June 15, 2008

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Sandy attends Benefit Concert for Chengdu, China Earthquake victims, sponsored by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians in Southern California, USA.

Welcome to this week’s TravelTalkMEDIA newsletter.

This week on TravelTalkRADIO join Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkRADIO, as she broadcasts from her Southern California studio. Her guests this week include Naima Remadi, Director of The Tunisian Cultural & Information Center in Manhattan, Beatrice Kessy, Tourism warden for the Serengeti National Park, Graham Mackintosh, Author of "Marooned With Very Little Beer" and other books about the Baja Peninsula, and Scott Rains, Publisher of the Rolling Rains Report - a guide to traveling for the disabled. Also on the program is Tipping Expert Nancy Star, and Anyitike Mbuba, Director of Butman International Ltd., also joins Sandy to talk about his luxury camps near the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania.
Please join us for more info and live programming Sunday
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Thanks for joining us this week. We honestly love giving as much visibility as we can to small, wholesome businesses who have much to offer travelers. This is that kind of story. I met Anyitike Mbuba in China at the World Tourism Marketing Summit in November of 2007. He is the partner of a company that is building luxury camps in and near the National Parks throughout Tanzania.  Their mission is to create quality lodging using local suppliers and staff.  I was captured by Anyitike's unbridled enthusiasm for his work and his passion for  sustainable tourism. I again met Mbuba in Tanzania, where we rekindled our friendship and I introduced him to Patrick Peartree as well as Nick Gosling, who were part of the TravelTalkMEDIA production team in Africa. His determination and intense positive nature was something I had to share with our audiences and Nick agreed to accompany Anytike on a short tour and write his story.

Anytike Mbuba
and lodgesTanzania

While we wish we could have experienced firsthand the accommodations, we applaud Antike's company and we hope you will enjoy this fresh and creative message. If you are considering a trip to Tanzania, please go to this week's program page and you will have the opportunity to listen to Anytike Mbuba's interview.  Enjoy the rest of the newsletter and I am available to you.
Safe Travels,
Sandy Dhuyvetter

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Authentic Africa in Luxury
By Nick Gosling

Arusha, Tanzania – When it comes to ecotourism, the parks of Tanzania are a nature lover’s paradise. But what is paradise without a place to put your feet up at the end of the day?

Butman International Ltd. offers lodging and safaris for travelers to some of Tanzania’s most popular wildlife parks, including the Tarangire National Park, the Serengeti and Arusha National Park. The Butman Luxury Camps, located just three miles from the Tarangire National Park, offer top-of-the-line amenities in facilities built using local sustainable materials and situated to offer every visitor a peaceful and extraordinary view of some of Africa’s most captivating wildlife and scenery.

In 2004, Butman International Ltd was started by four entrepreneurs with the mission of creating and promoting sustainable tourism and quality construction. Since then the company has established ten luxury camps and developed a focus in three distinct areas: quality construction, research and development of tourism and community development.

Anyitike Mbuba, Director of Butman International Ltd, has researched environmental conservation for many years with the Tanzanian government before helping to start the company with engineer and managing director of the company, Pantaleo Butunga, business administrator Bibiana Butunga and computer programmer Hidaya Mbuba.

At the Butman Luxury Camps, guests can experience African wildlife up close and personal, according to Mbuba. “They can see elephant, they can see giraffe, they can see different species of birds, they can see a variety of trees, they can see Maasai dancing, they can see lions, they can see hyena,” said Mbuba. The luxury camps’ open-sided designs allow for uninterrupted views of the bush and wildlife and are perfect spots to dine on delicious home cooked cuisine.

Visitors may also choose to stay in the Butman International affiliated garden house in Arusha, before or after their arrival to the area and their departure to the Butman Luxury Camps. From there, tourists are only about one and a half hours from the luxury camps near the Tarangire Park. Safari vehicles are also available for those who would like to visit some of the local national parks.
For more information, visit www.butmaninternational.com/index.html.

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Last Week's program: CECILIA NKWABI CHACHA, in charge of the Park Assistant Outreach in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Mr Africa, none other than Mr. Ogo Sow good friend of TravelTalkRADIO, will talk about Africa's role in tourism and whether it is ready for the masses. Creative and lovely, HILU BURA, African Clothing Designer and Owner of Ringa. Hilu talks about her life as an up and coming fashion designer and she'll give us a hint of her new line (be sure to go into this week's program page, you will see Hilu and some of her fashions.. Out in the bush, we talk to  GOFREY A. GUN MKONGWE, Park Tourism Warden in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania and LENA KASFIKI-LIVANIDOU, and back at the ATA meeting we talked to General Manager and Area Director for the Kimpinski Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. During our second hour, we will move to China where LLOYD LIGHTHOUSE also joins Sandy to discuss a positive relationship with China. Lloyd will also talk about why China is politically correct and why it's important to celebrate the diversity of cultures. Please join us for more info and live programming Sun 9am Pacific, Click HERE.

Thank you!
The response has been overwhelming!
We are developing a video to share with you about these amazing students.

Last week we announced:
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TravelTalkMEDIA has adopted a school in central Tanzania and has started a fundraising campaign by matching funds to help supply the school with much needed writing desks.

(June 06, 2008 – San Diego, CA) – Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkMEDIA, RADIO and TV, announced today that TTM has adopted a school in central Tanzania and has started a fundraising campaign to help supply the school with much needed writing desks.

The school, located in the rural village of Mto Wa Mbu near Arusha, Tanzania, is near Lake Manyara National Park and was visited by Ms. Dhuyvetter and the TravelTalkMEDIA film crew during a recent trip to Tanzania. While there, Ms. Dhuyvetter answered questions about life in the United States and about TravelTalkMEDIA that some of the 1,400 students at the school asked her.
Continued . . .

The proud parents and Graduate!

This week we are the proud parents of a high school graduate. Our daughter, Michaella, is officially on her way to college! Michaella and our son, Eric, continually amaze us as we watch then grow into young adults. There is no better reward then seeing your children being responsible and happy.  Patrick and I know it takes a village to raise children. We thank our family and dear friends who have also loved and protected them while we worked away from home. We are eternally grateful. For those of you who have followed Eric, he is in Japan for his 7th visit. He will return to San Jose State University in September to finish his studies in Japanese and International Business and continue his part-time work with us at TravelTalkMEDIA.

Sandy will be in DC at the end of June to meet with Secure Borders and Open Doors Advisory Committee and to take a one day tour of the Coast Guard. More info coming soon.

When in New York City, our choice is the Kimberly Hotel, a home away from home at affordable luxury.

A piece of home and some might say a peace of home after busy days of business or shopping.

SAAGGI Global Health Network
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Revolving Restaurant - For spectacular views of Las Vegas, Sandy recommends the Top of the World Restaurant 1000 feet in the air (300 meters). The restaurant serves delicious and robust meals to all palates.



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