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Thank you for joining us this week.

It's been a big week, starting with one of the best vacations in a long while, followed by the launch of a new distribution channel for BusinessTravelRADIO. We also start celebrating our nine years of broadcasting TravelTalkRADIO throughout the entire month of August.

Coming from Belgium, my Dad and my Mom's parents settled near Traverse City, (Empire) Michigan, where I visited this week. Starting with a parade to celebrate our Family reunion, we spent most of the week walking the beautiful sandy beaches and on our families boats. We even spent a few evenings enjoying a bon fire and watching the sunset on Lake Michigan.

It is amazing what a few days with family and friends can do to re-charge the mind and body.
I have been quoted as saying, "I am always on location, but not often on vacation". I realized this week, there is a big difference. I hope you too, can take some time away from your daily work, and take vacation.

We had over 100 of the family come together in a small village of Empire, Michigan. Here are
a few of us with our dearest Auntie Susie.

TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO Broadcasting Back to Back!

Today we begin broadcasting our new programming schedule. We continue broadcasting a one hour TravelTalkRADIO and add a one hour BusinessTravelRADIO program on Sunday, on the TalkStar Network. In fact, TravelTalkMEDIA is now broadcasting 4 straight hours on Sunday with a repeat of the 2 hour programming from Noon to 4pm ET.

Get it Early!
If you want the early bird version of BusinessTravelRADIO we will continue to distribute BusinessTravelRADIO through eTurboNews, with exclusive early delivery by subscription only. 

This Week on TravelTalkRADIO
New Broadcasting Times - Sunday Noon and 2pm ET
July 25, 2010

TravelTalkRADIO guests include Ili Mataolu, Regional Director Tourism Fiji, Kelly Schulz, Vice President, New Orleans, CVB, and Mario Masciullo, Travel Writer focusing on Italy and surrounding markets.
Click here for more information and LISTEN

This Week on BusinessTravelRADIO
New Broadcasting Times - Sunday 1pm and 3pm ET
July 25, 2010

BusinessTravelRADIO guests include Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews,  Craig Banikowski, President, National Business Travel Assn,  and
Michael Oshman, Founder and Executive DirectorGreen Restaurant Association
Click here for more information and LISTEN!

Archives available by segments or entire program for
easy listening or download to your mp3 player.

This Week on TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO

Tourism climbs 26% and the Future is as Bright as it's Beaches

Ili Mataolu, Regional Director for the America's
Tourism Fiji is all about the experience. While the beaches are second to none, the adventure in Fiji starts from the beginning with the warm welcome of Bula!
Learn more and listen here

New Orleans's Only Pain is the Truth Not Getting to Tourists
Kelly Schulz, Vice President, New Orleans, CVB
Open for business with monthly festivals and conferences, New Orleans message is loud
and clear. 'Come on Down!'
As the disaster consumes the local regions and their neighbors take the brunt of the  licking, New Orleans is happy and grateful to sit this one out.  If you ever felt like New Orleans was of interest, you must call your Travel Agent today and plan to visit one of America's most exotic and deserving cities. Affectionately called the 'Northern-most Caribbean City' to 'The Bit Easy' New Orleans will capture your heart and will forever be a part of your life.
Learn more and listen here

Master Story Teller
Mario Masciullo, Travel Writer focusing on Italy and surrounding markets
Our favorite Italian and European Travel Writer joins Sandy to discuss trends in Europe and Italy. Mario writes for leading publications in travel and lifestyle, including eTurboNews. Learn more and listen here

My Summer Vacation

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Host of TravelTalkRADIO
Coming back from vacation is one of the most refreshing experiences I have had in a long time. It is a reminder that we all need to relax! Don't forget, when you examine the word, recreation it means to re-create. Re-create You!
Learn more and listen here

eTurbo Proves to be a Force to Contend with in a World Where Mass Media Reigns
Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews
Delivering travel news for almost a decade, Thomas Steinmetz and his team of Ambassadors continue to build a great following, with the partnerships of Google News, CNN International Tourism Task Group and TravelTalkMEDIA.
Learn more and listen here

Business Travel Industry gets Ready to Rumble
Craig Banikowski, President, National Business Travel Association
Craig comes back to BusinessTravelRADIO to talk about his work as president of the National Business Travel Association. We even touch on his day job for Hilton Worldwide and discover his wealth of knowledge of this industry. Craig breaks down the segments in the industry, making this a great educational segment. We have some serious fun on the way. Learn more and listen here

After 20 Years, Green Certification for Restaurants Finally
Turns to Gold

Michael Oshman,
Founder and Executive DirectorGreen Restaurant Association
Michael Oshman celebrated Earth Day in 1990 by establishing the first ever Green Restaurant Association. Fast forward to 2010, we find Michael Oshman at the helm of a robust and trend setting organization.  Michael's group offers restaurants guidance and processes while consumers use the Association seal to determine good choices for green dining. Learn more and listen here

eTurboNews is another


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News Flash. . .
Tour Management Careers On the Rise
Ted Bravos, Founder of The International Tour Management Institute and his team have trained thousands of tour directors around the world. With life time job placement services, you might want to consider your next career move as a Tour Guide, Tour Director or Tour Manager.
Learn more and listen here

International Tour Management Institute

Welcome South Fork Ranch to BusinessTravelRADIO

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South Fork Ranch Home of the
TV Set for the long running
DALLAS TV series.
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Safe travels and remember to take some time to re-create you!

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host program@traveltalkmedia.com 

Los Angeles at its very best.
Manhattan Beach, California

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The Gambia in March 2011

TravelTalkMEDIA announces the
Tourism Progress and Peace Conference

Please see the information on the new book
edited by Dr. Omar Moufakkir on
Tourism Progress and Peace.
Sandy Dhuyvetter writes
Foreword of book titled:
Tourism Progress and Peace

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 TravelTalkRADIO July 11, 2010

Rocky Mt Resort

Teacher goes to Arctic
with National Geographic Expedition

Discover America
in Italy

Hot Careers in Tour Management

Our Fav Hotel in LA

Joining Sandy this week are guests, Chris Cook, General Manager and Kavan Yengo from the Rocky Mountain Inn, Ditza Ben-Moshe, Director of Marketing Projects & Loyalty Clubs, The Dan Hotels, Lynn Howard, Recipient of the fourth annual Grosvenor Teacher Fellowships, Michael Walsh, B-For International, Ted Bravos, Founder and CEO International Tourism Management Institute. More information on programming and Listen and learn more HERE.

Craig Banikowski, President of NBTA, 
joins Sandy this week on BusinessTravelRADIO


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