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This Week on
TravelTalkRADIO April 11, 2010

- Cool Breezes on the Best Beaches

- A Hotel Fit for Kings, Queens,  Presidents, Prime Ministers, and You!

- Catching up at the Atlas Mountains, and More

- The View from the Lanai

- $$$ for Calories Burned:   Keep Pedaling

- No Planes, Please - 
Tech Detective -

Joining us this week as guests on TravelTalkRADIO are Paul Pennicook, President, International Lifestyles, Inc., Breezes Resorts Worldwide Representative, Sheldon Ritz, Director of Official Delegations, King David Hotel (Dan Hotels) in Jerusalem, Robin Swados, Travel Writer for Travel World News, Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews, Flavien Cassier, President and Co-Founder of Digngo.com (Dig ‘n Go!), Seth Stevenson, Author of Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World, and Fevzi Turkalp, The Gadget Detective. Click HERE for more program information.


Thanks for stopping by this week. We know you have many choices and we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us. Our programming continues to expand and we are excited to bring on board South Fork Ranch, the one time set for the famous TV series Dallas.

Plan your meeting at South Fork Ranch
Where TV Dallas was filmed for 19 years!

South Fork Ranch is a perfect venue for meetings, conferences and even weddings. You will hear more about this Forever Resorts property along with the many other Forever Resort destinations on both TravelTalkRADIO and BusinessTravelRADIO. We are proud to represent Forever Resorts, a company with fine leadership and a mission to protect nature and give back to the communities it serves. The founder, Rex Maughn, has been a guest on TravelTalkRADIO multiple times, but my favorite segment with him was a television interview we did at his Scottsdale, Arizona office a few years ago. Rex is passionate about culture, health and giving back to less fortunate communities. In 2009, Rex won the 21st Sheldon Coleman Great Outdoors Award for his tireless work in the National Parks of the United States. We are privileged to work with Rex and his amazing team at Forever Resorts.

This week seems to take the cake when it comes to some really wacky news in the travel industry. Starting with the most outrageous; trying to board a deceased family member in a wheel chair from the UK to Germany! I suppose there's some money to be saved but please, can you imagine telling everyone that "Dad, is dead tired, don't bother him." The nerve of some people, but how about the nerve of Spirit Airlines as they charge $45 to use their overhead storage bins. Other aspiring candidates for the most absurd ancillary income scheme is Ryanair. CEO Michael O'Leary says, "We are serious about a toilet fee." In fact, there is even discussion about passengers replacing baggage handlers to load luggage onto the plane and, get this, Mr. O'Leary suggests charging for airsickness bags! With this kind of news at our doorsteps, flyers rights activist, Kate Hanni, has to be close behind waving her flag of common sense. We'll talk to Kate this coming week to get her views on these issues and to what, if anything, the US congress intends to do aboutit.

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In the meantime, let's take some time to celebrate the experts in travel.

Cool Breezes on the Best Beaches

Paul Pennicook, President, International Lifestyles, Inc., Breezes Resorts Worldwide Representative
From baggage fee included promotions to girl’s golf getaway packages, Breezes Resorts offers the best in all inclusive, cashless vacations on some of the best beaches in world. All over Jamaica, throughout the Caribbean, and even on the Pacific coast of Panama, you can pick the beach paradise of your dreams. Coming soon: The brand new Breezes Buzios near Rio de Janeiro in an area described as the “San Tropez of Brazil.” Learn more and listen here

The King David Hotel:  Fit for Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and You!

Sheldon Ritz, Director of Official Delegations, King David Hotel (Dan Hotels) in Jerusalem

Think working in a hotel might get boring after a while? Meet Sheldon Ritz and think again. A big part of his role at the Dan Hotels’ King David property in Jerusalem is to attend to all the political leaders, dignitaries, movie stars, divas and their respective entourages who are guests at this magnificent flagship hotel. He’s personally met four US presidents not to mention dozens of prime ministers and even a few kings and queens. So who did he like meeting best of all? Learn more and listen here


Catching up on Marrakech, and More

Robin Swados, Travel Writer for Travel World News

We talk about recent journeys to Morocco and Taiwan with one of our favorite travel writers. Our virtual tour will take us from the bullet trains that run the length of Taiwan to luxury, Berber-inspired bivouac encampments at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.
Learn more and listen here 


The View from the Lanai

Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of eTurboNews

Close your eyes and we’ll transport you to the north shore of Oahu above dazzling beaches where the warm breeze blows and tour helicopters make low passes up and down the coast. Oh, and we’ll talk with our good friend, Thomas, publisher of eTurboNews, the oldest global travel industry publication with the largest global travel trade and journalist circulation on the Internet. He’ll give us an update on what’s happening tourism-wise in the UAE and in Hawaii. Learn more and listen here


$$$ for Calories Burned: Keep Pedaling!

Flavien Cassier, President and Co-Founder of Digngo.com (Dig ‘n Go!)

Offering customized bicycle tours in the most beautiful areas of France and Italy including Tuscany, Provence and the Loire Valley, Flavien has come up with a unique way to promote fitness while his guests enjoy an active adventure and unrivaled cultural immersion. Stellar wines, culinary delights and luxury accommodations will all have heightened sensory appeal after a few hours pedaling your way through some of the most gorgeous countryside in Europe. Learn more and listen here


No Planes, Please

Seth Stevenson, Author of Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World

OK, we really like this book. In a nutshell, Seth and his girlfriend quit their very comfortable jobs in NYC and decide to take a trip around the world. One major stipulation: No airplanes! The reasons are many as you will discover along the way as you vicariously board steamships, trains, buses, cruise ships and even bicycles in this modern day update of Phineas Fogg’s quest in Around the World in 80 Days. True story. Great read. Meet the author! Learn more and listen here

Tech Detective

Fevzi Turkalp, The Gadget Detective
The new 4G phones are getting as fast as DSL broadband allowing for lightning fast Web surfing, live streaming of audio and video, near real time language translation, and even augmented reality. Soon a traveler will be able to merely point the camera on their mobile at a restaurant and up will pop the menu, some reviews and a coupon for a free entrée. 

New Monthly Segment

We’ll also talk about the epic battle brewing between the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android operating system. Tech this out! Learn more and listen here

Safe Travels!

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host program@traveltalkmedia.com

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SPECIAL GUEST this week on BusinessTravelRADIO

Thomas Steinmetz, publisher eTurboNews
Sandy and Thomas, longtime colleagues and friends, talk about their newest joint endeavor that provides for the weekly worldwide distribution of BusinessTravelRADIO programming to eTurboNews’ 235,000+  subscribers comprised of travel industry professionals, travel writers, journalists and media organizations. They’ll also discuss the growing importance of search engine optimization, readers comments and feedback, social networking, Google News and keyword newsletters in the effective distribution of today’s travel news and information.

Thomas Steinmetz
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Executive Retreat - Team Building - Group Travel - Family Reunion
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Couleurs Berberes!

TravelWorld Magazine
Highlights Couleurs Berberes
in recent article
written by good friend and
travel writer, Robin Swados.

Robins article on Taiwan celebrates the year of the Tiger.

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