July 21, 2007



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The Hashemite Kingdom of JORDAN'S Senator,
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The 7 Pillars of Tourism
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Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter.          TravelTalkRADIO LIVE Click HERE

July 22, 2007 9am - 11am Pacific Time - Join us at TravelTalkRADIO programming page. Click HERE

SANDY DHUYVETTER, Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkMEDIA,
MICHAEL STOLOWITZKY, President of American Tourism Society announces book launch, and ROB GULICK from  AltaVia Travel brings his friends to TravelTalkRADIO from Albania. Also special guest, TSA Chief, KIP HAWLEY joins Sandy for an update on the new TSA airport security checkpoint regulations. POLLY YU will talk about China.  PATRICK PEARTREE joins Sandy for look at TravelTalkMEDIA current events.
For more information on this week's program - Click HERE
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Sandy Dhuyvetter Named to Board of Advisors for CHN Universities Worldwide

Leeuwarden, Netherlands – July 22, 2007 - Officials of CHN University announced today that Sandy Dhuyvetter, CEO of CelestiaLINK, LLC and Executive Producer and Host of TravelTalkMEDIA, has been named a member of the board of advisors for the university’s Department of Media and Entertainment Management. In addition to advising the department on current and anticipated developments in the field of media and entertainment, Ms. Dhuyvetter will assist in the development of the department’s curriculum for the university’s international students. 

Patrick Bemelmans, Dean of CHN’s Department of Media and Entertainment Management said, "After meeting Sandy at the recent Tourism4Peace Conference in The Hague, it was clear that her involvement with our programmes would be a great opportunity for us. Her experience and expertise in the convergence of media and the fields of entertainment and management gives us a tremendous advantage over other programmes. We are very happy that Sandy will not only be helping us create our international curriculum and programmes, but she will actually be lecturing and teaching our students and our staff on the latest multimedia trends.” Mr. Bemelmans added that, “Sandy is constantly exploring new possibilities in the field and will be a fantastic role model for our students. I truly envision her as an international ambassador for CHN as well. We believe that the advice and guidance Ms. Dhuyvetter will bring to CHN is essential for understanding the demands and evolution of an ever-changing industry and the university is grateful for her expertise in the travel and media industries.”


In receiving the appointment by CHN, Ms. Dhuyvetter said, "CHN has an excellent reputation and I am honored and privileged to have the opportunity to become a part of the university's media and entertainment department. I look forward to broadening the department's existing curriculum to encompass CHN's international students at its many campuses strategically located around the world. I am confident we will be able to share many valuable media and entertainment management lessons with students and faculty. In particular it will be a model case study for future entrepreneurs to see how the TravelTalkMEDIA companies were developed into a  comprehensive travel news and entertainment network with broadcasting on conventional radio and TV and a global reach through our distribution channels on the Web." Dhuyvetter added, "I am delighted with this unique opportunity to share our depth of knowledge and experience with the CHN community." 

Klaas-Wybo van der Hoek, Vice President of the Executive Board of CHN, expressed enthusiasm for the appointment saying, "On behalf of the university and CHN students and faculty located at campuses around the world, we warmly welcome Ms. Dhuyvetter and we are extremely pleased to have her join us to enrich our global programmes in media, entertainment management and the hospitality industry. For CHN University, this represents a bridge to the industry and a good network in the US and around the world. I know her as a very experienced and involved cosmopolitan professional! "

Ms. Dhuyvetter will be making several trips to the CHN campus in Leeuwarden and other CHN campuses around the world and will virtually communicate with the programs while traveling to other destinations.


About CHN University:
The CHN University headquartered in Leeuwarden, Netherlands is a dynamic, international organization for higher vocational education and has been in existence for over 100 years.
The university offers specialized study programs in several areas including hospitality services, travel and tourism management, and media and entertainment management for both the national and international market. CHN currently offers 11 Bachelors Degree programs 4 and Masters Degree programs. In addition to the Leeuwarden campus, CHN has international campuses in Thailand, China, Qatar, South Africa and Germany. The university currently has approximately 7,100 students and employs a motivated and professional staff of approximately 600.  As a member of a network of partners, the goal of the university is to train and educate its students with three core qualities: value driven, intercultural and enterprising. Web site: www.chn.nl



About TravelTalkMEDIA and CelestiaLINK LLC:
CelestiaLINK LLC is the parent company of TravelTalkRADIO/TV/WEB which produces and distributes informative travel news segments, entertaining interviews, and promotional segments that are broadcast via conventional radio and TV in the United States, Mainland China, Africa and the UK and also distributed and heard worldwide over the Internet. Satellite distribution includes coverage in the Western Hemisphere, South America and the Asia-Pacific Rim. The companies also produce live remote radio broadcasts, travel news segments for TV, B-roll and digital still photography, destination and event promotions, press releases and newsletters, all with worldwide distribution availability. In March of 2007, the Voice of Jinling Radio headquartered in Nanjing, China announced that TravelTalkRADIO was the recipient of the 1st prize award for the production of a special programming series entitled Sandy and Dr. Sun Yat-sen.  See,
www.TravelTalkMEDIA.com.  For further information, please contact info@TravelTalkMEDIA.com.


About Sandy Dhuyvetter:
Ms. Dhuyvetter is an internationally recognized travel expert and media personality with over 25 years experience in multimedia, technology and Internet transaction processing. In 1998, she founded CelestiaLINK, LLC, parent company of TravelTalkMEDIA, and serves as CEO of that organization. Sandy then developed the TravelTalkMEDIA brands of TravelTalkRADIO, TravelTalkNEWS and TravelTalkTV, a true convergence of media with global audiences and viewers and listeners in over 130 countries each month. In recognition of her knowledge and character, Ms. Dhuyvetter was recently appointed to several private sector advisory committees for the US State Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Sandy was awarded the 2006 Media award from the Tanzania Tourism Board. In May, 2007, Sandy moderated the media panel during the Annual Conference of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism in Kampala, Uganda. In June of 2007 Sandy once again traveled to Jordan to join her colleagues from Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestine at the Tourism4Peace Summit. www.TravelTalkMEDIA.com/background_sandy.html.

Safe travels and if you missed our live programming,  the archives will be up shortly after the broadcast.


Sandy Dhuyvetter

Last week's show May 13 2007
on TravelTalkRADIO / LIVE from TravelTalkRADIO's
Southern California studios
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SANDY DHUYVETTER, Executive Producer and Host, TravelTalkMEDIA,
SilverJet Founder and CEO, LAWRENCE HUNT, TODD BASCHE of Word Lock and J.M. PASQUESI, Author of Rome & Kids. World traveler and Mom,  ANNE CRAWFORD joins Sandy to talk about China and Asia Getaways. Plus, PATRICK PEARTREE joins Sandy for look at TravelTalkMEDIA current events.
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 Broadcasting LIVE
from the TravelTalkMEDIA
studios in Southern California
July 22 2007
9am -11am Pacific Time

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Special Guest this week

Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

 R E C E N T L Y    R E L E A S E D
Department of Homeland Security

new REDRESS program offers a fast and easy way to file complaints regarding misidentification, delays, no fly lists and more. Click
HERE to read more.
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