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Sunday July 19, 2009
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Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

Joining Sandy this week are guests Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews, Kathy Kriger, Owner of Rick’s Café in Casablanca, Morocco, Alexander Anolik, Attorney at Law and Author of Traveler’s Rights, Kevin Maguire, President of the National Business Travel Association (NBTA),  Mike FInnell, President and CEO of Youth For Understanding USA (YFU) and Eric Zmolek former exchange student from YFU. For more information and to listen to the program, Click HERE.

TravelTalkRADIO Guests July 19, 2009

Thank you for joining me this week and I hope your week has been tremendous, filled with good news, much success and most importantly, good health.

Personally, we suffered a great family loss last week with the passing of Patrick's Mom, and my Mother-in-law, Nancy Peartree. She was our family matriarch and the finest example of the most loving and beautiful woman I have ever met in my life. We miss her each day yet we feel so grateful to have had her in our lives. There is nothing I can thank her for more, than to have raised a wonderful son who loved his mother with all his heart. She raised a man who in turn, became an adoring husband and father.  In the end, she peacefully left her loving family to join her almighty maker who she was so devoted to. Rest in peace our sweet mother.

Baby Obama the Rhino from Uganda

As we move to this week's travel news, I wanted to share with you the birth of a new baby rhino in the Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda. It seems the father is from Kenya and the mother is an American rhino from Disney. You can only guess what name they gave the little fellow! That's right, Obama!

Take a look, he is precious!  You can also read more here as Dr. Wolfgang Thome shares with us stories of Gorillas and Rhinos!

If you are planning a visit to Uganda, Dr. Thome tells us the drive to the Rhino Sanctuary from the capital city of Kampala takes now less than 2 ½ hours for the 160km trip on a well near perfect highway!

am very excited to announce I have accepted an invitation from Dr Omar Moufakkir at Stenden University to be on the editorial board of the first Academic journal that focuses on the relationship between tourism and peace, The Journal of Tourism and Peace Research .

As tourism and peace becomes an emerging discourse in academia, Dr. Moufakkir has lead the way not only at Stenden University in Leeuwarden, Holland but in the world! Please stay tuned for more information.

World Class
Hospitality University

Campuses located within and
outside the Netherlands.

Now for a closer look at this week's program and featured experts on TravelTalk RADIO. The live broadcast is today from 9 - 11AM pacific time and the archives are always available directly after the programming.

World Travel Report
Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews

Sandy visits with long time publishing and media colleague, Thomas Steinmetz, who reports on his recent world tour of several key meetings, conferences and conventions in the travel and tourism industry. Going on 9 years in the travel news business, eTurboNews continues to shine as one of the leading sources of credible, balanced and timely information for travel professionals and sophisticated travelers across the globe. Continued

Play It Again, Kathy

Kathy Kriger, Owner, Rick’s Café in Casablanca, Morocco
Worthy of its own film version, this is the fascinating story of a single American woman in an Arab country in Africa who has painstakingly created the real life version of the legendary Rick’s Café featured in the movie Casablanca. Until 2004, there never was an actual Rick’s Café anywhere in Morocco, and many natives today still have no idea who Humphrey Bogart is. This independent, gutsy and savvy entrepreneur is changing all of that! Continued


Two Click Liability
Alexander Anolik, Attorney at Law & Author of Traveler’s Rights
Travel consumers need to be aware of some deceptive practices that may be occurring in the marketing of airfares over the Internet. Veteran travel attorney and author, Al Anolik, let’s us know what to watch out for when trying to determine the “bottom line” on airfare prices advertised online. Continued

NBTA’s Other 30,000 Members

Kevin Maguire, President, National Business Travel Association

Many folks know that the NBTA has about 4,500 members here in the US, but are somewhat amazed to learn that the organization also counts nearly 30,000 additional members around the world. Kevin fills us in on NBTA’s global outreach and international partnerships. He’ll also let us know what Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Capt. Sully Sullenberger and Olympic medalist, Dara Torres, all have in common this August. Namedropper! Continued

Future So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!
Mike Finnell
, President and CEO of Youth For Understanding USA (YFU)
The young are the future of the travel and tourism industry and the Youth For Understanding organization has one of the most outstanding student exchange programs. YFU will match fully screened and qualified host families with teenagers who want to explore countries and cultures beyond their own borders.  Be a diplomat without ever leaving home by inviting a worthy foreign student into your home to learn about your country from the best source possible – YOU!

See you next week and thank you again for keeping us in your busy lives. We answer all email and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Keep it under 90 and remember seat belts, do save lives.

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Executive Producer and Host

Eric Zmolek studied at University of Okayama in Japan and  joins Sandy to talk about student exchange  programs.

Laughter is an instant vacation ... Milton Berle, Comedian, Actor USA

National Business Travel Association
is coming to San Diego in August. Don't miss this opportunity to network and learn more about this dynamic field in the travel industry. Speakers include former President Clinton and Sir Richard Branson. Listen to Kevin Maguire, president of NBTA on
TravelTalkRADIO this week.

Next Week
We look forward to our
interview with Rob Jackson.

Sandy and Rob Jackson
Charge D'Affaires A.I. Morocco

The Africa Peace Caravan Continues its Mission with Passion.
Please leave your message at their easy to use blog.

We welcome our new sponsors of the First Ladies of the World Series.

Ladies!! When in London!

FIRST LADIES OF THE WORLD film project. Take a look at 2 minute promo. TravelTalkMEDIA is pleased to be launching the First Ladies of the World  series celebrating women, tourism and business development in emerging countries around the world, continued

TravelTalkMEDIA announces strategic
media partnership with
The Corporate
Council of Africa

and our participation in the upcoming2009
 US-Africa Business Summit.

For more information about
Africa Business Summit in Sept.
Click HERE.

CETV, China’s Largest Educational Television Network,
Announces Partnership with TravelTalkMEDIA Group

Meet Christina Huo from ChinaOneCall on TravelTalkRADIO!

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Historic news regarding Safety and Security legislation for passengers of Cruise Ships. The Cruise line Association has approved the legislation! After 6 years, cruise victims and their families can finally rest knowing they have strengthened security and safety onboard these ocean bound vessels.

Want to read transcripts of interviews regarding the legislation? Click HERE!

If you are citizen of the United States and you want to support this legislation, we have provided links to letters that can be sent to your Senator and to your Congressman. Send the attached document to your Senator and Send this document to your Congressman.

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Last week's program on TravelTalkRADIO included Stephen Hayes, President of the Corporate Council of Africa, Ann Tuennerman, Founder and Owner, Tales of the Cocktail, Josef Woodman, Author of Patients Beyond Borders, Greg Baxter District Sales Manager, SuperClubs/Breezes Resorts, Dave Taghon, Former Mayor and native of Empire, Michigan, Bruce Bommarito, Vice President of International Planning for the US Travel Association and Dan Storper, CEO and Founder of Putumayo World Music.
For more information and to listen to the program Click

Last Week's program July 12, 2009 Archives Available

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