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Sandy and Julie at the American Bus Association in Nashville. Meet the team.

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Nothing is stopping New Orleans, Nothing
By Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer, TravelTalkRADIO/TV/NEWS

Taking a spontaneous trip to New Orleans was one of the easiest decisions TravelTalkRADIO has made this year. New Orleans is one of our favorite destinations and it has always been more about the people, the music and the rich history that has attracted us rather than the night life or extravagant celebrations for which NOLA is traditionally known.
This trip we decided to just show up, unannounced and find our accommodations and whatever else we needed. We needed to know from the tourist point of view what was to be expected on a short trip to New Orleans.

Southwest does a fantastic job in supporting New Orleans and has added six new flights to New Orleans that are starting now from Dallas, Houston and Nashville. Working with Southwest Airlines has always been our pleasure and going to New Orleans was no exception. Southwest Airlines had originally planned a marketing meeting in another city but realized that New Orleans needed the commitment of the industry and with the blessing of the already reserved city, Southwest Airlines brought close to 350 marketing staff members to plan the years work and enjoy the French Quarter.

The Valentino Family own several hotels CLICK HERE  in New Orleans and we had worked with Mike Valentino on a clean up project several years ago through the non profit organization, Tourism Caring for Tomorrow. We called one of the Valentino hotels and found that we could get a room at a very affordable rate and the taxi cab driver would charge $28 from the airport to the French Quarter about 15 minutes away. We immediately fell in love with our cabbie as he very graciously welcomed us to New Orleans. (We made sure we had his name for our return trip to the airport the next morning). Kelly Jones DAP More Cab Service 504 468 9820. Even though we will probably call Kelly again for our next trip, we are very sure that any cabbie you get in the Big Easy will treat you genuinely and sincerely.
Angela Vargas, (Southwest Airlines) Heather Ranes (Southwest Airlines)
and Sandy Dhuyvetter in New Orleans.

Six new flights to New Orleans!

Our room was to be ready an hour after our arrival, so we decided to take a walk to Jackson square and reminisced about a live broadcast of TravelTalkRADIO we produced several years ago on one of the balconies directly off of the famous Jackson Square. While reminding ourselves of the wonderful time we had two years ago, we kept coming back to the present. We couldn't help noticing that our familiar French Quarter was as we remembered, signs that Katrina rage in the tourist area are hard to find, and even the weather was impeccable in a supposedly cold month of February.

Sandy and Kelly, one of New Orleans' best cabbies.

Two cruise ships were docked at the harbor, working barges and ships were moving up and down the Mississippi and the entire French Quarter seemed polished and ready to set its best foot forward. The shops were open and the French market doughnuts called beignets were as delicious as ever at the beloved Cafι Du Monde.

Across the street at the Central Grocery (home of the original muffuletta), business was bustling with orders of its famous sandwich that has the influences of Italian and Creole cooking. Order your way with choices of pork and beef, or vegetarian is unbelievably good. You’ll find your new love affair with the muffuletta will inspire you to search for this New Orleans signature dish when you return home. The research shows, it’s about impossible to locate a true muffuletta outside the New Orleans area, so savor the experience. There is much information on the muffuletta and this is a great site for more information.

Walking around the tourists areas of New Orleans we started to unpeel the stories of so many of the workers. I would not expect them to offer their stories to you, but if you ask, you might hear samplings of the hardships many of the residents have been experiencing. Most do not have homes, and many are still staying at their employer’s hotels or friends homes. You will see that the anger or sadness has been transplanted with a spirit of survival that is filled with pride and determination.

Even six months after Katrina, the destruction is still very much a part of the lives of the New Orleans residents. To see for ourselves, we decided to take a taxi ride out to some of the areas that were still in dire need of help. Besides the trail of touring cars and buses we saw mile after mile of destruction. Each home had its own horror story. Walls ripped out, roofs blown apart, cars wrapped around trees and nothing less than mass destruction to most all the homes of residents. It is a difficult site when you realize New Orleans, a state in the United States still needs help for the residents. There are trailers that have been earmarked for the survivors, yet, there is no movement of getting the trailers to the appropriate families. It is hard to imagine the loss and the incredible amount of work we all must do to find normalcy in this situation. It has been said that for every tourist visiting a region, it puts 8 people to work in the area. If that is so, imagine the impact of what the outside visitor can do to regions like New Orleans who rely on tourism for more than 90% of their incomes.

Before leaving the Crescent City we decided to visit Jerry Fien, our good friend and owner of the French Quarters’ oldest and most celebrated restaurants, The Court of Two Sisters. This beautiful establishment is owned by Jerry and his brother, having been passed down years ago from their father. Jerry warmly greeted us upon our arrival and invited us in. We spoke at length about the future of New Orleans. The Court of Two Sisters Restaurant symbolizes the pride, and commitment of New Orleans and most specifically, the French Quarter. New Orleans stands tall and warmly reaches out to its visitors with a welcome that glows from deep within the heart.  For more information on the Court of Two Sisters go to:



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Sandy and Jerry Fein in ''The Court Of Two Sisters Restaurant". To watch the TV footage, CLICK

Sandy and Jerry with Camille from Southwest. CLICK HERE to listen to  audio broadcast.

Jerry Fein joined Sandy on TravelTalkRADIO, February 19. To go to the archives page and listen to the interview, CLICK HERE !


Coming next week! Sandy brings you the stars from Branson, Missouri.

Joining Sandy in Nashville were the Lennon Sisters, Richard Sterban from the Oak Ridge Boys , Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers, Jim Stafford, Yakov Smirnoff, the Dutton Family and many more stars from Branson Missouri. Look for special edition of ABA Marketplace to be distributed next week.

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Feb 26, 2006
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Last week's program:
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New Orleans message . . . . Welcome Back!


Southwest Airlines has added six new flights to New Orleans!

LOOK who is on TravelTalkTV:
the Court of Two Sisters Restaurant in New Orleans

Southwest Airlines . . .
"It might not be the only way to fly,
but it is the best way to fly."
Sandy Dhuyvetter
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TravelTalkRADIO will be
broadcasting live from
MARCH 5, 2006
"Where the Fitness
Revolution began in 1940".

The founder of
Rancho La Puerta,

Deborah Szekely, will also be
on hand to talk about her
background as the original
spa creator in modern times.
We will learn much about
this incredible facility where
she and her family have offered serenity, a space to relax and
a place to feel your best.
Be sure to join us
March 5, 2006
from Rancho La Puerta  -
"The Ranch" -  in Tecate, Mexico.

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Bruce Bommarito,
Director Nevada
Commission on Tourism
joined Sandy to talk about the
State of Nevada on February 26.
Click HERE to visit the webpage.


To visit Nevada
 Development Authority website,

Somer Hollingsworth, President and CEO of the Nevada Development Authority joins Sandy to talk about the opportunities for families and businesses relocating to Las Vegas.
Click HERE to visit the webpage.

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