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Sunday June 14, 2009
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Welcome to this week's
TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

Saying goodbye to a dear friend, colleague, and mentor.

It is always difficult when we lose great people, and this week is exceptionally hard as we say goodbye to a dear friend, mentor and
one of the world's most passionate advocates of Tourism4Peace, Janos Damon. Janos was loved throughout the Middle East

and beyond as he led Tourism4Peace, a dedicated group of tourism and travel leaders in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. I had the honor to work with Janos during the formative years of the organization. Janos had amazing foresight and he was tireless in his

Michael Nazzal of Jordan, Chairman, Tourism4Peace with Janos Damon,
Secretary General.

TravelTalkRADIO broadcasts live every Sunday on radio and online or come in after the programming and listen to archives at your leisure. Check out these experts and join me for another great program.

Joining Sandy this week are guests, Dena Jones,
US Program Director for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), Shari Cecil, Member
of the International Cruise Victims Association, M. Karim Sijlamassi, Vice President of Events and Social Work of the Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA), Joost Ouendag, Product Development Director of Viking Cruises, Jason Kraft, Principal of e-Bike Kit, and Jan Fanucchi, Lead Vocal for Jan Fanucchi & Friends.
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drive to be an agent for change. Janos was laid to rest this week in Israel. We honor him this week with photos and some notes from his friends and colleagues. I was blessed to have him in my life and will always cherish our wonderfully insightful conversations.

Janos Damon was born in Hungary in 1928 and spent his 13th and 14th year in the Jewish Ghetto, Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. He was a passenger on the Kasztner Train to Switzerland. In 1950, Janos immigrated to Israel with $12.50. He started his career as an auditor at the Ramat-Aviv in Tel-Aviv and moved quickly to GM. He was a teacher, entrepreneur and received the life-time achievement award from the Israel Hotel Association. He was the founding father of the Hotel Managers Association where he served as Chairman for 5 terms and many years as the Executive Director.

Meeting in the Hague and Leeuwarden, Holland at Stenden University in 2006.

This forum included members from Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

Photo on right:
From Left to right, top row: Idit Nirel, Project Manager, the Peres Center for Peace (Israel), ElHamy ElZayat, Chairman and CEO Emeco, (Egypt), Richard Elias, Board Member,
Holy Land Incoming Tour Operator Association  Bethlehem, Janos Damon, Executive Director, Israel Hotel Managers Association (Israel), Dr. Laila Nabhan, Director, Marketing

Janos Damon surrounded by Tourism4Peace Members

Development, 5 Continents Travel (Egypt), Rafi Baeri, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Dan Hotels,
Fahmi Nashashibi, former President Arab Hotel Association (Palestine), Front row, left to right; Sandy Dhuyvetter, TravelTalkMEDIA (USA) and Ami Etgar CEO, Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association (Israel) and Raed  S. Saadeh, President Arab Hotel Association (Palestine). Not pictured are Michel Nazzal from Chairman of the Board, Jordan Hotel Association and professor and Muhsen A. Makhamreh, PhD, Dean, Jordan Applied University of Hospitality and Tourism.

"It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Janos Damon. Janos was a great inspiration for all who were fortunate to know him. As founder of Tourism 4 Peace,  he carried forward the ideas and ideals of Peace through Tourism in the Middle East and wherever he had the opportunity to travel and share his vision and wisdom.  His efforts served to strengthen dialogue and facilitate solutions to common obstacles

Janos, Sandy and Louie D'Amore,
International Institute for Peace through tourism Founder and President

faced by Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian tourism professionals in advancing tourism to the region. Janos had a vision for a “New Era of Tourism to the Middle East” which he leaves as a living legacy for us all. We were most honored to have Janos as a Keynote Speaker and Special Guest at our recent 1st IIPT European Conference in Leeuwarden, Netherlands this past October. Janos again shared his wisdom, good humor and vision of Tourism 4 Peace to a very appreciative audience. His memory will remain with us."
Louis D’Amore,  
IIPT Founder and President

"My deepest condolences. We lost a great man and friend.
I hope we will keep his dream: Tourism4Peace."

Drs. Klaas-Wybo van der Hoek
Stenden University
Vice President
Executive Board.

Photo on left: Janos and Dr. Klaas-Wybo van der Hoek.

"My good friend and mentor, Janos was an outstanding individual, who contributed his time and boundless energies to many public and international issues. Janos, a devoted family man, a tireless fighter for peace, a promoter of understanding in our region  and his constant drive to improve the professionalism of Israeli tourism and hospitality industry, will be remembered and and he will missed by all." Rafi Baeri, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Dan Hotels, Israel

Enjoying a meal together in the kitchen at Stenden University where Tourism4Peace held two meetings. With Janos are
Rafi Baeri, (Israel)  Dr. Laila Nabhan, (Egypt)
and Richard Elias, (Palestine).

"The news of Janos’s death is truly sad. I am fortunate to have known him as for me, he is one of the few dedicated, active peace makers, with lots of energy and he had the will to get things moving. I will miss his humor and his support."  Dr. Laila Nabhan, Director, Marketing Development, 5 Continents - Egypt

"Mr Janos a Colleague, a friend, a father to us all, he shared with us his  idea, his experience his thoughts and even his dreams. His spirit we should all keep in mind. Janos was of the closest person in Tourism 4 Peace, we agreed and disagreed about a lot things, but this didn’t make us enemies instead we got closer, he spirit will never be forgotten. God Bless Your Soul"  Richard Elias, Board Member, HLITOA Bethlehem

"Goodbye dear Janos. I am very sad that I won't see you anymore, but I am very happy and proud to tell my children and the children of the world that I was your friend. May your spirit always enlighten our path.
Forever yours,"
Omar Moufakkir
Ph.D. Lector Tourism for Peace. Tourism Research Analyst.
Stenden University
Leeuwarden, Netherlands

"Dear Sandy,  I have just learned of the sad passing of Janos Damon, a great man of peace who I and others from Australia had the good fortune to meet at the IIPT Conference at Stenden University in Leeuwarden last October.

On behalf on the IIPT Australia Chapter and other IIPT chapters and friends around the world, our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.  May his work with Tourism4Peace continue as a lasting legacy to what Janos started and worked so hard for."
Daphne Lowe Kelley
President, IIPT Australia Chapter, International Institute for Peace through Tourism

We finally say goodbye, Janos. We will never forget your infectious smile, your wit and your wisdom. But what we will miss the most is your relentless drive for peace. The hope and the faith you have in mankind was inspirational and we will continue to share the message of peace through tourism.

We will carry on and we will not give up
on our hope for world peace.

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Executive Producer
Host TravelTalkMEDIA,
Radio and TV and Web



TravelTalkMEDIA announces details about our membership
in the Corporate Council of Africa and our participation in the upcoming 2009 US-Africa
Business Summit.

For more information
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The Africa Peace Caravan Continues
its Mission with Passion.
Please leave your message at their easy to use blog.

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Bear Baiting:  WTH?
Dena Jones
U.S. Programs Director
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA

Sure, you’ve heard of cockfights and dog fights, both  of which are extremely cruel forms of animal treatment and banned by law in most civilized countries. But bear baiting? This is a new one on us.

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Hell on the High Seas
Shari Cecil - A member of the International Cruise Line Victims Assn.

Not unlike the Wild West where there were no sovereign governing authorities or law enforcement agencies, the high seas are frequently a place where crime, violence and lawlessness flourish and usually go unpunished. Shari Cecil worked onboard a cruise ship as an officer, so she has firsthand knowledge of life as a ward of these floating nations without laws. In fact, the story of her own rape is a particularly telling and shocking account.

History Quiz
Karim Sijlamassi
Vice President of Events and Social Work of the Association of Moroccan Professionals in America
What nation on the Plateau Continent was the first country in the world to recognize the US as a sovereign nation in 1777? That same African country was also one of America’s closest ally’s over 150 years later during WWII. Continued

Viking on the Nile

Joost Ouendag

VP Product Marketing

Just when you thought you were safe from Nordic conquest, a powerful Norse river king eyes the African continent. Best known for upscale river cruises in Russia, Europe and China, Viking River Cruises now sets its sights on the exotic locales of Luxor and Abu Simbil. Ramses, take cover! Continued

Sustainable Cycle
Jason Kraft -
Founder e-Bikekit
Until the electric car is a fully debugged, non-proprietary, mainstream and affordable technology, there is the entry level vehicle fully ready to go: the electric bicycle. In addition to the immediate and obvious applications at resorts, destinations and national parks, there is the much larger picture for the travel and tourism industry. Continued

Musical Journey
Jan Fanucchi, Lead Vocal for Jan Fanucchi & Friends

Right up there with restaurants and shopping, traveling for music and entertainment ranks high. What true music lover hasn’t made a pilgrimage or two to see their favorite band? Well, if heavy metal, hip hop and rap are your mainstays, Jan Fanucchi & Friends might not be right up your musical alley. For us, however, seeing this supremely talented
Blues and American Roots singer perform live is definitely worth the trip to San Francisco, birthplace of some of the greatest music in the world. Continued

Ladies!! When in London!

TravelTalkMEDIA is pleased to be launching the First Lady of the World  series celebrating women, tourism and business development in emerging countries around the world, continued

Last week meet
Christina Huo from
ChinaOneCall on

Last week, we welcomed into our family of sponsors Sunstone Health Club for Women for Women in London. Sunstone Health Club has become a sponsor of TravelTalkMEDIA's First Ladies of the World Project. We thank Sunstone for their participation and invite you to please take a closer look at this luxurious service.

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Cruise Safety Legislation is in the United States Senate and House of Representatives

We have extraordinary interest in the Cruise Line Safety bill that could very well be in front of the Senate and House of Representatives very soon. We have transcribed two interviews that you might find interesting, one for the cruise line safety act and one against it. Click HERE to learn more.

How do you feel about this issue? We want to know.

If you are citizen of the United States and you want to support this legislation, we have provided links to letters that can be sent to your Senator and to your Congressman. Send the attached document to your Senator and Send this document to your Congressman.

CHECK OUT Our Photos of
New Orleans
French Quarter Festival for 2008 and 2009

Last week meet Christina Huo from ChinaOneCall on TravelTalkRADIO!

Hot off the Press!

Joining Sandy last week were guests covering Africa, Washington DC, New Orleans, China, Jamaica and medical travel as it relates to emerging countries. Stephen Hayes, President of the Corporate Council

  June 07, 2009
Last week's Guests on TravelTalkRADIO

 of Africa, Ann Tuennerman, Tales of the Cocktail, Josef Woodman, Author of Patients Beyond Borders, Christina Huo, General Manager of China One Call, Bruce Bommarito, COO and Executive Vice President of the US Travel Association, Dan Storper, CEO and Founder of Putumayo World Music and Greg Baxter, District Sales Manager for SuperClubs. 

Click HERE for additional information and to listen to the archives.


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