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Sunday August 02, 2009
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Welcome to this week's TravelTalkMEDIA Newsletter

Joining Sandy this week are guests Jerry Bird, Publisher and Editor of Africa Travel Magazine, Alexandra Hall, Co-Founder and CEO of AirshipVentures.com, Bruce Pechman, Mr. Bicep, The Muscleman of Technology, Ryan Van Duzer, Bicycle Advocate, Ken Ferdinand, Executive Director of the French Market Corporation and Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews.

TravelTalkRADIO Guests August 02, 2009

For more information and to listen to the program, Click HERE.

Thank you for stopping by. This week, we will be bringing you information about technology, the biggest Zeppelin in the world, and biking across America on a 3 speed bicycle. We are excited about connecting you to the experts in travel, tourism and lifestyle and we're also happy to be bringing you a new feature where we also offer our most popular segments as readable transcripts. Last week, our interview with Rob Jackson, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. at the US Embassy in Morocco, was transcribed and became the headline story in eTurboNews where an additional 230,000 travel industry subscribers received the story. You can read the transcripts of the most popular programming here.

NEW FEATURE- Transcripts of TravelTalkRADIO interviews
with Sandy Dhuyvetter


Following are few of the newsletters we received this week. Enjoy!

Save the date Sept 29 through Oct 1, 2009 for biggest US  Africa Business Summit in Washington, DC

ChinaContact Newsletter for July!

Terranea Resort
New Resort opens in Southern California -
VP is guest on TravelTalkRADIO next week!

Roy Graff goes to Norway to teach a Chinese delegation about Eco-tourism

Zanzibar International Film Festival honoring
Danny Glover. Check it out in Africa Travel Magazine. Jerry Bird, Publisher, is on TravelTalkRADIO
this Sunday, August 02, 2009.

Doris Matsui (D-CA)
Congresswoman Doris Matsui issues press release, Applauds Unanimous Committee Support
of Cruise Safety Act
(legislation introduced by Rep. Matsui).

“This issue was originally brought to my attention by a constituent of mine, and in the past three years, I have met far too many American families which have incurred tragedy during what ought to be a relaxing vacation." Continued

Now for a closer look at this week's program and featured experts on TravelTalk RADIO. The live broadcast is from 9 - 11AM Pacific Time every Sunday and the archives are always available directly after the programming.

Moving to Morocco

Jerry Bird, Publisher and Editor of Africa Travel Magazine
Perhaps the epitome of a travel writer and publisher, Jerry Bird recently packed up his longtime home in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada and moved nearly 6,000 miles to Morocco.

Zeppelin Over the Bay
Alexandra Hall, Co-Founder and CEO of AirshipVentures.com
Imagine seeing San Francisco and the gorgeous California Coast from about 1,300 feet and at a leisurely 30mph. Heck, you can even stick your head out the window like a dog and smell the ocean air!

Gadget Inspector
Bruce Pechman, Mr. Bicep - The Muscleman of Technology
Seen on TV all over Southern California, Mr. Bicep is a well known and popular celebrity. This bodybuilder, aerospace engineer and computer guru sits down with Sandy for a look at some of the latest and greatest in travel gadgets that will truly move you - or at least move with you!

Duzer Duz America
Ryan Van Duzer, Bicycle Advocate
Pedaling across the US from California to Washington, DC, is not for the faint of heart. Meet Ryan Van Duzer, a 30 year old, dedicated bicycling advocate who has never had much use for automobiles. In fact, he has never even had a drivers license.

Noshing in N'awlins
Ken Ferdinand, Executive Director of the French Market Corporation
New Orleans is one of our very favorite places in the world and is perhaps the most eclectic and most diverse of any US city.

Travel News Publishing Giant, Lite
Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews
Some folks imagine that, with a global daily newsletter distribution to 230,000+ travel industry professionals and over 150 ambassadors-reporters covering some 230 countries, eTurboNews must be located in a tall skyscraper in downtown Honolulu with a newsroom that looks like the Daily Planet.

Next week we will be bringing you more information about travel and lifestyle.
See you then and thank you again for keeping us in your busy lives. We answer all email and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Warm regards,

Sandy Dhuyvetter
Executive Producer and Host

Congratulations International Cruise Victims!
Legislations seems eminent!

Want to read transcripts of interviews
regarding the legislation? Click HERE!

Read the transcript of our
interview with Rob Jackson,

Chargé d'Affaires a.i. at the
US Embassy in

Sandy and Rob Jackson in
Casablanca Morocco, June 2009

National Business Travel Association
is coming to San Diego in August. Don't miss this opportunity to network and learn more about this dynamic field in the travel industry. Speakers include former President Clinton and Sir Richard Branson. Listen to Kevin Maguire, President of NBTA
on TravelTalkRADIO.

announces strategic
media partnership with

The Corporate
Council of Africa

and our participation in the upcoming2009
 US-Africa Business Summit.

CORPORATE COUNCIL ON AFRICA For more information about
Africa Business Summit in Sept.
Click HERE.

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Joining Sandy last week were guests Stephen Hayes, President and CEO of The Corporate Council on Africa, Shira Lazar, Celeb Travel Guru MasterCard’s Break In Your Jeans Promotion, Ken Carver, President International Cruise Victims Association, Dr. Joyce Hope Scott, Associate Professor of American Studies and Director of the Urban Teacher Program at Wheelock College and our special guest, Robert P. Jackson, Chargé d'Affaires US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco. For more information and to listen to the program, Click HERE.

Last week's program July 26, 2009 Archives Available

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