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Special Guest
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The Dan Hotels celebrating with you! Come and enjoy.
The Dan Hotel has 13
locations in Israel
Check out HERE photos
from the roof of the
King David Hotel!

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Join us in Rimini!

Rimini, Italy
Oct 22 - 24, 2010

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Rocky Mt Resort

Teacher goes to Arctic
with National Geographic Expedition

Discover America
in Italy

Hot Careers in Tour Management

Our Fav Hotel in LA

Joining Sandy this week are guests, Chris Cook, General Manager and Kavan Yengo from the Rocky Mountain Inn, Ditza Ben-Moshe, Director of Marketing Projects & Loyalty Clubs, The
Dan Hotels, Lynn Howard, Recipient of the fourth annual Grosvenor Teacher Fellowships, Michael Walsh, B-For International, Ted Bravos, Founder and CEO International Tourism Management Institute. More information on programming and Listen and learn more HERE.

Thank you for joining us this week.
This year we have said goodbye to too many great people in our travel industry and again this month, we feel the loss of long time friend, mentor and leader in all things Africa, Ms. Mira Berman. Mira was a long time friend of ours and she was passionate about tourism in Africa. The African Tourism sector advanced tremendously while Mira was at the helm of the Africa Travel Association and her colleagues from around the world will miss her bright light. The Africa Travel Magazine has done a beautiful job in celebrating Mira's life. Please read the full story here.

Mira Berman, Founder and President of The Bradford Group, and former Executive Director of the Africa Travel Association, passed away on Tuesday, June 29, 2010.

Mira Berman,
Founder and President of The Bradford Group

Her efforts while leading the Africa Travel Association opened the doors to developing new business opportunities between American and African enterprises. Mira attracted corporate sponsorships from Revlon, AT&T, American Express, Engen and others. She renewed and forged cooperation with the World Tourism Organization (WTO), American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA), Pacific Asia Travel Assn (PATA) and the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA)

Sandy and Mira broadcasting
TravelTalkRADIO in Angola, Africa

Summer at TravelTalkMEDIA has always been a time to come back to the table and reflect upon our growth and our message. Our goal is to remain relevant and credible while presenting two fine programs both aimed at connecting you to the experts in tourism and business travel. This past month we have finished negotiations to broadcast  BusinessTravelRADIO on radio throughout the USA and the Western Hemisphere via satellite delivery. We are particularly excited as we continue to work with our long time partners at TalkStar Radio and eTurboNews as we roll out distribution throughout their networks.

TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO Back to Back!
We are announcing our new programming schedule coming in August as we continue broadcasting a one hour TravelTalkRADIO and add a one hour BusinessTravelRADIO program on Sunday, on the TalkStar Network. In fact, TravelTalkMEDIA will be broadcasting 4 straight hours on Sunday with repeat of the 2 hour programming from Noon to 4PM ET.

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The week's on TravelTalkRADIO & BusinessTravelRADIO

Summer in the Rockies
Chris Cook, General Manager
Sandy opens the show with the beautiful Rocky Mountain Inn as the back drop. General Manager, Chris Cook, joins Sandy to kick off the program by celebrating summer in the Rockies of the United States. Kavan Yengo also joins Sandy to talk about the meaning of Green conferences and how the Rocky Mountain Inn is winning awards and certifications in this new world of green offerings! Learn more and listen here

Danyland, Israel, Welcomes Children from Around the World
Diza Ben-Moshe joins Sandy to talk about your trip to Israel. Her message from the Dan Hotels 14 locations is 'Bring the Children!  Danyland the inspiration of the Dan Hotels, has been offering activities for children with and without parents for 20 years. If you want a truly enriching experience while in Israel, check out the Dan Hotels. While you enjoy your stay, share it with the kids at Danyland!  Learn more and listen here

Elementary Teacher joins Global Scientist on Arctic Expedition.
Lynn Howard from Encanto Academic Academy, won the Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship awarded by National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions.
Lynn will be spending part of her Summer holiday with Global Scientists on the state-of-the-art ship the Explorer. Join us to her of her excitement and the opportunity to bring back important lessons for her young students and their parents. Learn more and listen here

Italy is Discovering America October 22-24, 2010
Italy will open it's doors to the largest travel exhibit with over 6,000 exhibitors and the Discover America Pavilion will be there to represent US Tourism and Travel products and services. Join us to talk about an opportunity not only in Italy, but around the world as Michael Walsh heads out the US Discover American Pavilion at the top global exhibits.
Learn more and listen here

News Flash. . .
Tour Management Careers On the Rise

Ted Bravos, Founder of The International Tour Management Institute and his team have trained thousands of tour directors around the world. With life time job placement services, you might want to consider your next career move as a Tour Guide, Tour Director or Tour Manager.
Learn more and listen here

International Tour
Management Institute


Los Angeles Hideaway!
Got to be in LA soon? Roy Robertson, national Voice Over talent, joins us to talk about our favorite LA getaway.
Try the Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach and while you are there. Hop on one of the beach cruiser bikes and check out the beach and west coast life. And catch a Jay Leno moment at the Comedy Club every Sunday night, next door at the Comedy Club in Hermosa Beach. Jay tries out his new jokes on his audiences for only $30!

Learn more and listen here

Los Angeles at its very best.
Manhattan Beach, California

Roy Robertson joins us to talk about his experience
at The Belamar July 11, 2009

Safe travels and I will see you after my short vacation with family on Lake Michigan in North Michigan,

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host program@traveltalkmedia.com 

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Welcome South Fork Ranch to BusinessTravelRADIO

Make your next meeting at South Fork Ranch - Home of the TV Set for the long running DALLAS TV series.

Need Some Help with Your Diet?

Please welcome Dr. Melina, CNN, Diet and Nutritionist Expert who will be working with us monthly on healthy travel programming. And don't forget, she has the best tasting protein bars, that are truly good for you.

Check out Dr. Melina's  latest project - a healthy grocery shopping iphone app called Shop Healthy!  It's FREE!

Last Week on BusinessTravelRADIO
July 09, 2010

Joining Sandy Dhuyvetter this week are guests Daniel Baker, CEO and Founder, Flight Aware, Michael Walsh, B-FOR International, Dr. Melina Jampolis, CNN Diet and Nutritionist Expert and Chief Ronald L. Boyd, Chief of Police Los Angeles Port, California
Click HERE to listen to each segment and for more information on the program.

Archives available in segments or entire program is now available for easy listening or download to your mp3 player.

BusinessTravelRADIO July 09, 2010

TravelTalkMEDIA announces the
Tourism Progress and Peace Conference in
The Gambia in March 2011

Order you copy

Please see the information on the new book
edited by Dr. Omar Moufakkir on
Tourism Progress and Peace.
Sandy Dhuyvetter writes Foreword of book titled:
Tourism Progress and Peace

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 TravelTalkRADIO June 27, 2010

Flight Tracker Becomes of Age

Cruise Line Safety Act Passes

Night Life in Palestine

High Speed Trains

Staying Healthy on the Road

Joining Sandy are Daniel Baker, Founder and President of Flight Aware, Ken Carver, President of the Cruise Line Victims Association, Michael Luongo, Travel Writer, Judge Quentin Kopp, Board Member, High Speed Rail Authority, California, Dr. Melina Jampolis, MD, CNN Diet and Health Specialist. Click HERE to learn more and listen!

TravelTalkRADIO June 20, 2010

Health & Well Being While on the Road

Sex and the City Aftermath in Morocco

Summer Reminders from

Special Guest
Los Angeles Port Police Chief

Joining Sandy this week for nonstop news and educational travel stories are Sharon Parris Chambers, President, Positive Tourism Network, Sam Nhairy, President, Moroccan Destinations, Joanne M. Ferreira, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Customs and Border Protection,  Lauren Gaches, Spokesperson, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Audrey Henley, Vice President, American Express Travel, and Ronald J. Boyd, Chief of Los Angeles Port Police. Click HERE to listen and learn more!

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Craig Banikowski, President of NBTA,  joins Sandy next week on BusinessTravelRADIO

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