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This Week on
TravelTalkRADIO April 20, 2010

 Flying through Ash

 Sports and Events Tourism


Shut up and Drive

Airline Fees

Ultramarathoner Runs Badwater

Joining us this week as guests are Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews, Sandra Carvao, Deputy Chief of Market Trends, Competitiveness and Trade in Tourism Services for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Luis E. Calle, Director of Marketing & Sales – Latin

America for Breezes Resorts, United States Congresswoman, Betsy Markey (D-Colo), Kate Hanni, Founder and President of FlyersRights.org, the Coalition for Airline Passengers Bill of Rights, and Frank McKinney, Ultramarathoner, Daredevil Real Estate Artist and Best Selling Author. Click HERE to listen and learn more.

Houseboating on the best waterways in the United States.

Plan your meeting at South Fork Ranch,
where TV Dallas was filmed for 19 years!

Let's take some time to celebrate the experts in travel!

New Breezes in Buzios:
We just like to say it!

Luis E. Calle,
Director of Marketing & Sales – Latin America for Breezes Resorts

We immediately think of Jamaica, the Caribbean and even Panama when Breezes’ all-inclusive resorts comes to mind. This time, however, we’ll head a little further south with Luis who’ll let us in on a little South American secret: Brazil boasts two of the finest resorts Breezes has to offer, Breezes Resort Costa do Sauipe and Breezes Resort & Spa Buzios (opening June, 2010). Plus, you’ll find out a really good reason why no tipping is allowed at any Breezes resort, ever. No need for a guilt trip here! Learn more and listen here

Sandy's new Blog

Mother Nature vents

Thomas Steinmetz
, Publisher of eTurboNews

Massive volcanic clouds cause historic closure of airspace in 13 European countries leaving 100K+ passengers stranded. This and more news including Israel’s nixing of the iPad, violent protests in Thailand, and the latest in wacky airline money-making schemes.  Learn more and listen here

The incredible impact of sports tourism  

Sandra Carvao, Deputy Chief, Market Trends, Competitiveness and Trade in Tourism Services, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
Tourism is a huge economic engine and become finely tuned for high-performance when large sporting events like the Olympics and World Cup come to town.  We’ll talk about the massive infrastructure projects designed and built to host and accommodate these events and, equally important, what happens to these massive venues after the final whistle blows. Learn more and listen here

Shut up and drive

United States Congresswoman, Betsy Markey (D-Colo)

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month
in the United States.

We’ll introduce you to the lady who was responsible for spearheading the adoption of this resolution in the US Congress. We’ll learn about some really good reasons why every driver should take the “no phone zone”’ pledge including the fact that 85% of automobile accidents involve distracted drivers. Pay attention!
Learn more and listen here

Those loo-ney airline fees

Kate Hanni, Founder and President of FlyersRights.org, the Coalition for Airline Passengers
Bill of Rights

We’ll have another great conversation with the amazing activist who founded the organization that has become the collective voice of airline passengers everywhere. The recent tarmac delay rules have been a huge victory for Kate on behalf of all of us who fly, but other unsafe and deceptive airline policies are creating major challenges in the runway ahead. We’ll talk about Spirit Airlines’ new carry-on fees and Ryanair’s plans for “Johnny on the spot” fees for use of the onboard loo. It’s high time to restore some modicum of dignity and integrity in air travel and Kate’s just the gal for the task. Learn more and listen here

View from the treehouse

Frank McKinney, Ultra Marathoner, Daredevil Real Estate Artist and Best
Selling Author.

Running 135 miles through Death Valley in July is not for the faint of heart. This summer, Frank McKinney will participate in his fifth Badwater Ultramarathon, one of the world’s most gruesome tests of the human will.  The event is a significant fundraiser for Frank’s Caring House Project Foundation to provide a self-sustaining existence for desperately poor and homeless Haitians, an initiative started some seven years ago. Oh, and in his spare time, Frank has written five best selling books and builds magnificent oceanfront homes. Quite a guy and somebody you definitely need to meet.  Learn more and listen here

Pilgrimage to Palestine
by Sandy Dhuyvetter
Check out photos in our
Visit Palestine Gallery

Next week meet Dr. Laura Sessions, founder of Continuum Educational Travel out of New Zealand. Serving the Alumni and University market.

Holy Land Incoming Tour
Operators Association

SPECIAL GUEST this week on BusinessTravelRADIO

April 16, 2009
Arab American Business
Fellowship Program


Allen Rosenshine, Co-Founder Business For Diplomatic Action Chairman Emeritus, BBDO Worldwide

We’ll meet iconic advertising genius, Allen Rosenshine, the architect of one the largest ad agency mergers ever undertaken.

Allen Rosenshine
Co-Founder Business
For Diplomatic Action
Chairman Emeritus, BBDO Worldwide

Now passionately serving on the board of Business for Diplomatic Action (BDA), Allen talks with us about the impact of globalization on the American reputation and the pressing need to improve the image of the US within the world community

One of the most successful initiatives recently undertaken by the BDA to accomplish this goal is the Arab American Business Fellowship program where businesses participate in an international exchange of young business executives to achieve unity and better understanding. The result has been an unparalleled people-to-people, cross-cultural corporate experience. Find out how you, too, can act as a world citizen and “help your country while you travel for your company.”

Tourism Trade Fair Association: Are They Right for You?

Johan F. Lundberg,
Business Manager at Swedish Exhibition Centre Past President and present Treasurer of ITTFA
Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

Sports and Event Tourism Creating a Big Win for Destinations

Sandra Carvao,
Deputy Chief, Market Trends, Competitiveness and Trade in Tourism Services, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

Justifying meetings and events by empirically measuring actual ROE (Return On Event)

Sean Kirkland,
Executive Vice President DMC Network, LLC
Listen to Audio of Interview HERE


Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host program@traveltalkmedia.com


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BusinessTalkRADIO April 09, 2010

BusinessTravelRADIO now distributed through travel news giant, eTurboNews.

Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews

One Stop Shop for all your travel needs to Jordan and surrounding countries.

Mona Naffa, Founder, Society of Tourism International-Middle East

US-Africa Summit, Summarized ‘There is much opportunity in Africa’

Steven Hayes, President,
The Corporate Council on Africa

Road Warrior’s Toolbox


Fevzi Turklap, The Gadget Detective

Fevzi is a weekly guest on Mike Mendoza's radio show on TalkRadioONE.

BusinessTravelRADIO April 09, 2010

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