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As I prepare to leave for Berlin, I realize that no matter what condition I leave my workload, my home or my closet for that matter, the work will remain loyally waiting and ready for me to jump back into.

After all, with hopes and dreams comes work to be done. Without that hope and those dreams we might as well cash in the chips. It is said that it is a good sign to never be done and to remain curious and excited about new corners to be turned. I personally like the advice from an anonymous poet below;

Sandy in Caesarea, a town in Israel located mid-way between Tel Aviv
and Haifa. Discover Israel this week with Haim Gutin, Counsel Commissioner
of North and South America.

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely
in an attractive and well preserved body,
But rather to skid in sideways,
chocolate in one hand,
ice cream in the other,
body thoroughly used up,
totally worn out and screaming
"WOO HOO what a ride!"

Happy Travels and thanks for joining us,

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

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Sunday March 03, 2013
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Join Sandy this week on TravelTalkRADIO
and her guests
Philip Diack, Director from Passports and Visas
Special Guest Kelly Schulz,
Vice President of
Communications for the New Orleans
Convention and Visitors Bureau

BusinessTravelRADIO guests include Harris Balkin

Sales Manager at Holiday Inn Express
- Albuquerque

and Haim Gutin,
Israel Tourisms commissioner
for North and South America
Ivonne Brown,
Vice President of Sales
and Marketing for All Discovery Cruising

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This Week TravelTalkRADIO
- Passports & Visas
- New Orleans, the city of perpetual Festivals and Events

- The Southwest and Albuquerque
Israel, No matter your belief,
get ready to have your life changed

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Breaking Travel NEWS - with Sandy
03/01/2013 Friday
Report: Travel industry boosted global economy by $6.6 trillion, Airline tickets cost half as much in 2011 as in 1978, 2012 touted as safest year in aviation history.
Breaking Travel NEWS - with Sandy
02/28/2013 Thursday
Frontier Airlines dissolves Expedia deal, Airspace Lounge to open at JFK's JetBlue terminal, Uncomfortable seats, bag fees rank high among air travelers' dislikes.
Breaking Travel NEWS - Sandy
02/25/2013 Monday
United Airlines will expand baggage-delivery , Post-Triumph, price drops are not likely,  Las Vegas tourism is recovering slowly, Costa boss donates bonus to Concordia charity, Chancellor Merkel to open ITB Berlin 2013, Qantas still in deep trouble, claims union.


Sunday March 03, 2013

TravelTalkRADIO - SUNDAY  9 - 10AM  and again at 11AM Pacific Time     BusinessTravelRADIO - Sunday 10 - 11AM and again at Noon to 1PM ET       Archives Available Directly After Programming

TravelTalkRADIO and

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Approx 54 min

SEGMENT 1- Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host TravelTalkRADIO

Welcome to TravelTalkRADIO!
Thank you for joining us. We are all about many things, but our core value is to open up new opportunities for leisure and business travelers. This week we will explore some of the trends in Passports and Visas and with a little help from one of our good friends in New Orleans, we will explore party central in one of the most unique cities in the world, New Orleans.

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approx 6min 30sec

SEGMENTS 2 - 3 Philip Diack, Director of Passports and Visas

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16min 29sec


Passports, Get your Passports

Sandy welcomes Passport and Visa expert Philip Diack to TravelTalkRADIO to talk about the latest information and trends in obtaining your passport and Visas.

We will discuss why some countries need a Visa in order to enter and why passports should be looked at each year to first of all make sure that it is not lost!  Another reason expedited passports are needed is because travelers forget to look at the expiration date. And don't forget, they fill up fast so make sure you have room for your next trip or two and why not order extra pages if you travel frequently! Philip is a wealth of information. Join us!

PassportandVisas.com is a nationally recognized
US passport and travel visa service by the
Washington Post
, New York Times and USA
and ranked #1 by the US Passport Service
Guide in a survey of 40 expediting services. Our
team of US passport and visa expeditors have
been obtaining rush passports and visas for over
15 years

SEGMENTS 4 - 6   Kelly Schulz, Vice President of Communications for the New Orleans CVB

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approx 25 min

America's Most Gracious HostWe

 We have all given a party or two, but can imagine giving more than 5 big parties each month?

That is exactly what the city of New Orleans does. Check out the Events and you will be sure to find one that fancies your interest. If its food or music, you've come to the right place.

Sandy has been to New Orleans 5 times. She has experienced it directly after Katrina and she has experienced it during some of the most flourishing years. One thing is for sure, you will always experience some of the best hospitality in the world. Why you ask? Simply put, these folks love to share their home town and its no secret, they also love to give a good party.


SEGMENT 1 Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

Welcome to BusinessTravelRADIO!
On the road again. Sandy is on her way to Berlin where she will attend ITB, one of the largest travel trade shows in the world. At the end of the show, she will make her way to Belgium where she will hop on board the new ship Ms River Splendor. Follow along on facebook from March 13 - 17.

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6min 30sec

SEGMENT 2 Harris Balkin, Sales Manager at Holiday Inn Express - Albuquerque

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10 min 05 sec

Visiting Albuquerque

Situated in Albuquerque's Historic Old Town, the
Holiday Inn Express also accommodates business travelers as it is only 10 miles from many of the area's businesses.  The location is one of the best to experience the region.

Across the street from the hotel is the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, where you will experience the culture, heritage and history of the 19 New Mexico Pueblos. Travel a few miles and spend the day at the Santa Ana, Sandia or Isleta Casinos, all offering Las Vegas style gaming.

Harris joins Sandy to talk about why he lives in New Mexico and his love for his home town, Albuquerque. Catch the fever as we explore the South West part of the United States in Albuquerque, New Mexico!



SEGMENTS 3 - 4 Haim Gutin, Israel Tourisms commissioner for North and South America

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21 min 05sec

Israel - Consider the Possibilities

There is no one reason to go to Israel, in fact there are so many reasons that we have asked Haim Gutin, the Council Commissioner for North and South America to give us a birds eye view of the excitement that continues to attract tourist, archeologists, educators, faith based travelers and many more.

Haim has been working in the tourism sector since the early 80's and tells a compelling story about why the time has never been better to come to Israel. 


SEGMENTS 5 - 6 Ivonne Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for All Discovery Cruising

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16min 17sec

Luxury Travel Show Attracts Today's Trendiest Products

Sandy met Ivonne at the Luxury Travel Exchange in Las Vegas and decided this dynamo needed to share her story with her audiences.
All Discovery Cruising is the trade facing arm for Hebridean Island Cruises, Swan Hellenic, and Voyages of Discovery. Our three brands are distinct with their own customer profiles and price points, but are combined in their focus on discovery cruising. Take a listen, there is much to learn about small ship cruising!

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