May 24, 2005
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TravelTalkRADIO begins distribution of program
via satellite uplink beginning May 29, 2005.

May 24, 2005 - San Diego, CA -- CelestiaLINK LLC, parent company of TravelTalkNEWS, TravelTalkRADIO, and TravelTalkTV, announced this week a new delivery channel based in Florida will be distributing their content. The delivery system feeds TravelTalkRADIO programming to conventional radio stations anywhere in the Western Hemisphere via satellite. The new broadcast begins Sunday May 28, 2005 from noon to 2pm Eastern Time.

“We are excited to work with our new distribution alliance, Florida based TalkStar Radio”, said Sandy Dhuyvetter, executive producer and host of TravelTalkRADIO. “We have been talking with these folks for some time and in the course of discussions we have been impressed that they really do have their act together. We are pleased to move ahead with our plans to build TravelTalkRADIO to be the premiere educational and news programming for travel. We believe TalkStar Radio has the train tracks we need to get our rail cars, full of content, to our audiences”.

Victor Ives, President of TalkStar Radio said, "We have been in pursuit of Sandy's show since the first week we took to the air last September. "Travel Talk Radio Show" is not only interesting and informative for the listener it is the MOST inclusive show of it's type I have ever heard. We are excited to know that besides reaching Mr. and Mrs. Traveler, we have a show which is listened to and respected by travel industry leaders. Sandy brings to the show the 'movers' and 'shakers' that make the travel world 'go round'. Talk about a value added audience? No wonder we are pleased to bring this show to our affiliates!
We are making the show available from company owned Satellite Earth Station in Florida via two different satellite transponders (C-Band and KU Band) and via audio streaming world wide. The TalkStar Radio Network has affiliates across America as well as stations in Canada and the Virgin Islands. Any station that needs a satellite dish and receiver to get "Travel Talk Radio" will be provided one free by the network.

The first show will have guests that have been regulars on TravelTalkRADIO, Thomas Steinmetz from eTurboNews, Bonnie Lee, the programs resident Travel Agent and Mike Mendoza, host of Through The Night Show on talkSPORT Radio broadcasting from England, will come on board to kick off the new programming. for the adventure traveler, Sandy will touch base with Daniel Chavez, from Sports Empire,  who will be reporting live from the Indy 500. Sam Nhairy from Hospitality Marketing Services offers something for almost everyone, including group trips throughout the United States for schools, family reunions, and more. Trips to Morocco are one of Sam's specialties and in fact Sandy and program director, husband Patrick were in Morocco with Sam last month. Special guest and good friend Reint Reinders the President and CEO of the San Diego Conventions and Visitors Bureau will also be on hand to talk about May being Tourism Month and why that is important even if you are not planning a trip.

The live format will offer callers from all over the world, a chance to talk to Sandy throughout the two-hour program. The program is also streamed on the Web and continues to be available as an archive 24/7 after the program. If interested radio stations do not have C-Band or KU ad Transponders, TalkStar Radio will send free of charge a dish and receiver by Fed Ex.

About CelestiaLINK, LLC:
TravelTalkRADIO, TravelTalkTV and TravelTalkNEWS are multimedia companies organized under parent company, Celestialink, LLC. The companies produce and distribute informative travel news segments, entertaining interviews, infomercials and advertisements. The programming is broadcast via conventional radio and TV in the US, the UK and Mainland China and is also distributed worldwide over the Internet. TravelTalkRADIO streams ONLINE and can be heard worldwide at The broadcasts are also archived at for listeners to access 24/7 from anywhere on the globe via an Internet connection.

The TravelTalkRADIO Web site at contains over 1600 pages of content and offers a search engine providing visitors the opportunity to readily access further details and links on topics covered in during the broadcasts.

CelestiaLINK has recently launched its newest service, TravelTalkNEWS. This site uses cutting edge Web technology (RSS) that has been developed in conjunction with Snapbridge Software in Southern California. This technology feeds breaking travel news and press releases directly into the site in real time. The real-time publication offers news in every segment of the travel industry by category and all content is searchable at the site.

For more information, call toll free 877-868-7782 or +1 760 753-1114 to talk to a Travel Talk Radio staff member.

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