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This Week on
TravelTalkRADIO April 25, 2010

Educational Tours

Legal Advice for Volcano Victims

Native American

Airport Designer Goes Green

Joining us this week as guests are Paul Verhaak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Europe and Asia for Breezes Resorts, Dr. Laura Sessions, Founder and Director of Continuum Educational Travel, Al Anolik, Travel Attorney and Author of Traveler’s Rights and The Frequent Traveler’s Guide, Mike Mendoza, celebrated and irreverent UK and global talk radio personality, Travis Owens, Program Manager for the Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism Group, and “Barbara H” Hochstetler Fentress, International Airport Designer. Click HERE to go to program page with more information and LISTEN!

Houseboating on the best waterways in the United States.

Plan your meeting at South Fork Ranch,
where TV Dallas was filmed for 19 years!

Let's take some time to celebrate the experts in travel!

Three weeks at a Breezes? No fair!

Paul Verhaak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Europe and Asia for Breezes Resorts


For Americans, spending one week at a Breezes all-inclusive resort is a dream come true, but when we heard some Europeans take a three week holiday and spend the entire time at a Breezes, we were flat our jealous! In fact, Breezes Resorts is such a special place that many Japanese holidaymakers who often only get a week of vacation will spend four days in transit for the splendor of a three night stay at a Breezes Resorts. So, what about the folks in Eastern Europe and China? Paul fills us in and also lets us know about the interesting Breezes connection between Kingston, Jamaica and Kingston upon Thames in the UK.  Learn more and listen here


Study abroad: Good for the mind and the resume

Dr. Laura Sessions, Founder and Director of Continuum Educational Travel


Educational travel for both students and alumni is a fast growing part of the tourism industry. Dr. Sessions has built a company dedicated to offering authentic learning experiences and real educational opportunities to study local cultures in host countries. Now more than ever, studying abroad with a well designed tour program can truly be a mind expanding experience. Learn more and listen here



olcanic ash: A Force Majeure 

Al Anolik, Travel Attorney and Author of Traveler’s Rights and The Frequent Traveler’s Guide


Real customer service on the part of affected airlines rather than legal action by stranded passengers is one of the better solutions when Mother Nature spews forth as it did last week in Iceland. Force Majeure (a greater force) is a legal term that usually includes things like war and natural disasters and generally allows a major exception to contractual liability and responsibility on the part of the airlines. In short, it means you probably won’t have much luck suing an air carrier that experiences delays due to volcanic ash. The best solution has to do with buying travel insurance and our favorite travel attorney provides some invaluable advice on when and why to pony up for coverage. Learn more and listen here



European Union taking care of its own

Mike Mendoza, celebrated and irreverent UK and global talk radio personality


Mike joins us to provide some insight on the European Union’s approach to passenger rights vis-à-vis the airspace shutdown resulting from the Big Bang in Iceland last week. Besides his worldwide talk show on TalkRadioOne, Mike’s a contributor to a new magazine called What’s Happening that covers lifestyle for the south coast of the UK and he’s also running for political office. Busy man! Learn more and listen here


The Cherokee Nation is open for tourism

Travis Owens, Program Manager for the Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism Group


After decades of neglect, the building that once housed the highest judicial authority for the sovereign nation of the Cherokee people has recently been completely renovated and rededicated. Originally built in 1844, it is the oldest government building in the State of Oklahoma. In its new life as a museum, it tells the history of the Cherokee National Supreme Court as well as the Cherokee Advocate, first bilingual Native American newspaper. The celebration continues this weekend with the first wedding to be performed in that building since 1869. In a sign of the times, you can even stay and play nearby in the Cherokee-owned Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Learn more and listen here


Designing Green Airports

“Barbara H” Hochstetler Fentress, International Airport Designer


According to Barbara H, “Airports are the gateway to modern culture.” From her studies of the art, spirituality and culture of the people of the Dogon Region in Mali, this award winning designer discovered a layout in the local villages that acknowledges a universally recognized higher power and the interconnectedness of all religions. Applying these tenets along with creativity, technology, and modern design techniques, Barbara and her team are planning airports of the future that reduce fuel consumption and emissions, cause less and environmental impact all the while moving people and vehicles more quickly and smoothly. Learn more and listen here

Safe Travels!

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host program@traveltalkmedia.com 

Pilgrimage to Palestine
by Sandy Dhuyvetter
Check out photos in our
Visit Palestine Gallery

This week meet Dr. Laura Sessions, founder of Continuum Educational Travel out of New Zealand. Serving the Alumni and University market.

Next week Xplora Founder, Patrice Schilling, will join Sandy on TravelTalkRADIO

Holy Land Incoming Tour
Operators Association

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Last Week on
TravelTalkRADIO April 18, 2010

 Flying through Ash

 Sports and Events Tourism


Shut up and Drive

Airline Fees

Ultramarathoner Runs Badwater

Joining us this week as guests are Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews, Sandra Carvao, Deputy Chief of Market Trends, Competitiveness and Trade in Tourism Services for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Luis E. Calle, Director of Marketing & Sales – Latin

America for Breezes Resorts, United States Congresswoman, Betsy Markey (D-Colo), Kate Hanni, Founder and President of FlyersRights.org, the Coalition for Airline Passengers Bill of Rights, and Frank McKinney, Ultramarathoner, Daredevil Real Estate Artist and Best Selling Author. Click HERE to listen and learn more.


This week on
BusinessTravelRADIO  April 23, 20

The time was right and the  transformation is complete.

Phil Otterson, Partner, Cragmont Baron Group

Listen to Audio of

Its Location not Vacation!

Tyler Davidson,
Chief Content Dir
Meetings Media

Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

What have we learned from a stinging week?

Alexander Anolik,
Travel Attorney, SF, CA

Listen to Audio of

BusinessTravelRADIO April 23, 2010

Last  Week on
BusinessTalkRADIO April 16, 2010

Arab American Business
Fellowship Program


Allen Rosenshine, Co-Founder Business For Diplomatic Action
Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

Tourism Trade Fair Association: Are They Right for You?

Johan F. Lundberg, Business Manager at Swedish Exhibition Centre Past President
Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

Sports and Event Tourism Creating a Big Win for Destinations

Sandra Carvao, Deputy Chief, Market Trends, World Tourism Organization Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

Justifying meetings and events by empirically measuring actual ROE (Return On Event)

Sean Kirkland,
Executive Vice President DMC Network, LLC
Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

BusinessTravelRADIO April 16, 2010

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