Designer Goes Green

Joining us this week as guests are Paul Verhaak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Europe and Asia for Breezes Resorts, Dr. Laura Sessions, Founder and Director of Continuum Educational Travel, Al Anolik, Travel Attorney and Author of Traveler’s Rights and The Frequent Traveler’s Guide, Mike Mendoza, celebrated and irreverent UK and global talk radio personality, Travis Owens, Program Manager for the Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism Group, and “Barbara H” Hochstetler Fentress, International Airport designer. Click HERE to go to program page with more information and LISTEN!

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