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Sunday July 05, 2009
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Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

TravelTalkRADIO, Sunday July 05, 2009!
Joining Sandy this week are guests, David Ranz, Information Office at the Embassy of the United States of America in Rabat, Morocco, Hicham Jorio, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Safarclick.com, Tom Miller, Founding Board Member and Vice President of Business for Diplomatic Action, Miriam Murcutt and Richard Starks, Authors of Lost in Tibet, Prof. Wolfgang H. Thome, Chairman of the National Hotel and Tourism Institute in Uganda and East Africa Correspondent for eTurboNEWS, and Greg Baxter, District Sales Manager for SuperClubs.

For more information about this week's guests and to listen to the program, click HERE

Thank you for joining us this week!

I hope you noticed the beautiful photo of the Ethiopian Airliner on this week's masthead. You will also find a link directly to the airline's Web site. Take a look at their offerings! After 61 years in the business, Ethiopian Airlines has been one of the leading African carriers that has truly made a difference. Ethiopian Airlines is one of the main reasons that the African continent stays connected. We are especially pleased to be working with Ethiopian Airlines and to announce its sponsorship of our new First Ladies of the World TV series. If you would like to see a one minute promo for the series, check it out HERE! Our film crew at Pub 1917 did an incredible job creating the short promo.

Check out the short promo for the First Ladies of the World in  Morocco, North Africa.

I had another memorable trip to Morocco this past week and we will be providing our radio audiences connections to many of the Moroccan/American experts starting this week on TravelTalkRADIO. 

One of the highlights of the trip happened while on my return flight from Casablanca to New York City.  I had that experience when I sat beside Dr. Joyce Hope Scott from Wheelock College in Boston. Joyce had just taken a group of students to Ghana to work in communities and was returning home to the States. We spoke nonstop over our meal and well into the flight. I will be sharing her with our audiences in the upcoming week. She is fascinating and passionate about her work with students and the communities in Africa.

Following is a glimpse of this week's program. Archives of each segment will be available immediately after the broadcast.

What Isn’t There to Like About This Country?
David Ranz, Information Office at the Embassy of the United States of America in Rabat, Morocco
It’s Africa’s own version of California with a long, west-facing coastline, tall mountains, classic deserts and exceptionally friendly people. It boasts a Mediterranean feel and perhaps the world’s oldest shopping mall. With its distinctively French-Arabic twist, it is truly a unique world unto itself only 8 miles from Spain. What is the name of this country? Continued

A Moroccan in Silicon Valley
Hicham Jorio, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Safarclick

Born in Rabat, Morocco, Hicham was educated at Santa Clara University in California. Infused with the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley, he helped found Safarclick.com. Specifically targeting Morocco's inbound and outbound travelers, Safarclick.com teams up with some of the "big boys" like  Expedia and Trip Advisor to offer some great travel services including tours and packages. Continued

While I was in Rabat, Morocco,
I watched the fans who follow the US Embassy grow from less than 100 to almost 300! Very impressive! Emerging countries are wrapping their arms
around the social networks big time!

OK, I am hooked! You must try these delicious, nutritious, muffin tops. The chocolate are my favorite!

Arab & American Business Fellowship Thrives

Tom Miller, Founding Board Member and Vice President of Business for Diplomatic Action

More than just a great theoretical concept, the Business for Diplomatic Action (BDA) organization actually arranges exchanges of business professionals between the US and Arab nations. After all, achieving peace through business relations is a time-proven idea and the BDA believes in ratcheting up the volume on this great approach to diplomacy and image building. Find out how Arab and American fellows are selected by the BDA to be sent abroad to spend nearly a month in each other's countries 'learning the business" first-hand. Continued

Year of the Gorilla

photos by Professor
Wolfgang Thomes - Uganda

Blood Chit
Miriam Murcutt and Richard Starks, Authors of Lost in Tibet

Bailing out of an aircraft in stormy darkness over the frozen mountaintops of Tibet is perhaps the ultimate leap of faith. A crew of five US airmen made that leap during WWII when their airlift supply mission to China was blown hundreds of miles off course over the Himalayas. A great story of miraculously beating the odds of survival in a strange, forbidding and mysterious country caught in a raging torrent of wartime political intrigue. The trek back to their airbase in India is one of the true adventure travel epics of the 20th century. Continued


2009 UN Year of the Gorilla
Prof. Wolfgang H. Thome
, Chairman of the National Hotel and Tourism Institute in Uganda and East Africa Correspondent for eTurboNEWS.

Rwanda recently celebrated the fifth edition of Kwita Izina, its annual gorilla naming ceremony. Coincidentally, 2009 is being championed by the United Nations as the "Year of the Gorilla". An informative and fascinating account of the Professor's recent participation in Kwita Izina and communing with the mountain gorillas in the ‘Parc de Volcanoes’ in Rwanda. Continued

Beware the Toothpick Fish
Greg Baxter, District Sales Manager for SuperClubs

The canero or toothpick fish is a parasitic freshwater catfish found in the Amazon River and has a reputation among the natives as the most feared fish in its waters, even over piranha. Eel-shaped, translucent and only a few centimeters long, they are nearly impossible to see in the water. With lightning speed, this parasite will lodge itself into a body cavity (primarily fish gills), gnaw a hole towards a major blood vessel and gorge itself with a frequently fatal effect on its small prey. Continued


This week we look forward to meeting with the founders of ChinaOneCall and the Taiwan Cultural Center in Los Angeles. I do answer all my email, so please keep your cards and letters coming. Warm regards and safe travels.


Business for Diplomatic and the World Citizens Guide is the brainchild of Keith Reinhard. 
Building a positive image of your country through travel.

TravelTalkMEDIA announces strategic
media partnership with
The Corporate
Council of Africa

and our participation in the upcoming2009
 US-Africa Business Summit.

For more information about
Africa Business Summit in Sept. Click HERE.

The Africa Peace Caravan Continues its Mission with Passion.
Please leave your message at their easy to use blog.

We welcome our new sponsors of the First Ladies of the World Series.

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FIRST LADIES OF THE WORLD film project. Take a look at 1.5 minute promo. TravelTalkMEDIA is pleased to be launching the First Ladies of the World  series celebrating women, tourism and business development in emerging countries around the world, continued

Association of Moroccan
Professionals in America (AMPA)

Bringing American style,
value-oriented hotel brand
management to North Africa.

Sandy and Rob Jackson
Charge D'Affaires A.I. Morocco

CETV, China’s Largest Educational Television Network,
Announces Partnership with TravelTalkMEDIA Group

China One Call Newsletter

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Cruise Safety Legislation is in the United States Senate and House of Representatives

Alexander Anolik, Travel Attorney and author, joined Sandy for a highly charged conversation regarding Cruise Line Safety and pending legislation. Read the transcripts of the Interview or listen to the archives.

This highly acclaimed author and travel attorney has defended the travel industry and travelers for decades. Al shares his views on the
Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act currently pending before the US Congress.

If you are citizen of the United States and you want to support this legislation, we have provided links to letters that can be sent to your Senator and to your Congressman. Send the attached document to your Senator and Send this document to your Congressman.

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Last week's special  broadcast of TravelTalkRADIO included guests Rex Maughan, Founder, President and CEO of Forever Living Products

Last Week's program June 28, 2009 Archives Available

and Forever Resorts, Fred Ferguson, Inventor of the Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) and Founder and CTO of Magenn Power, Inc, Stephen Hayes, President of The Corporate Council on Africa, Christina Hua, General Manager of ChinaOneCall, and Tod R. Chambers, General Manager of The Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans. For more information and to listen to the program Click HERE

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