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TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO Your connection to the experts in travel and lifestyle.

Thank you for joining us this week. In our 17 years of working in the travel industry,
we are experiencing a time when there is more positive news about travel than ever before. Business travel is on the rise, airlines are becoming profitable, and cabin fever is all but eradicated with the onslaught of new and exciting experiences.

Perhaps one of the most exciting pieces we uncover today is the opportunity for those who want to join the industry, but have no idea how to begin. There are many niches in the travel industry where necessity has become the mother of invention. In fact, we see more and more products being developed for leisure and business travelers every month. Today we will examine a career that perhaps Moses himself could have started - the Tour Director.

Thomas Steinmetz from eTurboNews
and Sandy take a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge, during Thomas's brief stop
in San Francisco last month.

With all due respect, if there had been an International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) for Moses to attend, perhaps he would not have gotten lost for 40 years. The good news is, ITMI is here for you today, and they welcome new students every month. Check out our first interview this week and pack your bags!

This Week
First Hour  SUNDAY - August 01, 2010

Archives Always Available

Joining Sandy on the first hour is Joanne Connors, Tour Director and Graduate of International Tour Management Institute, and Rod Hunsaker, Houseboating on Lake Powell. Click HERE for more information and to Listen!

Archives Always Available

This week's guests include: Cari Guittard, Executive Director of Business for Diplomatic Action, and Rana Walker and Florian Graenzdoerffer, Corporate Communications from Airplus
Click HERE for more information and to Listen!

When I grow up, I want to be a Tour Guide!

Joanne Connors,
Tour Director/Instructor at International Tour Management Institute.
There is a need for great Tour Directors, and at every age! Does this profession have your name on it? We'll find out what it takes and what you can expect after graduation.

Learn more and listen here

Lake Powell - A Unique Houseboat Family Adventure
Some Opinions Matter. We Talk to the Best
Expert Yet.
Rod Hunsaker
joins us to talk about his family's summer vacation at Lake Powell on a unique houseboat by Forever Resorts. This will be boat loads of fun!
Learn more and listen here

20 Years Later, Airplus Grows from Highly Specialized Small Company to Market Leader

Rana Walker and Florian
Graenzdoerffer, Communications, Airplus.
Airplus continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. As part of their deep rooted German culture, they take great pride in their reputation as leaders in developing savvy technical and financial solutions. There is more to this story.  Learn more and listen here

Global Diplomats of Diplomacy Meet to Share Best Practices
Cari Guittard, Executive Director, Business for Diplomatic Action.
Cari talks about a diplomacy and a specialized network that invites participation of protocol experts from around the world. Cari recaps her latest presentations to two organizations, Protocol Diplomacy International (PDI), and the Protocol Officers' Association (POA). Cari's interviews are always informative and popular. Learn more and listen here

Last Week on
New Broadcasting Times - Sunday Noon and 2pm ET

July 25, 2010

Archives Always Available

TravelTalkRADIO guests include Ili Mataolu, Regional Director, Tourism Fiji, Kelly Schulz, Vice President, New Orleans, CVB, and Mario Masciullo, Travel Writer, focusing on Italy and surrounding markets.

Learn more and listen here

Last Week on
New Broadcasting Times - Sunday 1pm and 3pm ET
July 25, 2010

Archives Always Available

BusinessTravelRADIO guests include Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews,  Craig Banikowski, President, National Business Travel Assn,  and
Michael Oshman, Founder and Executive DirectorGreen Restaurant Association
Listen more and listen here

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easy listening or download to your mp3 player.

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Last week we began broadcasting our new programming schedule. We continue broadcasting a one hour TravelTalkRADIO program and add a one hour BusinessTravelRADIO program on Sunday on the TalkStar Network. In fact, TravelTalkMEDIA is now broadcasting 4 straight hours on Sunday with a repeat of the 2 hour programming from Noon to 4pm ET.

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Safe travels and thanks for your messages.
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Manhattan Beach, California

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